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Taken (BWWM) by BlackBerry2003
Taken (BWWM)by BlackBerry2003
17yr old Arial goes to breeze high in LA her mother is abusive and her father passed away when she was 13 ,being in the wrong place at the wrong time 17yr old promis...
I Never Said I Liked You - A Kidge Story by Vanilla_Wafer_421
I Never Said I Liked You - A Anti-Social Piece-o-Garbage
Pidge didn't want anyone over for the summer. She had auditions to train for. And when Matt brought more friends than she expected, she nearly screamed. She had enough p...
Oh, Brothers by elephantfuzz
Oh, Brothersby elephantfuzz
Some people say that if you put all eight of us together it will end badly. I do not agree. We may be a bit crazy when we're all together, but we have fun. We are almost...
Disney Princesses and BFF's(A Disney FanFic) by LoveLadyDog
Disney Princesses and BFF's(A SnowWhite Girl
This book is about 12 girls who are the modern versions of the Disney Princesses; Snow White (Jordan), Aurora (Victoria), Rapunzel (Amanda), Arial (Dylana), Belle (Marie...
Reason to Live by arialvalentine
Reason to Liveby Valentine Street
When Arial moves to virginia from the UK and is reunited with her childhood bestfriend she think s everything is great until 1 person shows up and ruins it all. Logan, A...
Alonso - A slice of life by AllTheStoriesBefore
Alonso - A slice of lifeby AllTheStoriesBefore
A slice of Alonso (Arial's other nickname). Mostly full of dumb things she does.
Six Skeletons, maid, pet and a BABY by KimGreenwood844
Six Skeletons, maid, pet and a BABYby Kim Greenwood
Kana and Red are now proud happy parents, they name their daughter 'Arial'. As Arial grows she will encounter friends and enemies, but will she be able to fall in love w...
HeartTale ((UnderTale AU)) by KupcakeK1tty
HeartTale ((UnderTale AU))by Kupcake Kitty
Ten years ago Dr. Gaster created life by using monster and human DNA. His plan was to use the creature to shatter the barrier without relying on the seven human souls. S...
Beyblade - Brotherly rivalry by ser12rt
Beyblade - Brotherly rivalryby ser12rt
Me and a certain brother of mine start being rivals.
Red ribbon, White wolf by AriArial
Red ribbon, White wolfby Ari (Arial) ask-ari-au
Red is the youngest of four in his family, he has been pampered his entire life, servants tending to his every need. Being a prince he had alot of power even though he w...
The Time Of Life (ON-HOLD) by Shaun_writes
The Time Of Life (ON-HOLD)by Polaris
**** LIFE taught us to make good use of TIME, while TIME taught us VALUE of LIFE. "Life isn't about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself" Writtenb...
Be Alright by Dreamer7
Be Alrightby Anonymous.
Arial Minton, a pretty and funny girl thats not really a very popular girl at her school, which is fixing to start from summer. Never really got ALOT of attention which...
Revelations Of A Deadly Soul by CoreyCreed
Revelations Of A Deadly Soulby CoreyCreed
Different Type Of Poetry Forms Detailing People And Important Events In My Life
The Lost Parent  by TheAnonyomusWriter
The Lost Parent by TheAnonyomusWriter
This is a book about Arial. Arial is sans and papyrus' mother. She has come back from the dead and watches over her sons until one day she has to step out of the shadows...
Arial. by CharaError404
dans cette fanfiction undertale nous suivont les AU ( univers alternatif ). le rose est spécial surtout le rose inverser. vous aller bientôt tous la rencontrer courage. ...
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Titanroad. La naissance de l'empire by Shynns
Titanroad. La naissance de l'empireby Shynns
Kaelor Arial est un jeune mage/guerrier mercenaire du groupe Wyvern. Le royaume de Calvadria est en proie à une sanglante guerre civile depuis une vingtaines d'années, u...