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Magical Days - Pottertalia by unlukeyluke
Magical Days - Pottertaliaby LUKE
((Slow updates! This is a writing challenge-like thing I do when I feel like doing it, so don't expect a lot of updates. I will update sometimes, though.)) ((Human!Harry...
Boyfriend Scenarios: Hetalia Nordics by silverthornes
Boyfriend Scenarios: Hetalia Nordi...by silverthornes
After hearing people saying how much they want to have the nordics in my original boyfriend scenarios, I decided to make them their own separate book. Feel free to m...
The United Oneshots Of America! by BNHAVillains
The United Oneshots Of America!by BNHAVillains
Just some Oneshosts of Hetalias America! No smut here Request are open! ART NOT MINE UNLESS I SAY IT IS OWO
An unusual family by BNHAVillains
An unusual familyby BNHAVillains
Alfred knew he was different from France and England, even when he was a colony. During a break period at a meeting being held in Sweden, the Awesome trio were talking l...
Hetalia One-Shots [NOT TAKING REQUESTS] by captainmuriica
Hetalia One-Shots [NOT TAKING REQU...by captainmuriica
《《《N O MORE REQUESTS 》》》 Hetalia one-shots. Pretty self-explanatory. I apologize for all my mistakes as a young writer, and now as a matured writer, I apologize for lack...
Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios by EnglandIceland
Hetalia Boyfriend Scenariosby EnglandIceland
Hey! This is a co-op Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios book written by England (Me the writer) and Iceland (The Editor) (the two characters me and my friend are) The character...
DenNor One Shots!!!(The Return!) by HokkaidoAtItsFinest
DenNor One Shots!!!(The Return!)by Wilbur Gold
Hello there dear reader!I'm Paige and I will be your guide to this book.DenNor oneshots here we go,I will do your requests and add your ships too,soooo...yeah!Thank you...
Rising Fascination by swedenikeamaster
Rising Fascinationby River
Alfred always had magic inside him, it was apparent for a long time. He had a close connection with animals, he felt things differently than most. He was different. But...
DenNor Smut by jinkeyys
DenNor Smutby Pheobe Norm
This is my first smut/yaoi fanfic •-• Please...be kind
The Troll Hunter《Norway x Reader》[✔] by pumpkin_orange020
The Troll Hunter《Norway x Reader》[...by P U M P K I N
You work as a student journalist in your third of college. You were a hardworking and dedicated student, but maybe a little but too dedicated. One day you and your grou...
I Just Need Some Time Alone (Rewrite) by Allaloneinthevoid
I Just Need Some Time Alone (Rewri...by Allaloneinthevoid
the rewritten version of 'I Just Need Some Time Alone.' Alfred was tired he couldn't handel it anymore. He wanted to be their hero but he couldn't even be his own. He...
hetalia Would you rather...?  by username24242424
hetalia Would you rather...? by #the_awesome_me~☆☆☆
this is the would you rather, but in hetalia version. I hope you like it (sorry for my bad english) please coment your answers
THRONE'S HEIR ✧ ROYAL! DENMARK[✔] by bellatakami
THRONE'S HEIR ✧ ROYAL! DENMARK[✔]by ☆。*bella takami.。*☆
PRINCE! DENMARK X FEM! READER matthias kohler, a danish prince, is about to take his father's place on the throne. this means that he has to find himself a queen. unsati...
Norway X Abused! Reader - Angel by MeowHime
Norway X Abused! Reader - Angelby owo
(F/N), after another night of torture, finds herself escaping her so called home and takes refuge in an alleyway. There, she is found by a man who she can only describe...
Project LUKAS [DenNor] by TheFuriousCake
Project LUKAS [DenNor]by Existential Cake
Mathias builds a lifelike android in the privacy of his own home, hoping to create an artificial intelligence indistinguishable from that of humans. However, he is distr...
Reality: Random Extras (Read Description)  by Miranhaeun
Reality: Random Extras (Read Descr...by Italian Tomato
Like, Wattpad really hates my account. To some people who like messaged me in this account, I'm sorry but I really can't see them! TwT I made the twitter account so you...
Fairytale (DenNor) ~ DISCONTINUED by huffleandpuffle1066
Fairytale (DenNor) ~ DISCONTINUEDby .
[DISCONTINUED] Hetalia belongs to Himaruya-sensei and not to me. The title "Fairytale" was inspired by Alexandar Rybak's song with the same name and also doesn...
2 Adults, 2 Teens And A Child by Allyse7104
2 Adults, 2 Teens And A Childby Allyse7104
5 boys run away together in hopes that they can start a new life away from their shitty lives. 4 years later, the boys are forced to return to their hometown of London...
I Just Need Some Time Alone (Discontinued) by Allaloneinthevoid
I Just Need Some Time Alone (Disco...by Allaloneinthevoid
This is discontinued and a new rewritten version is posted to my account. It's a depressed!Aph America fanfic Basically Alfred isolates himself after having enough of ev...