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Nowhere to Hide | J. Crane [ii] ✔️ by utterlystardust
Nowhere to Hide | J. Crane [ii] ✔️by Catherine
After the events on Arkham Island. Lilith vowed for revenge on the Batman for what had happened to Jonathan Crane. Creating her own Fear Toxin, she fills in Scarecrow's...
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Knightfall | J. Todd ✔️ by utterlystardust
Knightfall | J. Todd ✔️by Catherine
On Halloween night, Scarecrow forces the civilians to evacuate Gotham City after threatening to unleash his potent new fear toxin. Leaving just the criminals and the GCP...
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A Night in Hell | J. Crane [i] ✔️ by utterlystardust
A Night in Hell | J. Crane [i] ✔️by Catherine
Being a psychiatrist at Arkham means dealing with some of the most dangerous criminals in Gotham. Doctor Lilith Matthews was very aware of this, but took the job anyway...
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That Beautiful Woman In Arkham (Two-Face/Harvey Dent) by Writerexe
That Beautiful Woman In Arkham ( Deer-C
Jade had worked for Penguin for most of her life. That is, until she quit. She eventully met Two-Face,a nd started to work for him. But over time, the two become friends...
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The Girl They Call a "Paradox" by Kattengirl101
The Girl They Call a "Paradox"by Tiffany Goodman
It was an ordinary night in Gotham City, where it never seems to sleep. It seems as if the so-called "freaks" only come out at night to play with the Bat. This...
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Let's Make The Whole World Smile~ by Anime0CC0Manga
Let's Make The Whole World Smile~by Anime0CC0Manga
The Joker (from the Arkham series), is brought back to life and will bring more than just laughs and smiles to the whole world~
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Pain in Arkham (Batman X Catwoman)  by Mlynkyy
Pain in Arkham (Batman X Catwoman) by Mlynkyy
Bruce and Selina had been dating before she found out his secret. That day Selina was kidnapped by the worst villian. I do not own Batman or the others they all belong t...
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Museum Studies by Scribblescribble
Museum Studiesby Scribblescribble
Pre-Arkham City. Open a superprison on the Penguin's turf? Not if he has anything to say about it. Strange isn't as invulnerable as he thinks. For this, you need some sp...
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Inside Arkham City by graveyardman
Inside Arkham Cityby graveyardman
Taken from the perspective of a political prisoner inside Hugo Strange's prison.
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Ode to Nightwing by BPrincessOfHeart
Ode to Nightwingby PrincessOfHeart
Richard Grayson, the famous Nightwing, saves a girl as she attempts to take her life after a traumatic event. This girl gets sucked into his world as he tries to teach h...
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BatJokes ficlet, Batman Arkham City by NotGAY
BatJokes ficlet, Batman Arkham Cityby NotGAY
This is a crappy Batman x Joker ficlet I wrote.. it takes place after the Joker died in Arkham city.
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Riddle City ~Book Two Of The Riddle Series~ *ON HOLD* by Chickalee
Riddle City ~Book Two Of The Chickalee
We last left off in Arkham Asylum with the reunion of our two in love psychopaths, Edward Nygma and Olive Deck. With plans of a new establishment called Arkham City, rev...
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Batman Arkham City: Reconstruction by batmanreborn1
Batman Arkham City: Reconstructionby batmanreborn1
From the ashes of Arkham emerges a menace more deadly and destructive than ever before, and with it, a new wave of evil arises to challenge the fallen city's guardian an...
Arkham Madness(Arkham City) by CarterCypher
Arkham Madness(Arkham City)by Rowlet Lover
Arkham City, a place created to house the worst villains of Gotham. But Thomas Isley doesn't belong there. Ripped from the arms of Nathaniel Kent and his loving mother...
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The Last Heroes of Gotham (A Sequel To Batman Arkham Knight) (Contains Spoilers To All Batman Arkham Games) Season 1 by Hardyshow316
The Last Heroes of Gotham (A Hardyshow316
This story shows what Gotham was like after Batman died the last heroes are Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing, and more to be revealed throughout the story. This is the story o...
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Mad Love ♥  by torriesun
Mad Love ♥ by torriesun
We all know the origin of Harley Quinn and Jokers relationsip. This is just a retelling with a twist, enjoy!~♥
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The City Of Dark Angels by 2DentsMcgee
The City Of Dark Angelsby Cinnapepper
Riley Steward AKA Ace started off as a harmless 15 year old but as she began to survive on her own in Arkham city, she becomes more of a warrior.
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A Little Problem  by CrystalRivera88
A Little Problem by Crystal Rivera
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Batman: Arkham Allies by LEGOMASTER1270
Batman: Arkham Alliesby LM •
After the "Death" of the Batman, the city grows quiet from all crime. Until one day , there is a big prison break. Most suspects were apprehended, but 5 vill...
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