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Essence by Lorde_Poseidon
Essenceby Kevin Elias
No Plano Terreno, as pessoas nascem com habilidades de criar, controlar ou se transformar em um dos elementos da criação. Tal poder foi concedido pelos deuses, porém, ap...
RWBY Grimm Situation by xXShadowFaunusXx
RWBY Grimm Situationby Blake Belladonna
The Gang arrives in Atlas, and their objective is to receive the relic of creation. But salem tries to get in the way of everything. Read to find out more.
Hay Mas Que Conejos Y Zorros En La Luna by maestracelestial
Hay Mas Que Conejos Y Zorros En Lucia Mitzuki
Esta historia es original de el manga koreano "Moon Boy" de Lee Young-Yu completado y de 9 tomos, solo que aquí habrá algo mas también quiero aclarar que no me...
G.L.D.N by EnriqueVII
G.L.D.Nby EnriqueVII
This is an OC FanFiction of R.W.B.Y where instead of following team RWBY's adventures, we follow three teams, team G.L.D.N, team A.E.R.O, team G.U.D.N.
RWBY One Shots by Malec_Shipper_Clace
A bunch of One Shots filled with all dem ships. I try and avoid ANGST but I write what a write. New one Shots posted every so often.
Team SSOL by RenoAndAxel4Life2016
Team SSOLby RenoAndAxel4Life2016
Scarlet(daughter of Torchwick and Ruby),Sapphire(daughter of Mercury and Emerald),Olivia(daughter of Ozpin and Glynda),and Lilly(daughter of Lie Ren and Nora) make an od...
Oblivion by KrysBabdon
Oblivionby Krys
A RWBY Fanfiction Not many have faced the feeling of tumbling, straight into oblivion, never to be the same. Ruby, her team, her uncle, Professor Goodwitch, and Ozpin wi...