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A Quiet Place (Marcus Abbott x OC) [✔️] by viners36offical
A Quiet Place (Marcus Abbott x OC) C.J. Riles
Lily Anderson has been living with the Abbotts after her parents died from the creatures. She loves to study the monsters and find their weakness. But Marcus is scared t...
Please Just Let Me Hold You  by We_StAn_QuAcKsOn
Please Just Let Me Hold You by SHOOKETH
When creatures that attack sound invade Queens Peter Parker has to find a way to protect himself, and the girl he's loved since grade school. "Please Just Let Me H...
GIF HUNT by 【 dani 】
in which i give you gifs of people, shows, movies, etc;
The World Is Quiet Here | Peter Parker x Reader by violaeades
The World Is Quiet Here | Peter mariah
Based in the AU of "A Quiet Place", Peter Parker is an eighteen year old boy surviving in the very end of an apocalyptic war. Alone and forced into total silen...
Silent Ninjas by Aqua-Dash
Silent Ninjasby ♡𝓐𝓷𝓰𝓮𝓵♡
If they hear you, they hunt you. It all started with a sound. Sound. Was what flipped the world upside down. Now the world has been invaded by these "Death Angels...
Random Oneshots by Blueblossom4567
Random Oneshotsby Miss_Fallout_Fan
This is just a small book full of oneshots I have made because I legit have no life. I do NOT own a SINGLE character in this book. All rights go to the creators and with...
A quiet place x reader [completed] by sarcasticmaggie
A quiet place x reader [completed]by Maggie
I'm obsessed with the new movie 'A Quiet Place' and I wanted to be in the plot and storyline so I created this! Enjoy! Also this movie and plot are not mine and the char...
Stay Silent: A Horror Anthology by fright
Stay Silent: A Horror Anthologyby Horror
Five of Wattpad's top horror writers come together to create a terrifying short story anthology that will have you sleeping with the lights on...and unable to make a sou...
Trust. Love. Silence. Marcus Abbott X Reader (A Quiet Place) by KaspbrakByers
Trust. Love. Silence. Marcus 𝓢𝓺𝓾𝓲𝓻𝓻𝓮𝓵🤍
When a teen girl survives through an attack from unknown creatures and most of humanity is dead, she tries to create a life for herself but struggles alone, but when she...
If They Here You,  They Hunt You by Mommyoftonystark
If They Here You, They Hunt Youby Tony Starks Mother
Tony was just a omega Steve Roger's his old Alpha hated his guts after civil war when the team and them finally reunited but does he though? Of course when you think li...
The Death Angel of Highschool (Highschool dxd x Male Reader) by The_Legion001
The Death Angel of Highschool ( Level 5 Clerance Required
In the time of the great war, the angels had just lost their god and wanted to get back at the devils. So they created something, something so angelic, yet brutal and ba...
Surviving through with no sound  by island_open808
Surviving through with no sound by island_open808
A quiet place fanfic 'Regan, dad says it was no ones fault that he died. We had move on, but one day will live in world that we can use sound.' The elder sister sign to...
Dear Wildflower by meesly
Dear Wildflowerby meesly
The one where John Krasinski moved away and didn't talk to his best friend for eight years until he went home for Christmas.
The Eye by ult589
The Eyeby ult 58941
A group of friends is walking to a neighborhood and see something unusual....
A Quiet Place - Repopulation by scarletxparker
A Quiet Place - Repopulationby everyonelovesgaten
Following the horrific events of A Quiet Place, concluding with the death of Lee Abbott and the discovery of the creatures weakness, Marcus, Regan, Evelyn and the baby s...
Story of our love  by emilykrasinsxi
Story of our love by emilykrasinsxi
Emily Blunt and John Krasinski meet and fall in love for ever ❤️
A Quiet Office: The Office & A Quiet Place Mashup by AnnieBeeMe
A Quiet Office: The Office & A Annie Bee
"Nobody has said anything in 14 minutes."-Jim Halpert -This is as good as it gets right here. My excitement for The Office and A Quiet Place all rolled into on...
A Quiet Place  by ItzNaTaLiEe
A Quiet Place by ▷ Natalie
On a devastated Earth overrun by lethal and ever-hearing predators of a possible extraterrestrial origin, the Ackermans struggle to survive in a desolate New York City i...
Silence Is Survival by KellyAnneBlount
Silence Is Survivalby Kelly Anne Blount
Silence is Survival, that is the new way of life for Sophie and her family. When the waterfall keeping them hidden becomes clogged, she and her brother must sneak to the...
The Number by ZTEJ2943
The Numberby ZTEJ2943
(First, sorry about the cover. I am still getting the hang of Wattpad, and cannot figure out how to change the guitar image. I used to be able to, but that function, as...