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Romano X Abused! Reader - Rules by MeowHime
Romano X Abused! Reader - Rulesby owo
(F/N) has been living in abuse for most her life, she shows no emotion, and despite her situation, she never cries. Just when she is losing all hope, she accidentally ge...
✔ Letters | N. Italy by Vongola_10th
✔ Letters | N. Italyby Platinum
In which you, a socially awkward person, write a letter to an unknown Italian man, hoping to make friends with him.
2 Adults, 2 Teens And A Child by Allyse7104
2 Adults, 2 Teens And A Childby Allyse7104
*ON HIATUS* 5 boys run away together in hopes that they can start a new life away from their shitty lives. 4 years later, the boys are forced to return to their hometow...
Hidden Truths  by Supercorncob
Hidden Truths by Francis
Spain has a dark side, his only light is Romano. To Lovino, Antonio is that goofy bastard who has to take care of him, he assumes the Spaniard is the same to everyone, b...
Don't Go  by GBandLVyikes
Don't Go by Lovino Beilschmidt or Gilbert...
Two realities they never thought would happen. (COVER CREDITS: Artist; 麻樹とわ on Pixiv, ID no: 2014852)
True Colors ⍟ ItaUsCan Trio (Songfic) by Bluestar1991
True Colors ⍟ ItaUsCan Trio (Songf...by That one enby who never updat...
Alfred, Feliciano, and Matthew are great friends- and the three of them are the only people who truly know each other. So when the other nations find out about their lit...
Country Crack by MindAboveMadness
Country Crackby Ri 💜 They/Them
Stuff my friends have said as Hetalia charafters. Pure Crack. Please help my friends and I.
The Secret Life of Leo by unlukeyluke
The Secret Life of Leoby LUKE
Hannah Montana is no match for this sassy, ever-so-happy demigod, as he makes his way through two lives on two continents - one as Leo Valdez, the fire-proof pun-loving...
IMMOLAZIONE by morriguh
IMMOLAZIONEby morriguh
Lovino era más fuerte de lo que jamás podrían imaginar.
Philophobia: A GerIta Story (Rewritten) by Tyler_KB
Philophobia: A GerIta Story (Rewri...by AwesomerThanPrussia
Ludwig enjoyed living far from others. He enjoyed his only company being his 8 dogs. He enjoyed writing and Disney movies. ~ Feliciano enjoyed living with his twin brot...
In The House Of Hapsburg ( Hetalia Spain x Austria ) by Preussenlied
In The House Of Hapsburg ( Hetalia...by Mikki
Just a bunch of drabbles/one-shots of Spain and Austria. I absolutely adore these two as a couple and am very excited to write them. Yeah.
10 things to do in Madrid by n4mc0writes
10 things to do in Madridby Freckled Jesus
Chiara and her sister Felicia are international singers that have millions of adoring fans. One night when Chiara suspects Felicia of sneaking off to meet some German ba...
Blue, White, Red by todorotea_shouto
Blue, White, Redby Zoe
"What are the colors of the love you hold for me?" [ § ] [ a Magical Strike, Omegaverse USUK fanfiction originally posted on Tumblr. completed. ]
In the end by RomanoSauce
In the endby Roman Nava
!WARNING! This story contains several sensitive subjects that might be triggering to some readers. Read at your own risk.
✧ Eternity ✧ || Romano x Reader || by visionarygal
✧ Eternity ✧ || Romano x Reader ||by eumoirous
The life of an immortal is not as great as others think it is. And it's even worse when you keep meeting the same person, over and over for all of eternity. It's even wo...
Spamano: Time Shall Tell by Prssian
Spamano: Time Shall Tellby Anastasia Karenina Bachtiar
spamano oneshot ~ this is a feels... i can only feels.... i hope u enjoy this some critics n feedback are really needed
Christmas Woes and Mistletoes by asylumsession
Christmas Woes and Mistletoesby Osiria Kage
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Ballad of Holy Rome by FiorellaTyrell
Ballad of Holy Romeby FiorellaTyrell
Italia Veneziana Vargas wepts for her one true love, forever lost in space & time... And reveales the great sorrow hidden underneath that smile... No one else in the wor...
Feliciano's Diary by -PxstaAndNxils-
Feliciano's Diaryby ƒαʆʆεη
Admin made Lovi do it, and I thought it would be fun!~
How to be a Heartbreaker [FrUk] by FelicianoOuma
How to be a Heartbreaker [FrUk]by 💕WeebWrites💕
Francis Bonnefoy is the heartbreaker of the school. Arthur Kirkland is a new student, curious about the other. While trying to learn more about Francis, will he develop...