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Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse {Book One: Death} (Noctis x Reader) by CelestialShadowWolf
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse { Lost in the Stars
Final Fantasy XV x Reader Book one in the short "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" series Noctis x Reader **Small note: NOCTIS AND LUNA ARE NOT ENGAGED IN THIS...
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse {Book Two: Famine} (Prompto x Reader) by CelestialShadowWolf
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse { Lost in the Stars
Final Fantasy XV x Reader Book two in the short series "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" Prompto x Reader **CROSSPOSTED TO MY TUMBLR**
Final Fantasy 7.1 [HIATUS] by diabeticsugarush
Final Fantasy 7.1 [HIATUS]by Joy
Final Fantasy 7.1 One shots I accept requests, no lemons though
Random Final Fantasy XV II by Isabella_Scientia
Random Final Fantasy XV IIby Isabella Scientia
A sequel to my Random Final Fantasy XV book. This book will contain random things all relating to FFXV. This can include photos, art, GIFs, facts, and more!
Starlights Hero by Justinswife4everz
Starlights Heroby Emily Jeanne mcpherson
Please leave feedback, so I know how I'm doing BOOK 2 IN RAYA AND NYX'S STORY It has been a year since the light returned. It returned to everyone except one glaive. Ra...
Final Fantasy Xv (The King's Sister)  by gbow1999
Final Fantasy Xv (The King's Gbow1999
Princess Rogue Lucius Caelum was the daughter of King Mors and Sister to to the future King Regis. Born to only die, so that her brother can become king and have the Ki...
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Final Fantasy XV oneshots! by prompto_boi
Final Fantasy XV oneshots!by Final fantasy meme™
Welcome to my first oneshot book ever! Characters all belong to Square Enix, you can also ask for request, story may have death or suicidal thoughts.
Final Fantasy One Shots by ellaismydog
Final Fantasy One Shotsby nope
Requests open! All characters belong to Square Enix. Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VII
His Fantasy XV by Corpse_Parfait
His Fantasy XVby Corpse_Parfait
Final Fantasy XV Chocobros X Male! Reader. Requests closed.
Water Flowers by Kurobarifu
Water Flowersby ⭐ のような茶 ⭐
(Prompto x Reader) "I know this doesn't mean much but..." The girl unwrapped the small glowing flower from her precious locks and practically shoved it wholeso...
Monsters  (Final Fantasy XV) by WinterDrake
Monsters (Final Fantasy XV)by WinterDrake
Noctis is stalked by something inhuman.
The Brother (Final Fantasy XV Fanfiction) by WinterDrake
The Brother (Final Fantasy XV WinterDrake
The Founder King is sent to face the Accursed after Noctis is taken captive.
Live (Final Fantasy XV Fanfiction) by WinterDrake
Live (Final Fantasy XV Fanfiction)by WinterDrake
Noctis chooses to live when faced with his impending death at the hands of the Prophecy.
Blood (Final Fantasy XV Fanfiction) by WinterDrake
Blood (Final Fantasy XV Fanfiction)by WinterDrake
(First in Series) Noctis catches up to Ardyn on the train.
Noctis, seorang Pangeran dari Kerajaan Lucis, terpilih menjadi Raja Sejati yang ditakdirkan untuk menyelamatkan dunia dari malapetaka didampingi Lunafreya, sang Oracle d...
Kindling Fire (Ignis Scientia x OC!Skyanna Cruie) by LeonPiersLover07
Kindling Fire (Ignis Scientia x Miranda Gunter
(Story 1/3) My name is Skyanna Cruie. Well... I should say, Skyanna Scientia. And this is my story. This goes through all of my life. Through the good times and the bad...
Switch (Final Fantasy XV fanfiction) by WinterDrake
Switch (Final Fantasy XV WinterDrake
A prisoner who spends most days in isolation is once again visited by his jailer.
Nature's Balance  by Dani_Jade
Nature's Balance by Dani Jade
After Somnus murders the original Oracle, the world of Eos is left unbalanced. The Crystal, however, has a solution: create a second line of Oracles. For there must sure...