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The Four Baristas of the Apocalypse (sample) by Reffster
The Four Baristas of the Apocalyps...by Geoff Blackwell
When aliens invade, four baristas are forced to become the saviours of the world. Grab your double-shot of java and strap in - it's going to be a bumpy ride! ...
I Attacked Because I was Afraid of Death by BooklessBookworm
I Attacked Because I was Afraid of...by desperate_enuf.
Chi Xin was afraid of death but was convinced by her roommate to watch a newly released doomsday movie. At first glance, she was attracted by the handsome, calm, and res...
Rise of the Phoenix - Apocalypse Rebirth by missafk1
Rise of the Phoenix - Apocalypse R...by missafk1
Aria was poisoned by her loved ones and turned into a zombie. Ironically she still maintained her consciousness. While watching a group of survivors escape, she accident...
just us | jjk by CupOfTaex
just us | jjkby .candi🍬🪁
"Out of all the people I have to survive with, of course it just happens to be you!" "Be thankful that at least it's just me! Oh, and get used to it sweet...
The Supreme Strong Woman Reborn in the Last Days by jeffelyncosme
The Supreme Strong Woman Reborn in...by jeffelynC
author: Five Yuan Source: https://www.shubaow.net/123_123558/ https://www.qqxsw.co/book_19416/ A disaster of Resident Evil, the virus overflows the worl...
God-level Stone Gambler by Xianxing_xu
God-level Stone Gamblerby Xixien
WARNING!!! THIS IS NOT MY OWN STORY FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSE- MTL In the post-apocalyptic world, Bai Jing has awakened his most useless ability - Sense Perception: th...
✓ | 𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐈𝐀𝐂; all of us are dead by -siriuslycv
✓ | 𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐈𝐀𝐂; all of us are de...by ruiiiiiii
"ya... a whole horde of zombies versus one y/n? this is going to be fun!" [complete!] [wu-jinxreader] [variousxreader] [started: 31/01/22] -siriuslycv 2022©
Apocalypse Forever | Five Hargreeves X Reader by BlueBooks016
Apocalypse Forever | Five Hargreev...by Miles G.H
BOOK 1 On the 12th Hour of October 1st ,1989 . 43 women around the world gave birth . The unusual fact about this was that now of the women had been pregnant when the da...
 (1) The End Of The World's Reborn Cannon Fodder Counter-attacks by eaststars
(1) The End Of The World's Reborn...by eaststars
Short Title : TEWRCFC Alternate Title : 末世重生之炮灰逆袭 Status : Completed ( 279 chapter + 6 extra ) Author : 汝夫人 Genre : Romance, Yaoi Please don't report it, I just love the...
I Like The Man Who Is Said To Be The Villain by _EllieHope_
I Like The Man Who Is Said To Be T...by _EllieHope_
For Offline Purposes. Credits to the owner. Short Title : ILMWSBV Alternate Title : 我喜欢那个据说是反派的男人 (穿书) Status [Edit] : Completed Author : 一曲日水吉 Genre : Adventure, Come...
criss died when he was pushed in a horde of zombies by his comrades as a sacrifice and was torn into pieces while his so called friends ran away he then woke up again t...
A Dream of Rebirth in the Last Days (MTL) by Ashiamazing
A Dream of Rebirth in the Last Day...by ᴀsʜɪᴀ ฅ'ω'ฅ
After living in the last days for five years, she was finally abandoned by her boyfriend and good girlfriends. It turned out that the two had been secretive before the e...
[BL] Run with the Ball in the Last Day by Erishi_An
[BL] Run with the Ball in the Last...by Sylvie
Run with the Ball in the Last Day 末世之带球跑 Author: 萝卜精 Status: 66 Chapters (Completed) Fangcheng lives very humble. The last days are coming, Xu Yi is still the strongest...
The Wolves ✓ by cosmicgh0st
The Wolves ✓by cosmicgh0st
They call themselves the wolves. They're dangerous people but they're the best at what they do- and that's surviving. Freya and her younger brother, Greg find themselv...
Rebirth in the last days: the system told me to save the world (MTL) by Nekochan_MTL
Rebirth in the last days: the syst...by Nekochan_MTL
Not mine! For offline purposes only. Warning!!! This is MTL "末世重生:系统叫我去拯救世界" Author: Che Lizi   On the first day of the end of the world, Fu Qianqian's awakene...
Full-level players in the apocalyptic infrastructure (MTL) by krudo10
Full-level players in the apocalyp...by krudo10
Shi Mingyue accidentally entered the apocalyptic novel, only to find that she had five full-level life occupation skills and backpacks in the game. I only wanted to surv...
Apocalyptic rebirth: the palm of the army young man by KtyKm6
Apocalyptic rebirth: the palm of t...by kaoutar
This novel is not written by me , for offline reading only The translation is from Google link to the Raw and were I got this novel https://www.69shu.com/txt/28646.htm...
✓ Doomsday girl with space {mtl} by bloodprincess13
✓ Doomsday girl with space {mtl}by CrimsonRain
https://m.shubaow.net/220/220987/ This story is not mine. It's machine translated. credits to the owner. Please don't report. Enjoy reading. latest chapter: 69 Lu Yao...
Wyrmrot by ssmith314
Wyrmrotby Stephanie Smith
After scientists create real-life Dragons, the Wyrmrot parasite is unleashed. Zelda must survive the zombie apocalypse, because the rest of her family didn't. ...
Apocalypse: Counterattack of a Cannon Fodder by arkenlox
Apocalypse: Counterattack of a Can...by Yashimaru Yusako
FOR OFFLINE PURPOSE ONLY: Alternate name: 末世炮灰逆袭 Author: Liang Luosheng Translator: Guy Gone Bad Source: Flying Line+ Summary: In his previous life, Tang Shi was a cann...