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the blind artist by honkclay
the blind artistby finn!
karl jacobs draws the world around him with nothing but confidence, but something rots within him that nobody has quite figured out
Imaginary Boyfriend || A Kim Taehyung fanfiction by bangtanpheonix
Imaginary Boyfriend || A Kim Taehy...by In love with Hoya
"You can see me but no one else can." Where a girl refuses to believe that she has an imaginary boyfriend. First edition of my short bangtan stories. Reviewed...
Song of Synthesia (Lams Fanfiction) by LGamer
Song of Synthesia (Lams Fanfiction)by Rin
(A Hamilton Modern AU) Synthesia: A condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another. My roommate is a strange person His eyes shine like viole...
აფანტაზია by white1light
აფანტაზიაby white1light
შავი ფერიც ფერია
living with Aphantasia by DulEmeiona
living with Aphantasiaby Dul Emeiona
the name sounds pretty cool, and that's a big pro about having this mental block/whatever its called. Aphantasia is when someone can't see images or hear sounds in their...
A Series of Thoughts. Nothing More. Nothing Less. by dbo9027
A Series of Thoughts. Nothing More...by dbo9027
A stream of consciousness approach to thoughts and musings on quantum computing, God, and thought processes.
i'm sick and tracking it here by LeepFrog713
i'm sick and tracking it hereby LeepFrog713
uh yeah so I kinda started putting my mental crap in my ace journal so I made a new thing for that. will change cover but it's such a mood so I might not.
The Toki Ponist on the Mountain by nullelement
The Toki Ponist on the Mountainby Null Element
Like so many people, Joakim combats his inner demons. His latest strategy is uncovering a lost civilization based on a few peculiar words he has picked up in a language...
Why Not? Just Die. by sensetheplague
Why Not? Just Die.by Dr God Complex
you can see, what I can only describe. Step into the mind of my mental spiral
Aphantasia by HIR3ATH
Aphantasiaby rae
Imagine you couldn't imagine. The majority of the population possess the ability to conjure anything and everything - as long as they can imagine it. However, those few...
://: Hyperphantasia by Geekyy_
://: Hyperphantasiaby geeky
Hi! This is a bunch of random writing I've written over the past couple of years I put into one book, if you enjoy, lemmie know :D
EverSince Series 2- PETALS and THORNS  by dygee_tal
EverSince Series 2- PETALS and THO...by Dygee
The absence of color does not mean darkness, it's an avenue to ascertain a brighter light