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One Tap for 'A' by DancesWithTheDevil
One Tap for 'A'by DancesWithTheDevil
two boys, Red Bull, and subtle confessions (Boyxboy)
Once upon a forgotten boy by Solivagant-soul
Once upon a forgotten boyby Solivagant-soul
He started eating hungrily while tapping his foot on the ground. I don't know why but his energy got me frustrated. Can't he see how we live, how abandoned we are? 'Why...
Love for Allah... Ibadah... by roshannay
Love for Allah... roshannay
"Nothing in this world In sha Allah have the power to snatch you away from me Hayati! And as far as separation goes, I won't allow that either in sha Allah! I will...
Growing Up Arab by AvalonRoyce
Growing Up Arabby راية
When we're rich in so many aspects of life, why can we not express ourselves?
•101 Arab problems • ✔️(completed) by Godsmuslimah
•101 Arab problems • ✔️(completed)by GOAT_lover
Are you an Arab? well, then I wouldn't be surprised if you can relate to half of these problems. Arab or not read on to find out 101 funny and Awkward Arab problems tha...
3arab Down Under. by booohh
3arab Down booohh
Do you drink your tea to the sound of animated yelling, exaggerated stories, simmering political debates, and your three hundred relatives running around? Are you intere...
About That Arab Life by TheFangirlsProphecy
About That Arab Lifeby Smile It's Sunnah
So you're an arab?!? Perfect! Join me in ArabLand where umm... Arabs exist ofcourse. Badhak. Just grab your bizr, your tea, your shibishib incase you feel the need to h...
finding their way to love by arshi1995
finding their way to loveby arshi1995
It is always said that opposites attract . so what happens when two people who are from different culture in religion , in views cross their paths will sparks fly ? Re...
What it's like being an Arab by yemenigirl323
What it's like being an Arabby 💘💞👑
This will be a book about funny, embarrassing, awkward, and weird stories I face as an Arab, and how it is being an Arab!!! Hopefully some Arabs out there can relate to...
Mornings In Makkah (#wattys2018) by InLoveWithTheBeloved
Mornings In Makkah (#wattys2018)by InLoveWithTheBeloved
In burning silence and endless desert, there is some movement upon the horizon. Moving shapes, appearing and disappearing in the shimmering light. It is a lonely caravan...
The Complete Truth About Israel  by galidressler
The Complete Truth About Israel by Gali
Dedicated to anyone out there who wants to truely know what happens from the ISRAELI point of view for once.. 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 NO HATE.
Hadith Of The Holy Prophet (S.A.W) by purple-bature
Hadith Of The Holy Prophet (S.A.W)by purple
Get to know your religion better by reading the hadith of our prophet Muhammad( S. A.W ) This book is just a reminder . To share my little knowledge of hadith of the ho...
Meenal  by Amyrabiey
Meenal by Amyrabiey
MEENAL✨ ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Meenal yarinya ce mai matukar Kyan gaske, wadda ta taso Cikin gata, samun yarinya mai gatan meenal sae an duba. Ta kasance Tana da shekaru 18. Iyay...
The book for all Arabs  by GeorgeSalloum2
The book for all Arabs by George Salloum
A book for all Arabs. So if you're Arab, then you must read.
Arab Woman's Burden? by burdenedarab
Arab Woman's Burden?by Arab Woman's Burden
I've never written on a blog before, but seeing that I don't have anyone or anything else to turn to, I might as well take advantage of it and use it as a hideaway to po...
The Happy Arabs by sarahnovaa
The Happy Arabsby SarahHiyaSarah
People from all around the world, do not know people from all around the world. What comes to your mind when you first hear "Arabs"? Camels walking around the...
The Journey by Arabian96
The Journeyby Arabian96
Marriage. Marriage. Marriage That is all that Samara (AKA Seven) thinks about since she was fifteen years old. This was normal for any Arabian girl, as they mostly get...
First Time Glance by 1tawnystranger
First Time Glanceby 1tawnystranger
Shy 20-year-old Muneer has, for the first time in his life, allowed himself to notice the beauty of a woman - and what a woman! In fact, he's so enthralled he decides to...