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Zanvis: Matchmaker *Completed!* by StarWolfi678
Zanvis: Matchmaker *Completed!*by waffle
Aphmau has brought it upon herself to make Zane and Travis a couple. ~* Guess who's back?! I'm sorry for the massive break I took but I couldn't find inspiration... but...
💙~Garrance~💚 Oneshots  by Styles94Smiles
💙~Garrance~💚 Oneshots by Brianna Seafolk
Credit to whoever made the fanart :) Hello! Welcome to my first book, my names Brianna. This book will be filled with fluff, angst, language, and trigger warnings. If an...
Forever Yours ~ Aarmau Story by CrazyFanGirl_4173
Forever Yours ~ Aarmau Storyby C r A z Y
"I am yours..." "And you are mine..." "I will never leave you..." "No matter what happens." ~~~~~~~~~ *Info and disclaimers* -Thi...
My Stupid Potato | Aphmau x Female Reader by Shiro_T
My Stupid Potato | Aphmau x Female...by vtuber simp
(Y/N) graduated from middle school and is now moving in with her brother, Aaron, to attend the same school he goes to. On her first day, she meets a little freshman name...
Aphmau MyStreet Imagines and Preferences by werecoyote9653
Aphmau MyStreet Imagines and Prefe...by Rachel
* All of these characters belong to the glorious Aphmau * I'm willing to do smut/lemon if anyone asks for it * Please message me any requests you have Characters include...
⇢ Aphmau Zodiac Signs || by mocheii
⇢ Aphmau Zodiac Signs ||by ❝ 지국 ❞
Just something to do when you're bored :3 Any suggestions are appreciated! (Lovely cosplayer in the cover is Kingmalus! Find her on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter - she...
Who are you? (ZaneChan fanfiction) by 01WishfulThinking10
Who are you? (ZaneChan fanfiction)by Lessie
A ZaneChan fanfiction set in Phoenix Drop High, Kawaii~Chan accidentally texts Zane and they become unlikely friends. However, while she knows it's Zane, he has no idea...
Aarmau MyStreet FanFic: A Little Goes A Long Way💖 by YASSS_IM_AMANDA
Aarmau MyStreet FanFic: A Little G...by UGLY LIL CANADIAN
Aphmau has adopted twin boys named Levin and Malicah. Aaron has feelings for Aph and Aph has feelings for him too. This story starts in season 1 of MyStreet and then a H...
Aphmau | MyStreet | Headcannons by LpsAJ123Kloe
Aphmau | MyStreet | Headcannonsby kloe <3
Aphmau HeadCannons and More! - I was inspired by a few people to start making my own headcannons! - Mainly my friend Brooklyn! She always talking about headcannons! I'm...
The missing kids (Complete)  by galaxywolf87
The missing kids (Complete) by galaxywolf87
For as long as Aphmau can remember, kids her age have gone missing. Sylvana keeps Aphmau away from a place called Freddy fazbear pizzeria. Sylvana has always had a unset...
If Only ⇢  Kai x Ein by mocheii
If Only ⇢ Kai x Einby ❝ 지국 ❞
After being attacked by wolves, Ein finds himself alone and slowly dying in the middle of the forest. His last essence of hope was drained away, overtaken by regret and...
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Why him? (A Zane Ro'meave X Reader) by TheRomeaveAddict
Why him? (A Zane Ro'meave X Reader)by HannahLovesYou
(Y/n L/n) You are the daughter of an outrageously rich family, who just so happens to be professionally mingling with The Ro'meaves. You soon find yourself at the middle...
My Flower | Aphmau Mystreet X Reader | by Queencarrotcake
My Flower | Aphmau Mystreet X Read...by Your friendly neighborhood pe...
(Y/N) Moved into the neighborhood with her best friend. She will meet new people, Some old friends, some old enemies, and some old lovers. She will face challenges of ev...
Then he showed up. - blaniel (aphmau fanfic) by aaronbirb
Then he showed up. - blaniel (aphm...by aaronbirb
Cover made by: Shin-Park4652 Art by: strifefox_ // artist!! If you're not okay with me using your art for this pls tell me!! I will take it down!! after daniel became om...
Zane (Discontinued) by kitty--kat-
Zane (Discontinued)by Lil' Kitty 🎨
Zane has supposedly been in his house for the past day and a half, being all angsty and depression-y, but what if that wasn't the case? What if there was a different, co...
Always | an Aarmau AU |Book 1| (COMPLETED) by unactive_phoria
Always | an Aarmau AU |Book 1| (CO...by Ghost town acc lol
My past few years here at PDH have been great. But by senior year, Aaron was in college. It was hard, but I did have way of contact with him. One day, I lost contact wi...
One Day.. by XxGarrence_shipperxX
One Day..by XxGarrence_shipperxX
Laurance has feeling for Garroth but is afraid Garroth doesn't feel the same way so he decides to hide his feelings and try to move on. Will Laurance be able to hold tha...
Ultima's Eyes (Garrence) by nick0lasjade
Ultima's Eyes (Garrence)by Nickolas
This story is set in PDH, and focuses around Garroth learning how to be a werewolf after a bad accident at the school. How will things go with Laurence thrown into the m...
Book 3: Ein's New Girlfriend (Aphmau Fanfic) by DireNightmare
Book 3: Ein's New Girlfriend (Aphm...by Dire Nightmare
A young girl meets Ein, who is (SOMEHOW) still alive and they fall in love. She (SOMEHOW) makes Ein feels guilty about everything he's done to everybody, and tries to co...
Who Are You? ((ZANECHAN FIC REUPLOAD)) by wishful_lessie
Who Are You? ((ZANECHAN FIC REUPLO...by Lessie!
REUPLOAD (locked out of previous account) A ZaneChan fanfiction set in Phoenix Drop High, Kawaii~Chan accidentally texts Zane and they become unlikely friends. However...