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Second Time Around  by solanaarthemis_
Second Time Around by lian
Thomas Torres x Ara Galang Fanfic (03•20•17 - 06•02•17)
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I Wouldn't Mind by GreatLover88
I Wouldn't Mindby Budoy
A choice between the person in your dreams and the person who made your dreams come true. Who would you choose to spend forever with?
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Turning point by maryeaaaaah
Turning pointby maryeaaaaah
story about thomas and ara ok thomara fans kain tayo hopia
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Volleybelles One-shots by Team_MikaReyes
Volleybelles One-shotsby Team_MikaReyes
KaRa, JhoBea, AlyDen, MikaSa, MiBea, etc. short stories. Drabbles in my head put into paper.
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It's us Always And Forever (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang) by delulu238
It's us Always And Forever (Mika JenLisa ft. KaRa
Book 2 of " True Love Always Find Ways " I strongly suggest for you to read the book 1 first before you read this one. Go to my profile for the book 1 It was n...
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Pakwan Shots by taftsunshines
Pakwan Shotsby taftsunshines
A compilation of KaRa (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang) one shots all based on my imagination.
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Pag Naging Tayo  by bontorethel
Pag Naging Tayo by Ethelalala
May mga bagay talagang Impossible pero hindi malabong mangyari Paano mo ba masasabi na siya na yung naka tadhana para sayo? Kapag hindi ka niya sinaktan?eh bakit may ka...
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Let you know by Pongay_818
Let you knowby Johanna
She is a friend, a line that I shouldn't cross.
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The One for Me - Mika Reyes & Ara Galang by jjayalejandros
The One for Me - Mika Reyes & Mich Cobbita
A mika reyes and ara galang fan fiction
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I Love You, Hater ㅡ A KaRa (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang) Fanfiction by victhonara
I Love You, Hater ㅡ A KaRa (Mika pat
You wouldn't know that you love a person until they leave. Ika nga ng karamihan, "The more you hate, the more you love." How can Ara handle Mika when she hates...
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WHY? by LeinMarie
WHY?by Brielle
You were there when I was all alone. You were there when I couldn't handle things on my own. But suddenly, in a blink of an eye... You were gone. Can you please tell...
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I Will Find You by wildthingsrunfree
I Will Find Youby wildthingsrunfree
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Best Mistake | Micci by donnypangiIinan
Best Mistake | Micciby ✨
I cannot undo what I have done. I cannot re-write all the mistakes that I did. Best Mistake || a Michelle Cobb and Ricci Rivero fan fiction.
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Forced Agreement by mushroomplushie
Forced Agreementby Ariane 🍄
[COMPLETED ❌ ThomAra Fanfiction] SUMMARY: Ara flies to Canada para makalimutan ang ex nya na si Thomas, pero paano kung malaman nya na 'yung taong gusto nyang iwasan, eh...
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ThomAra One Shots by KazeSora
ThomAra One Shotsby Kaye
A compilation of thomara one shots. Based on pure imagination :)
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The Choice//Completed by animoara
The Choice//Completedby dani
"You have to take the risk of the choice that you made." Everything seems fine at first. But, when you chose a decision that will change everything, are you wi...
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How they should be.  by delulu238
How they should be. by JenLisa ft. KaRa
This is what KaRa (Mika & Ara) should be. This is a compilation of one shot short stories of KaRa so the chapters are not related with each other unless stated otherwise...
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The Wedding by _dadummy
The Weddingby theregoesanother
It was just like any other day for Ara Galang when she noticed the student infront of her staggering and soon fainting. As any human would do, she helped him out from br...
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Endless Possibilities (ThomAra) by MsAAJM
Endless Possibilities (ThomAra)by Antonette
Suplado. Masama ang ugali. Makealamero. Nakakainis. Isa lamang ito sa mga katangian na akala ni Ara na taglay ni Thomas na coach ng basketball team ng kanilang barangay...
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A Thousand Years - A Thomara One Shot  by MissAesthetic_
A Thousand Years - A Thomara One ubelle🖕
"I would rather spend one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone" Bookcover made by: yulheerie
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