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The Musketeer Girl by GraceBeard
The Musketeer Girlby Alpha_12
What if D'artagnan didn't travel to Paris alone?? What if his fourteen year old sister had gone with him?? And what if their father had trained them both to use a sword...
Treasure (Porthos Love Story) by UKmendes97
Treasure (Porthos Love Story)by UKmendes97
She wasn't your usual Princess and He wasn't your usual Musketeer
Adélie (A Three Musketeers 2011 Fanfiction) by thequietwriter
Adélie (A Three Musketeers 2011 Bethany Swafford
Milady de Winter kept many secrets. And one, in particular, comes back to affect the Inseparables when they least expect it.
All For Love by radiolover1029
All For Loveby radiolover1029
Antoinette de Lorraine: Comtesse of Chevreuse, ally to the Musketeers, and the adored lover of Aramis joins on the escapade established by the betrayal of Milady, the ve...
The Musketeers Imagines by bookworm3254
The Musketeers Imaginesby bookworm3254
I don't own any images used or The Musketeers. Requests: OPEN Rules: 1. No smut 2. No triggering topics 3. I have the right to refuse a request. 4. Please include a plot...
Luke Evans Imagines by Aidanturnerimagines
Luke Evans Imaginesby Aidanturnerimagines
This book is for Luke Evans and his characters' imagines
Constant Companion (A 2011 The Three Musketeers Fanfiction) by thequietwriter
Constant Companion (A 2011 The Bethany Swafford
My name is Constance Bonacieux, and I am not your average lady in waiting. I count Queen Anne as my friend and, with the court politics being what they are, that may get...
The de Vere Inheritance by wiistar88
The de Vere Inheritanceby wiistar88
Eric and Elizabeth de Vere have been running for years by the time they reach Paris. With a doomed marriage, political quarrels in England, Eric's gambling debts and m...
d'Artagnan And Her Musketeers (The Cosette D'Artagnan Romances, book 1) by QuillSparkle
d'Artagnan And Her Musketeers ( QuillSparkle
Fifteen years old, Cosette d'Artagnan disguises herself as Charles d'Artagnan and arrives in Paris to Avenge her father's death. Instead, she meets three different men w...
Three years later... by rebeccagalloway
Three years Becca Lannister
So the war against Grimaud and Gaston and thier army was fought and won and the Musketeers went thier seperate ways . Aramis became First Minister of France, D'Artagnan...
She's Back (Sequel) by GraceBeard
She's Back (Sequel)by Alpha_12
This is a sequel to 'Our Musketeer Girl'. Our favourite group of musketeer's are back from war, all different in many ways from what they've seen, but there is a new thr...
Legends of Yesterday - D'Artagnan {1} by katherinep97
Legends of Yesterday - D' Katherine
Unexpected Series - First Book: Camille West was a normal girl from our year; 2017. As she grown up, she suffered from lost of her family; Mother, father and her grandmo...
Breathing by Buckeye01
Breathingby LaDene Mayville
The Musketeers thought they were bringing Athos home to heal but instead they find themselves embroiled in a battle from an unseen enemy that could bring the entire Musk...
Le Mousquetaire Femme by SpecialAgentFiction
Le Mousquetaire Femmeby SpecialAgentFiction
Being the only female Musketeer in the whole of France is hard: you have to be both a lady and a man at the same time. Follow Antoinette through her adventures with her...
little league! original story! by KA0SK1DS
little league! original story!by n40m1
in which mika and her group of friends figure out what they're gonna do in the world during their junior to senior summer
The Daughter of the Captain (A Musketeers Fanfic)  by MoonsongMarauder
The Daughter of the Captain (A LordOfTheTrekkies
Tildé (her name meaning 'mighty in battle') is the step-daughter of the village blacksmith and the real daughter of a woman that turned up out of nowhere 19 years ago. B...
Yvette the Female Musketeer by DisasterChild20
Yvette the Female Musketeerby Nix
Yvette is the younger sister of Aramis and seen as a little sister by both Athos and Porthos. She is also the youngest and only female Musketeer.
The Musketeers preferences by lyanapeterblack
The Musketeers preferencesby Lyana Black
The Musketeers preferences ( teh series from BBC )
The Musketeers BBC Fan Fiction (You-View) by creamyhyominnn
The Musketeers BBC Fan Fiction ( Deep Irony
WARNING!! This is just a fanfiction , this means, that this is not original from the series 'The Musketeers' which is every Friday on BBC ONE . The content: You are you...
BBC The musketeers  by booksandblankets24
BBC The musketeers by Pendragon
Athos's sister X D'artagnan there's not enough musketeers fanfiction out there i 100% don't own any of the musketeers ,plots, costumes, characters etc.etc. I can only c...