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Daddy's Little Girl by Ratitm0
Daddy's Little Girlby Ratitm
"You will always, be my little girl" "promise?" "promise" Marley grew up in chicago with her single mother skye. Everyday was the same for...
Puzzle Pieces~ Grey's anatomy and Criminal Minds by -softmarvels
Puzzle Pieces~ Grey's anatomy b
Layla was adopted into the Shepard family when she was 9. she barely remembers her bio family. But when she's 16 everything in her life changes. Completely. disclaimer:...
Falling In Love [Book 1] by TVandMovieNerd
Falling In Love [Book 1]by TVandMovieNerd
William Jones is a F.B.I agent for the Behavior Analysis unit. Season 1-4
Criminal Minds  by honeybb123
Criminal Minds by 🌸lilac🌸
Sofia Reid is a 16 year old, kinda depressed, but very smart. She comes from a broken family, and an abusive father. So, she runs away to her uncle, the one and only Spe...
sexual [S.REID] by redrexreid
sexual [S.REID]by sky and haily
arron johnson was many things. kidnapped was one of them. in 2003,at the age of 12, she was taken from her grandmother's house in a home invasion. had they been watchin...
Spencer's Little Sherlock of a sister by TransformerRouge
Spencer's Little Sherlock of a Angel
(WARNING this book will contain mentioning of Abuse and just bad parenting. if this triggers you or affects you in any way, I would suggest not reading but read at your...
Silence  by SpenceReidBAU
Silence by SpenceReidBAU
When the team goes to Virginia City, Nevada, Reid's secret coming to light.
Criminal Minds Preferences by 12_gymnast
Criminal Minds Preferencesby Cady
I don't own any of these characters and I am writing only what I think that characters are like. Thank you!
But to love is to hurt. (Criminal Minds) by kathrine_003
But to love is to hurt. ( Kathrine
Story of Jemily. Married, expecting, raising a child. Few ties to actual episode except for large episodes such as Ian Doyle.
Bosses Daughter (Spencer Reid x OC) by Katie_RoseMarie
Bosses Daughter (Spencer Reid x OC)by Katie Davis
When Aaron Hotchner finds out his team's new agent, Joallys Ramirez, is his long lost daughter he has mixed feelings. After Joallys meets the team she's known as a geniu...
✨Criminal Minds preferences✨ by kenzie_yall44
✨Criminal Minds preferences✨by Mack_yall44
Dr Spencer Reid Aaron Hotchner Derek Morgan David Rossi Luke Alvez Matt Simmons I may do another story but with the women of criminal minds💅🏼 I may add characters t...
Spencer Reid's child by XmoonstonesX
Spencer Reid's childby XmoonstonesX
What if Spencer got abused by his girlfriend and ended up having a child even though he didn't want one at the time How will he tell his team about the cigarette burns?
Do You? by honeybb123
Do You?by 🌸lilac🌸
Spencer and Derek have always had a flirty friendship, but what happens when one finally works up the courage to ask the other out? Will their work life be able to stand...
The Story by scissors_blackbirds
The Storyby scissors+blackbirds
jj and emily have always been best friends but what happenes when JJ's life takes an unexpected turn and Emily comes along for the ride. Also i know the first part of th...
Criminal Minds groupchat  by ChocolateThunder18
Criminal Minds groupchat by I love Derek Morgan
I'm new so don't hate me half is groupchat other half is just regular fanfiction I guess also I don't own criminal minds obviously
let me help you: Spencer x reader by Debbieryan238
let me help you: Spencer x readerby Samantha reid
after 24 year old y/n Mchale gets caught up in an FBI investigation after the bau believes her brother is the unsub. will you help them find her brother...will you cont...
Don't Wait Up// Spencer Reid story//Discontinued  by marvel_104
Don't Wait Up// Spencer Reid Idk.I.write.books
When Spencer walks into the briefing room he sees a picture of his old best friend. How will he react when people he used to know are dropping like flies. Will he have t...
criminal minds group chat 😁 by simpinforjemily
criminal minds group chat 😁by I love you
gc includes hotch,rossi,derek,elle,reid,emily,penelope and jj!! i will be adding more characters as i get farther into the show!!
Juniper Leaves by __softii__
Juniper Leavesby s o f t i i
Jennavieve is your friendly neighborhood plant girl. she adores plants, owning her own plant shop. She's a nervous wreck who stutters and mumbles over her words and it g...