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Dirty Faces - Book 2 by Shubird
Dirty Faces - Book 2by Miranda
Ginny is thrilled to return to her beloved Mabry's Ridge, but it won't stay the way she remembered it for long.
  • dreams
  • appalachia
  • friends
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In The Dark Wood (A Mountain Monsters Fanfic) [Infernal Apocrypha Universe] by AlexandriaRowland
In The Dark Wood (A Mountain Alexandria Rowland
"It was just a TV show." Colt shook his head, burying his face in his hands as he sobbed quietly in the corner. "No one was supposed to get hurt." De...
  • monsters
  • paranormal
  • infernal
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Dirty Faces- Book 3 by Shubird
Dirty Faces- Book 3by Miranda
When a dubious character presents a lucrative offer, the future of Ginny's family's home place is in question.
  • secrets
  • dirtyfaces
  • love
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An Entrepreneur's Guide to the Wasteland by ThePeriwinkleWitch
An Entrepreneur's Guide to the ThePeriwinkleWitch
This book is based on Fallout 76 and the specific trader/scrounger build that I put together. Inside, you'll find tips on crafting, the best places to get scrap, which w...
  • build
  • tips
  • fanfiction
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G.I.Z.M.O. (COMPLETED) by CAMalosh
In the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, three children from poverty stricken southwestern Virginia save the life of a small dog. Three days later, in a neighboring to...
  • scifi
  • featured
  • kids
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A Lil' Bit Past Know'n by wordsr
A Lil' Bit Past Know'nby Ronald E. Armstead
Two men of questionable character embark on an adventure that will be much more than they expected. In a story set in the early 1900's an ex-fighter sets out to rule the...
  • horror
  • appalachia
  • historical
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Flight Home: A Collection of Poems by CAHowell
Flight Home: A Collection of Poemsby C. A. Howell
Time can take us away from the places that we love. It can also bring us back. This collection of poems is a journey away from home but, like all journeys, comes back to...
  • home
  • appalachia
  • poems
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Farmboy by matthewW1993
Farmboyby M
  • appalachia
Her World by kelseypk2702
Her Worldby Kelsey
#992 youngadult - 2.5.19 #166 nature - 2.8.19 #439 survival - 2.8.19 #39 bookworm - 2.20.19 #33 stepfather - 2.20.19 #397 female - 2.20.19 #521 teenager - 2.20.19 #231 d...
  • teenager
  • strongfemale
  • highschool
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Two Mile by Skydeer
Two Mileby Skydeer
  • appalachia
  • history
A Life, Redefined, Excerpt 1 by TracyHewittMeyer
A Life, Redefined, Excerpt 1by Tracy Hewitt Meyer
  • romance
  • self-injury
  • adult
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Progress: A fallout story by vaulttecboi
Progress: A fallout storyby vaulttecboi
Set in Appalachia over two hundred years after the apocalypse, the people are finally experiencing a life that isn't awful. The Responders protect the people, provide me...
  • appalachia
  • 2279
  • westvirginia
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Sins of the  Fathers by DavidRTurner
Sins of the Fathersby David Turner
Nestled in the eastern Kentucky foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Baker County doesn't see much in the way of murder. But when Deputy Sheriff Nathan Lincoln is the...
  • fathers
  • mystery
  • appalachia
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All Hallows, in the Hollar by kantuck
All Hallows, in the Hollarby Kantuck Nadie Nata-akon
A young girl is tormented by her sleep on of all days All Hallows (Halloween) -- A story that was inspired by a 5-minute exercise from my writing group. "What was y...
  • halloween
  • nightterror
  • appalachia
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Berne Township Burgoo by haolejoey
Berne Township Burgooby J. M. Schneider
A collection of inconsistent cerebrations, ramblings about rambling, and other such generalities that may or may not pertain to the rural community of Berne Township, Oh...
  • berne
  • hiking
  • ohio
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Five Minutes on Sunday by MorganIshmael
Five Minutes on Sundayby Morgan Ishmael
Like all living things, this book is a WIP. As of today though, it's only the developing genesis of the initial onset of the very beginning of the start of a WIP. I'm wo...
  • nature
  • shortstory
  • campnanojul19
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The Turkey Proposal by EuphoniousFish
The Turkey Proposalby Chris Conjures
  • eagle
  • environmental
  • children
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Briery Knob by jandrewnelson
Briery Knobby jandrewnelson
"Briery Knob" is the story of a double murder in the backwaters of West Virginia, a town which closed ranks around the slayer and a serial killer who hatched a...
  • rainbow
  • mystery
  • racism
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Leviathan by sonofthedawn
Leviathanby sonofthedawn
It's the era of the New Deal, and in the mountains of Tennessee, 19 year old Nathaniel Whitcombe is about to be drawn into a world beyond the borders of sanity.
  • tennessee
  • lovecraft
  • fantasy
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