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When Time Comes by zashiaparaiso
When Time Comesby Zashia
this is a brent paraiso fanfic. keep reading and enjoy. spread goodvibes peeps!
  • dlsu
  • avish
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RP with Gilgamesh! by KingOfLewdHeroes
RP with Gilgamesh!by Hot Daddy Gilgamesh
  • archer
  • rping
  • fate
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Reborn as A Haier-Elvian: The Blood Hunter and The Warlock [English] by RachelWilliams948
Reborn as A Haier-Elvian: The Rachel Williams
At first, I was just an ordinary student who joined the inauguration of Taekwondo new members club. But I don't know what happened. Suddenly there was a mysterious objec...
  • magic
  • medieval
  • genderbend
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The Prophecy and the War by Magnamentum
The Prophecy and the Warby Fortsteller
[ The Adventures in Astria Book 1 ] Highest Ranking #96 High Fantasy, Highest Ranking #174 Mythical, Highest Ranking #67 Archer Being transported in another world isn'...
  • fantasy
  • archangels
  • unlimitedpride
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RED KNIGHT ♞ SHAWN M. by -Lou_And_I-
❝I'M A PUPPET. AN OBJECT. I'M NOTHING TO THEM, THEY WILL DUMP ME WHENEVER THEY'RE BORED, AND YOU KNOW IT.❞ in which, a knight coated in rusting steel with a heart clothe...
  • archery
  • fantasy
  • swordsman
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Fate/Stay Night Origin Point by RyouTheBard
Fate/Stay Night Origin Pointby Najma Zenryona
"I'll do it, I'll quit this stupid grail war." "Shirou!" she screamed. "I'll order Saber to kill herself, then we can go back to how it was.&quo...
  • saber
  • fate
  • fateapocrypha
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"So what should I call you?" he asks me after I showed him a preview of how gravity works by slamming him face first into the ground. "Her name's Lana&quo...
  • mystery
  • brave
  • leader
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~Weak~ by Wheeljack22
~Weak~by -|Rex|-
An Overwatch fanfic (Hanzo x McCree) Hanzo never expected to fall in love with the stupid cowboy that seemingly barged into his life. He never thought he would ever f...
  • overwatch
  • shimada
  • cowboy
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A Sky Full Of Chaos by lwanttopunch
A Sky Full Of Chaosby Sky_Sailing
She said, "People don't belong to people. People don't belong to cities. They only belong to themselves." And, l don't believe her.
  • mysterious
  • friends
  • boy
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Spirit Mage by Supertoxic53
Spirit Mageby Supertoxic 53
Thomas awakens to powers he never knew he had,and is forced to protect Midway City. But before he can do so Archon breaks free from his chains and tries to wage war on h...
  • archer
  • demon
  • swordsmen
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Kateryna - The Protector's Journey by larissawolf92
Kateryna - The Protector's Journeyby Larissa Wolf
The forest of Brigansk isn't a safe place for wealthy citizens. A group of thieves calling themselves the Robins mug for the poor. Kateryna, an orphan, is their leader a...
  • king
  • femaleprotagonist
  • throneofglass
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Just Human by pikachomp
Just Humanby pikachomp
A mercenary, sometimes known as a soldier of fortune, is an individual who takes part in military conflict for personal profit, is otherwise an outsider to the conflict...
  • smart
  • myheroacademia
  • hero
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Aluya: A Cinderella Story by ItzFanGirl
Aluya: A Cinderella Storyby ℓуиѕєиρåι
Once upon A Cinderella Story, A Girl living with her Two Evil Cousins and her Evil Aunt. She has the Privilege to study. One day she saw someone in the woods, someone wh...
  • demonhunter
  • mobilelegends
  • assassin
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Emiya by The_Chaldea_Exchange
Emiyaby Lady_Rhey
Admin and Master needed for this servant All things Emiya
  • emiya
  • fgo
  • holygrail
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Conto - Disparos Mortais by MateusQueirozMelo
Conto - Disparos Mortaisby Mateus Queiroz
O que sente um arqueiro sobre a muralha de um castelo que está sendo atacado? Helena nos revela tudo o que sente defendendo seu reino dos invasores. O problema é que mui...
  • rpg
  • fantasia
  • batalha
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Pressured ~ Archer Hawkins x OC ~ Inazuma Eleven by Romantic_Princessxx
Pressured ~ Archer Hawkins x OC Romantic_Princessxx
Melody Raimon is the twin sister of Nelly Raimon. They look almost the same, the only difference is that Melody's eyes are a bright color of green. They both exceed in e...
  • hawkins
  • raimon
  • archerhawkins
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Madarcher - one shots by skekdnzn
Madarcher - one shotsby skekdnzn
Just different types of Madarcher one shots if you have any suggestions just comment them or DM me hope you enjoy :)
  • tilly
  • curious
  • archer
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"Oneshot Ideas!.." (Trolls oneshots) by Annoyingsister2004
"Oneshot Ideas!.." (Trolls Annoyingsister2004
Hi, I've been seeing people do these. So I thought I'd do one of these myself. I'm gonna be unleashing ideas, (most of them are probably gonna be Archer-centric.) Warni...
  • multiplepersonalitydisorder
  • ocs
  • boyxboy
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Sagittarius - The Centaur by Music_Mon77
Sagittarius - The Centaurby Music_Mon77
Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21 Symbol: Centaur Ruling Planet: Jupiter House Ruled: Ninth Element: Fire Mode: Mutable Keyword: Idealize Sagittarius is an optimist...
  • sign
  • archer
  • zodiac
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Kill Shot by Gecko2009
Kill Shotby Gecko2009
Skylar Quinn is not your average 16 year old, The reason being is that she has powers. But she doesn't always use them for good, to be fair she never does, she uses them...
  • destructive
  • superheros
  • villans
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