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I am NOT an elfling by -H-O-P-E-
I am NOT an elflingby -H-O-P-E-
Ashley is the standard issue of an anti-social, unimportant teenage girl. That is, until one day she wakes up in the middle of nowhere, the size of a toddler, with freak...
'Lost Without You'- A Thorin Oakenshield Fanfic by TorturePyjamas
'Lost Without You'- A Thorin TorturePyjamas
~SEQUEL TO "INTO YOUR ARMS"~ Thorin Oakenshield, son of Thraín, son of Thrôr, King Under the Mountain. Trekking across Middle Earth with his kinsmen, a wizard...
One & The Same, A HerYerdeSen Short Story by EverywhereStill
One & The Same, A HerYerdeSen EverywhereStill
A Gift to Help Us Get Thru Quarantine Together ||| Forced to attend a Fun-in-The-Sun family day /Company Town Hall Meetings on a Saturday, Selin Sever must maneuver thro...
The King and Dragon Lord by witchsolcier
The King and Dragon Lordby Sam
After Erebor was reclaimed, and the battle of the five armies was through, Thorin and the rest of the Dwarves took back their home and not after long, all of the Dwarves...
Of The Fountain by thatdamnuchiha
Of The Fountainby thatdamnuchiha
Before she was Ecthelien she was someone else, but that didn't matter. Her new parents loved her and all her strange ways. Everything was peaceful, everything was conten...
ArSal Psikopat Mafya Sevgilim (Fesat) by yagmurgreyy
ArSal Psikopat Mafya Sevgilim ( yagmurgreyy
bu sözlerim için pişman olacağımı bilmiyordum, onun okulumuzun sahibinin oğlu, otel zincirleri sahibi bir mafya psikopat hz meryemin oğlu olduğunu henüz bilmiyordum...
All Who Wander Are Not Lost by Robinhood4ever
All Who Wander Are Not Lostby Robin
Thennil Orelil. Daughter of Elrond. Within her first few hours she was named for the shield that she would become to a peoples that were not her own, their Morning Star...
Oneshots (Silmarillion) by xxWinterCloudxx
Oneshots (Silmarillion)by xxWinterCloudxx
Oneshots referring to J.R.R. Tolkien's Silmarillion and time around that (Like different wars, the first age or the time before). Some gay ships, but nothing too 'hard'...
Morgo's Betrayal by MorganaGreenleaf
Morgo's Betrayalby MorganaGreenleaf
An AU of the Silmarillion (the bit where Morgoth betrays Ungoliant)
Brittle and Brief by meletiel
Brittle and Briefby Ruiniel
Oneshot of Aegnor and Andreth by the shore of the Aeluin. AU-ish
Arda için by ardaseniseviyorum_
Arda içinby beni fark et.
seni gerçekten çok seviyorum.
MONOCHROME by drunklion
Tek renk bir yaşantı.
Un nuovo viaggio in due by PanettoeBurro
Un nuovo viaggio in dueby PanettoeBurro
La compagnia di Thorin Scudodiquercia è decisa a marciare su Erebor per distruggere il drago, Smaug, e riprendersi la Montagna Solitaria, rivendicando la terra natia. E...
Save Us by itsfcknagnes
Save Usby Agnes
An elf was all she was, a princess that merely did her duty: she tried to help everytime she could. Which is why she parted to Greenwood as soon as a letter had been sen...
PUTIH ABU ABU by pande666
PUTIH ABU ABUby peachy
Ini adalah kisah ku saat duduk di bangku SMA banyak memori yang akan aku ceritakan disini. Mungkin kalian akan mengira ini hanyalah cerita anak remaja biasa yang alurnya...
Drabbles, Dribbles, Fanfic Scribbles by TheWanderingWayfarer
Drabbles, Dribbles, Fanfic Dee || TWW
What would the Doctor and Moriarty talk about? What if Gandalf had never returned? How would Captain Kirk react to finding the TARDIS in the Enterprise? What if The Hive...
Silmarien by SilmarienTauroniel
Silmarienby Silmarien Tauroniel
Es war einmal ein Mädchen, in dessen Adern das Blut der Elben und der Valar floss. Doch sie wurde in eine andere Welt gesandt, um sie zu schützen. Viele Jahre dauert es...