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The Chronicles of Dan and Seam: Area 51  by BL4CKBUBBLEGUM
The Chronicles of Dan and Seam: BL4CKBUBBLEGUM
Dan Daryl was a detective that worked for the Eyes of Midnight. It was his day off. He and his brother were at their aunt's house babysitting her cat, Larry. Dan's best...
the area 51 raid by -Ashlynne-
the area 51 raidby -Ashlynne-
Area 51 raid if it was successful
The Horde by _Anti-Hero_
The Hordeby Hal
'We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Centre tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them ali...
The Hidden Truth by AnimeAndBandObsessed
The Hidden Truthby AnimeAndBandObsessed
It was the 22nd of September 2019, the Area 51 Raid was a success, however, no one could believe what they saw. They couldn't accept the truth.
These are the consequences  by TheIronGhost1223
These are the consequences by TheIronGhost1223
Area 51 raid & SCP crossover. Its a one shot, but i might add more
Memes by randompersonhuman
Memesby BigDaddyAnonymous
In love with an A L I E N by Annaer24
In love with an A L I E Nby Annaer24
Jenna was on the front lines of the Area 51 raid when she saw him: the love of her life. How will they navigate the ups and downs of love on top of the pressure from fam...
The Area 51 Raid by Fr33z3Clan
The Area 51 Raidby Fr33z3 Clan
This story takes place in Nevada where Jack lives. Jack has always believed in Aliens so when he heard about the area 51 raid he was intrigued.He wanted to go.Will jack...
Me and You  by DangerousAverageTeen
Me and You by DangerousAverageTeen
Reader x FBI Agent Today is the Day, September 20th 2019 The Area 51 Raid Y/N is getting ready for the raid of their life but will they handle the raid to their heart a...
Area 51 by ChashuPork
Area 51by ChashuPork
3 years back, Dean Taylor had some of his greatest works stolen by the government. Machines, patents, ideas, all 20 years ahead of their time. Fast forward a couple of...
Area 69 by dbogan
Area 69by dbogan
After the Area 51 raid, the only 3 survivors team up to defeat the released aliens who conquered the Western seaboard.
area 51 memes by notareafiftytwo
area 51 memesby ✈ ✇
for you while you wait to get aliens or die trying :)
Spike and the Raid by artificial_red_dye
Spike and the Raidby Polyester-cotton mix™
Why teachers shouldn't let me write stuff.
Area 51 Raid plans by Boostue21
Area 51 Raid plansby Z.K.P
DM me your Area 51 raid plans on Discord @ cowboy#1048 and we can all look at the possible paths we can take to see them aliens
Aliens by Mystique_wisteria
Aliensby I simp for anemoia
Say gets captured in Area 51 and Arc has to save her. Can Arc's small brain save Say?
🌮 || Invader at the Wheel by theinkmarina
🌮 || Invader at the Wheelby theinkmarina
The date is September 19th, 2019, and Dib Membrane wants nothing more than to partake in the raid on Area 51. But, as with all events contradictory of 'real science', hi...