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There They Sat by I_Am_German_Made
There They Satby not as cringy as I was
Very depressing, sad, PruCan short one-shot.
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Meeting at a Convention by vintage5gal
Meeting at a Conventionby Annette
This is a PruCan story. Using the characters from the show Axis Powers Hetalia. Mathew Williams is going to yet another Comic-Con but this one is going to be different...
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Letters PruCan by darkrainbow3939
Letters PruCanby Vivid
Canada started to write some letters to Prussia. He tells him about his day, what he is doing, what he is up to, how he's feeling, ect. He puts his heart and soul into t...
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He Sees Me! by Dove-Chan
He Sees Me!by Jay
Canada has fallen into a small depression due to being ignored and forgotten. Prussia notices and takes charge.
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Canada's 150th by justacasualdweeb
Canada's 150thby Woodle Noodle
It's Canada's 150th birthday, but nobody shows up to the party, yet again. Happy Canada Day! I decided I'd write a fic for my neighbors to the north for today! So I did...
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Beasts of Hunger by ejvarr
Beasts of Hungerby birdie
Gilbert knows their history, knows the stories of their kind being mistreated, owned as pets, killed, simply for for what they were. What they are. He is the leader of t...
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Language Barriers by rhodopsin
Language Barriersby rhodopsin
Gilbert Beilschmidt just moved from Germany. Due to a misunderstanding, Matthew Williams was put in charge of helping him adjust to a new school and helping him with Eng...
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