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System I Want Revenge by GoddessOfBlack89
System I Want Revengeby Chieko Urimeshi
Rank #3 in Conflict- August 7 2019 Rank #2 in Conflict--August 12 2019 Rank #1 in Rebirth- August 19 2019 Rank #3 in System-- September 1 2019 ................. "...
Seducing The Male Lead Using A Pure Face by MarillCakes
Seducing The Male Lead Using A Marzipanian
[ All credit to the original artist of the art used in the cover and chapters ] Brooke has always been considered adorable and pure, someone who can do no wrong. She oft...
Jaune: mechanical brawler of Haos and Aquas.   by Deltarex2000
Jaune: mechanical brawler of Saul Sanchez
cardin exposed jaune transcript, which cause his friends hate him, even pyhrra as well. Worst arc family disown him and his former team replace him with his sister. but...
Anidita : Broken hearts (Manorama track) by FaizaUsmani_writer
Anidita : Broken hearts ( Faiza Usmani
{On going} This is my second fanfiction on our favourite jodi ANIDITA aka Aurrisht & Anvisht So,This story will start from episode 236 when Anirudh give Bondita a cooke...
Fast-Crossing Sexual Blessing Strategy by furheartedgurl06
Fast-Crossing Sexual Blessing furheartedgurl06
Min Yao is a generation queen who accidentally died, but was bound to the "Sexual Blessing" strategy system. From then on, she began her career in various worl...
ငါႏိုးလာေတာ့ငါ့exရဲ႕မိန္းမျဖစ္ေနတယ္😵😵(complete) by chitsu278
ငါႏိုးလာေတာ့ငါ့exရဲ႕မိန္းမျဖစ္ေနတယ ma ma moe
INCOMPLETE [BL Transmigration] Hiatus  by VoidsHeart
INCOMPLETE [BL Transmigration] Wang Xumi
Former Title: Haven't Even Started Guile is a certified fujoshi a dark and hidden one. She wanted to create a yaoi story but didn't know how to start. She already pictur...
SYSTEM VENUS [BL] [√] by i_see_pinocchio
SYSTEM VENUS [BL] [√]by Pinocchio
June Weng is bounded to the system: Venus, Goddess of Love. He has been travelling through space and time in different person's body and changing their fate. Watch him...
The girl who is going to wear fast is coming  by furheartedgurl06
The girl who is going to wear furheartedgurl06
Introduction: Li Yuan is a secretary, and her daily life is very busy. One day, she got a system and was taken by the system to various worlds, becoming the second femal...
A being of great power has taken the RWBY Cast to another realm to watch themselves in different situations and adventures. How will they react to the things their other...
His Everything 💕 by golden_shades
His Everything 💕by Potter⚡
This story is my imagination about our fav couple andita..similar concept but off course with my changes.. here anirudh roy choudhary character is slightly different..I...
Recipe For Pain! (nephew of Sanji One Piece X RWBY) by TheGDFProject
Recipe For Pain! (nephew of TheGDFProject
Kicked out of his team and exiled form his family after Cardin exposed his transcripts, Jaune removes the mask he was forced to wear by his father and will show everyone...
INTERLACED HEARTS !! by Sadhvi2396
Tied by other ! But Destined to be together ! Saudamini tied Anirudh and Bondita in a Sacred Relation. Which can't be untied ever ! Peep in to know a Different Anidita...
Villain - A Dream SMP Fanfiction by TeddyNotFound
Villain - A Dream SMP Fanfictionby ˗ˏˋ ꙮ ⇠ teddy ⇢ ꙮ´ˎ˗
Welcome home, Hestia. Adoptive daughter of well-known Philza Minecraft, and a builder on the Dream SMP, Crystal Eclipse has only one desire. Power. Tired of being oppres...
~My Beautiful HOST ~   by AshXtanXfab
~My Beautiful HOST ~ by Taniya Fab
Another popular topic that I got into , so i thought giving it a try 😉~ it's a story of a cold girl named Solana , who transmigrates to different world changing storie...
Arc of Humanity ( HaloxRWBY) by xjames2001
Arc of Humanity ( HaloxRWBY)by xjames2001
He was being torn apart by the most of the academy students when Cardin expose his fake transcipt. He still has his friends but he ran away when his father disowned him...
Meeting You by rizbermudez
Meeting Youby BlackTearsInSnow
This is a story about a young CEO who blindly trusted his lover and his childhood bestfriend. He was confused as to why is his lover is acting cold towards him. He once...
SYSTEM CHAN by kyalsin20
System fic‌ေလးပါ၊ဒုတိယေျမာက္ficေလးျဖစ္ပါတယ္၊ လူသတ္သမား‌ေရွာင္းက်န့္တစ္ေယာက္လူမွားၿပီးဓားထိုးခံရရာsystem402နဲ့ခ်ိတ္မိသြားေသာအခါ.. Crd cover..🎆🎑 ၾကယ္ကအေပ်ာ္ေရးတာျဖစ္တဲ့အ...
RemnantTale  by Epsilon6666
RemnantTale by Epsilon
Jaune arc was always called weak. He had no aura, and his semblance couldn't be awakened without it. His family casted him out, and so he lived in the wilderness, wander...