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Four Mates [COMPLETE] by bellebellerose
Four Mates [COMPLETE]by Belle Bellerose
Angie was excited to finally smell her mate but when four scents of her four best male friends become strong she is unsure who to pick. Does she pick: Corey: the nerd a...
Encounter (Onze Series #1) by elayynitea
Encounter (Onze Series #1)by ⚖
Onze Series #1 Jared, an Engineering student from UST, whose dreams and priorities were far from love. For him, love is just a barrier to reach his goals... Until he enc...
《C A L L  I T  D E S T I N Y》 by thisisallthat
《C A L L I T D E S T I N Y》by nanalita
Kiara Dempsey is one of the very best architects in the world. She is beautiful, smart and in her own way a hopeless romantic. She could not wait to meet her human, the...
Swap by adrilxa
Swapby Adri
The screen flickered, distorting for a moment, then played a fuzzy video. They could barely make out what was happening, but it was enough. And what they saw would chang...
Into The Mind Of A Human (Al-an POV) by RinInuyasha
Into The Mind Of A Human (Al-an Ashyami Velitii
There comes a time in Al-ans life when he meets a strange small. SMALL. being named after a weird small bird. At first he disliked the small bird named weird creature bu...
As long as we're together {Percabeth one-shots and meet} by The_secret_pen
As long as we're together { jasmine
Gods, mortals, and demigods meet Percabeth in different situations. Some one-shots of a particular event in the couple's life. Some one-shots are from the people who mee...
Designed For Love by merewrites
Designed For Loveby mere
Tessa Young, a recent college graduate, is searching for a job sure to secure her a career in the world of architectural design. She is ready to build her life and her p...
Hermitcraft Stuff - S6 Oneshots by adrilxa
Hermitcraft Stuff - S6 Oneshotsby Adri
A collection of one-shots, AUs, songfics, and general stuff about Hermitcraft! This book circulates around the Architects mostly, since they were ones I watched the most...
Once We Walk (Golden String Series #1) by Athenararity
Once We Walk (Golden String Athena
Golden String Series #1 If back then I walked, I said right now I'll run. Maggie Livadez an Architecture student and Miko Ruiz an Engineering student, shared their walk...
Ben and Ben Series #3: Kathang Isip by imissF
Ben and Ben Series #3: Kathang Isipby ImissF
Nasanay si Amber sa pamumuhay sa Maynila. Maraming kaibigan at tanging mga kabilang sa mararangyang pamilya. Hindi siya nakikinig sa opiniyon ng ibang tao. Ang pinaniniw...
Loving you Endlessly by xxxx_6xxxx
Loving you Endlesslyby xxxx_6xxxx
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, or any other events are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. ____________...
Woes Of Choices || Shivika FanFiction by sreyistic_stories
Woes Of Choices || Shivika sreyistic_stories
Destiny does play a major part in your life, but what about your choices? Yes! That do make a difference! Shivaay and Annika, hailing from the two most richest familie...
Endless Vow by ANGHEL1TA
Endless Vowby hydra
Two hearts meet to separate. Separated and reunited, only to be separated again. To keep the Lopez family's wealth, Ethan Lopez must marry Eirian Gabriella Atarah, the h...
Chained By Your Love (Amicizia Series #1) by cxyelpretty
Chained By Your Love (Amicizia Déesse
Gwayishia is a woman in her own. She doesn't bother to think what's happening around her, an achiever, a Dean's Lister. Lastly, losing isn't her thing. While Cohen, a si...
Like Me Back, George. by rgwen_
Like Me Back, gwenzieena
You'll meet people. You'll get close to them. They'll eventually leave you. Repeat. But what if one comes back? Will you still accept them?
Love and Anger by cadreamer27
Love and Angerby A.G.
He caught me before I would fall and embarrass myself. He looked into my eyes and I looked into his. He looked at me like he had never before. I could see kindness and a...
Yuanfen by NaomiNamson
Yuanfenby Naomi Namson
"My soul sees its equal in you" Inaara Carter A 25 year old architect for whom family always comes first. she loves her job and loves her life even more. No ma...
Dissipating Emerald (Hues Series#1)  by carminepoeny
Dissipating Emerald (Hues carminepoeny
Hues Series#1 Rexanne Oizys Leicester If ever I can just write my story, like how I used the words to make life to the people I wrote. I believe perfect man will never b...
That Winter You Came (Completed)  by MimisiSa57
That Winter You Came (Completed) by MimisiSa57
When i met him he was breaking the windows of his house like a crazy person. When he met me, i threw tomatoes on him shouting like a fool. He had a girlfriend when i rea...
The Setting Sun in Dapitan by rosenpai
The Setting Sun in Dapitanby J
Cio, an Architecture student from UST, thought she already had enough things on her plate to care about, not until Dwight from Ateneo Political Science came.