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An unusual family by BNHAVillains
An unusual familyby BNHAVillains
Alfred knew he was different from France and England, even when he was a colony. During a break period at a meeting being held in Sweden, the Awesome trio were talking l...
The United Oneshots Of America! by BNHAVillains
The United Oneshots Of America!by BNHAVillains
Just some Oneshosts of Hetalias America! No smut here Request are open! ART NOT MINE UNLESS I SAY IT IS OWO
Nordic Crack by _AphNordicFive_
Nordic Crackby We Have A tRoLL
Tittles and nipples have some pineapples
Worldwide Secrets - The Rewrite by MindAboveMadness
Worldwide Secrets - The Rewriteby Ri 💜 They/Them
Now with more angst! The Ancients have watched their descendants and charges suffer for too long. After decades and centuries of watching the nations of the world be aba...
America. The Greatest Nation Ever Told! by TSmith460
America. The Greatest Nation Ever...by Tica
These are oneshots about one of the most influential nation to ever exist: Canada (just kidding), it's America. As an American myself, I will be writing about my favorit...
Personality Swap [Hetalia] by OliverThePirate
Personality Swap [Hetalia]by bleh--
[REQUESTS ARE CLOSED] What happens when Canada has his personality switched with his brother? What happens when England wakes up one morning and feels like France? What...
Reopen the Golden Gates by Unknownsthename
Reopen the Golden Gatesby Unknown
The USA goes into isolation for many years, then one day a few kids are in the world meeting ready to greet the nations. Now, certain Nations are being allowed within th...
The Nordic Book by _AphNordicFive_
The Nordic Bookby We Have A tRoLL
wow wow wow wow wow hokuo
hetalia Would you rather...?  by username24242424
hetalia Would you rather...? by #the_awesome_me~☆☆☆
this is the would you rather, but in hetalia version. I hope you like it (sorry for my bad english) please coment your answers
Best I've Ever Had || Nordics x Reader by CirculatoryArt
Best I've Ever Had || Nordics x Re...by CirculatoryArt
(Y/N) grew up alone in her early life, never having any close friends nor family to connect. Only when she met a silver-hair boy named Emil, did her world change. Soon...
The ends of youth (HONGICE)  by jelsa_fnaf_lover
The ends of youth (HONGICE) by _anime_.trash_
Emil steilsson is a the president and sole member of the wildlife discovery club. Leon Wong is the schools delinquent who is forced to join a club as punishment. Leon de...
THRONE'S HEIR ✧ ROYAL! DENMARK[✔] by bellatakami
THRONE'S HEIR ✧ ROYAL! DENMARK[✔]by ☆。*bella takami.。*☆
PRINCE! DENMARK X FEM! READER matthias kohler, a danish prince, is about to take his father's place on the throne. this means that he has to find himself a queen. unsati...
Higher Ground [DenNor/SuFin] by DinosaurTrash
Higher Ground [DenNor/SuFin]by Dino
A Viking DenNor/SuFin Fanfiction, the fanfiction is a little bit inspired by a song. You have 3 main Viking tribes, The Bondevik tribe which is based on magic, but you...
Fairytales (Hetalia- IceHong Omegaverse) by dreamyloner
Fairytales (Hetalia- IceHong Omega...by DreamyLoner
Leon is a reclusive omega prince who is usually outshone and forgotten by his family. One day, his sister elopes with the prime minister. His father and brothers decide...
Home - Nordic 5 x Reader by LoveableLibra
Home - Nordic 5 x Readerby Rosie
Your life was normal, and you liked it that way. You had great friends and an awesome -though small- family that kept it exciting. Your mother and sister always showered...
Warmth~ (Dennor Hetalia) by Emoji_Elsi_
Warmth~ (Dennor Hetalia)by AphEngland
*This is completed!! ❤* "Hey Norge!" The Dane smiled brightly at the less amused Norwegian. "Urh what do you want Den?" Clearly annoyed, Lukas rolled...
Babysitting Iceland: Iceland x Sweden Hetalia! by Rose_Maple
Babysitting Iceland: Iceland x Swe...by Rose_Maple
Norway has to go to a meeting with Denmark, but doesn't want to leave Iceland at home by himself. So, he convinces Sweden to watch him for a few days. Hetalia by Hideka...
~Aph Nordic 5~  Family by CompleteHetaliaTrash
~Aph Nordic 5~ Familyby Call me Jade
An oncoming danger approaches this dysfunctional group of Scandinavians, can they pull eachother back together and become a family again? Or will it all fall apart? Find...
°•ʀᴜɴᴀᴡᴀʏ ɪᴄᴇʟᴀɴᴅ•°   {[A Hetalia Fanfic]} ||DISCONTINUED|| by Lemony-lime-boi
°•ʀᴜɴᴀᴡᴀʏ ɪᴄᴇʟᴀɴᴅ•° {[A Hetalia...by Matthew, Not Mathew
It was just a normal day after dinner, Lukas was reading his book, Matthias and Berwald fighting over what to watch, Tino was washing the dishes, and Emil upstairs in hi...
The Magic Trio and The Generic Pottertalia Story Title by Bluuskkye77
The Magic Trio and The Generic Pot...by Bluuskkye77
Harry Potter is in danger (really, when is he not in danger?) and the Magic Trio are set to protect him- only one problem; A few others insist on coming along. Why did...