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Equestria Girls & Their Fan From Another World  by shadowlight2784
Equestria Girls & Their Fan From Shadow Moonlight
(Y/N) (L/N) is a fan of Equestria Girls and loved it since the day it came out. He lives a normal life until is one day summoned by Harmonia to send him to the world he...
  • sunsetshimmer
  • applejack
  • twilightprincess
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MLP Memes by -_Rainbow_Dash-_
MLP Memesby ⚡Rainbow Dash ⚡
Just some my MLP memes,i hope you'll like it!❤️ NEW MEMES EVERY DAY! Best rankings: #1 in #mlpfanfiction #1 in #wavefire #1 in #Soarin #1 in #Skies #1 in #A...
  • applejack
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sunset new sharingan by HunterHall478
sunset new sharinganby Hunter Hall
sunset head back to the bandroom about tell the girls the portal is gone from sci twi device then she stop see red circle with three comas in it almost liked an eye behi...
  • friendshipgames
  • backgroundcharacters
  • forgettonfriendship
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When I'm with you by SlashTorrance217
When I'm with youby Slash Torrance
Applejack y Spike han estado distanciados durante varios meses, indiferentes ante un suceso inesperado que cambió su amistad por completo; temerosos de acercarse, se ver...
  • spike
  • romance
  • fanficv
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Powerless to One's Past by CharaDemonChild
Powerless to One's Pastby Claire Gee
Dusk's life had finally began to fit together. Finally Sombra was imprisoned in a book with no escape unless someone released him and he was finally beginning to realise...
  • rainbow
  • series
  • sunsetshimmer
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MLP : FIM {SONGS} by spycho_mavis
MLP : FIM {SONGS}by anime stories
[In editing] {Credit to letupita725HD for the songs on youtube} have fun with the songs [fan made songs, equestria girls songs, MLP songs] - all songs DON'T belong to m...
  • fluttershy
  • applejack
  • mlpeg
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You Saved Me:rarijack  by Jessie66864737
You Saved Me:rarijack by Jessie66864737
rarity used to to be a young fashion designer who only wanted to be with her friends. Until her parents decided she must be with fancy pants who often abuses her and now...
  • applejack
  • rarity
  • abuse
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MLP: A New Life by LordStarX101
MLP: A New Lifeby LordStarX101
Male Alicorn Reader X MLP Harem. F/N L/N is a Brony who lived an normal yet lonely life until he dies when he sacrificed his life to save another but the Pony Goddess of...
  • fluttershy
  • starlightglimmer
  • mane6
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who do you love by tmntandmlpleoxaj12
who do you loveby chyann Chaney ray
When Sunset is asked to join Flash on a 4 month trip to NYC , she begins to have feelings for him again but the only things in the way of her feelings for Flash is her g...
  • applejack
  • flashshimmer
  • flash
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La culpa la tiene la amnesia. by xfuli-
La culpa la tiene la Vee2019
Nuestra querida Fluttershy sentirá nuevas emociones, alegrías, tristezas, y ¿por que no? Amnesia. Quedense a disfrutar.
  • flash
  • mylittlepony
  • applejack
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Soarin to the Rainbow ( Steampunk times ) by KittycatRittyCat
Soarin to the Rainbow ( KittycatRittyCat
This fanfic is taking place right after the war of king Sombra and the ponies. At the war Rainbow and Soarin were partners in fighting and they would stay by there sides...
  • flashsentry
  • rainbowdash
  • pinkiepie
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Rarijack: Am I Straight or Bi? by Sunrise_Mist
Rarijack: Am I Straight or Bi?by 🖤ѕυnrιѕe🖤
[ONGOING] This a humanised version of Rarijack. Rarity is turning 13 and one question has been haunting her for a while. Is she really straight? There has been some roma...
  • dash
  • humanised
  • mlplove
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Equestria Girls Chatroom1 (SHIPS INCLUDED)  by katlady1
Equestria Girls Chatroom1 (SHIPS katlady1
Whose ready for some chats between the mane 7 and the ships? yes, I'm including SHIPS! Fluttercord, Soarindash, Flashlight, Carameljack, Cheesepie, Raripants, name it! ...
  • fluttercord
  • discord
  • flashlight
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My Little Pony: A Father's Rage by Rogue_Sparrow_Zilla
My Little Pony: A Father's Rageby Genji Shimurder
Equestria has faced many threats in the past but this one just might be the worst one yet. In the dragon lands the monster known as Godzilla had appeared there with his...
  • twilight
  • mylittlepony
  • godzilla
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Pony Ninja of Equestria  by JungleFurious
Pony Ninja of Equestria by JungleFurious
After Naruto's clash with Sasuske at the Final Valley, he all of a sudden finds himself in a brand new world. And this world is not like any world he has seen before, be...
  • mylittlepony
  • harem
  • pinkiepie
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Ask Rainbow Blitz by Angelsgoldart
Ask Rainbow Blitzby Angel
AU (mane six- Dusk Shine {Twilight}, Bubble Berry {Pinkie}, Butterscotch {Fluttershy}, Rarity, Applejack {f})
  • mlpfim
  • duskshine
  • sweetiebelle
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The Cool And Popular Girls [ON HIATUS]  by GayleStar4
The Cool And Popular Girls [ON Gayle
In Canterlot High School. Ruled by Three Amazonas or Popular Girls. Who got the chance to face-to-face with the Cool Girls of Crystal Prep. And become a total enemies, w...
  • fluttershy
  • twidash
  • rarijack
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Equestrian Precure: Danny Phantom saved! by SakiMisumi123
Equestrian Precure: Danny Andi Misumi Montoya
Danny Phantom escapes the GIW and lands near Canterlot High where not only the MLP EG are but the Yes Precure 6 DEA team as well, Sunset and Andrea see Danny but he was...
  • fluttershy
  • curepeach
  • curedream
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Red and Blue Magic (Child of Washington and Carolina Reader X MLP EG Waifus) by Freelancer1337
Red and Blue Magic (Child of Blake Masonic
You're the child of two freelancers: Washington and Carolina and the rest of your family are the Red and Blues. You've been trained by your mother and father to be a wel...
  • twilightsparkle
  • rarity
  • applejack
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Rainbow Dash And Applejack React! by Faith_the_Hedgehog
Rainbow Dash And Applejack React!by Faithy 😎
Description: Just an average Fanfiction of Applejack and Rainbow Dash reacting to whatever you guys request for them to see. UPDATE: I'm trying to make them seem realist...
  • reactions
  • applejack
  • rainbowdash
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