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The girl with no calendar  by lilou-tama
The girl with no calendar by @lilou
"What date is it today?" "Check it on your phone, will you?"
  • journalism
  • romance
  • fiction
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Apathy by 9blackflame9
Apathyby 9blackflame9
Apathy: 1. Absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement. 2. Lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting. 3. Stoicism . Fre...
  • shortstories
  • depression
  • sliceoflife
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Legacy // Book 2: A Queen's Struggle by PsychoPackBeta
Legacy // Book 2: A Queen's Strugg...by Nightmare Flare
Book Two of the "Legacy" series. Queen Blood Anti was once known as Red, an orphan vampire. She found the key to her past that also unlocked her future. She s...
  • royalty
  • apathy
  • vampire
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A Nameless Person by Nameless333
A Nameless Personby Nameless333
Sometimes I feel like a nameless person, wandering about with no destination. Feet walking aimlessly, Just another among the crowd The fire in my eyes extinguished Rep...
  • depressing
  • sadpoems
  • apathy
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A Little Innocence by Mother_Pandemonium
A Little Innocenceby Mother Pandemonium
I am apathetic. My mind has stopped registering emotions. I was always told that I had a good life, that I always had food on the table, clothes on my back, and a roof o...
  • dark
  • mommy-daughter
  • magic
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~Poem Book~ by Romeofhetalia
~Poem Book~by Romani (Apparently)
Like a Diary, This Book will be, Through my head blows a breeze, it makes the leaves freeze, Orange leaves falling down, This is my story, and I won't let it drown.
  • heartbreak
  • vent
  • apathy
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Random Attempts At Poetry  by Laceface6
Random Attempts At Poetry by Laceface6
A collection of words I have put together as I tried my hand at poetry. ❤️ I am terrible at titles. Any suggestions? 😜 Comments appreciated and welcome. I'd love to hea...
  • life
  • self-love
  • apathy
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Apathy by Sparrow164
Apathyby Sparrow164
This is just a short paragraph I wrote for school. Please no hate, I realize not everyone is like this and as a person that volunteers a lot I understand there still are...
  • apathy
  • opinion
  • schoo
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Delirium by ConnorMichaelOff
Deliriumby ConnorMichaelOff
The overwhelming nature of an inordinate amount of positivity can lead to the heaviest realizations about mental health.
  • godly
  • poem
  • depression
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Devastation by emhanna
Devastationby E
An anthology of sonnets that I have written and put together; all concerning devastations that may occur in or throughout one's lifetime.
  • hidden
  • poem
  • apathy
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Percy the Phoenix sin of apathy(SDS Fanfic) by accurseddemon
Percy the Phoenix sin of apathy(SD...by Meliodasthetraitor
Apathy noun: The lack of interest, concern, enthusiasm, and emotions (for those people who doesn't know the meaning ;-) ............... Meliodas the dragons sin o...
  • meliodasthetraitor
  • sevendeadlysins
  • diane
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Blood Red Monochrome by DepressedOutcast
Blood Red Monochromeby Summer
Karma Akabane, a sadistic yet caring teen. The one who protects the weak from the shadows. A role-model to Class 3-E. Karma was a part of Class 3-E, a part of the family...
  • assassinationclassroom
  • depressed
  • murder
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in my head by sleepyandapathetic
in my headby hello
this is just im writing of what my brain is telling me to, in the end the text has no meaning behind it. so dont worry or anything. if you care. which wouldnt be necess...
  • empathy
  • apathy
  • sympathy
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The Falling by Nicole_Aki
The Fallingby ❦NicoleAki
How do you fall? How do you break? How do deal with pain? Two steps, one step, let me count the ways as I descend. ~~~~~~~~ I Can't See Losing sight is horrible. To s...
  • loss
  • psychological
  • pain
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Golden Hair and Silver Hearts by BittersweetCapricorn
Golden Hair and Silver Heartsby Ya like jazz
New Story in Progress Description will come later
  • slight-anxiety
  • sliceoflife
  • demons
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i think i am evil by evilyndowning
i think i am evilby evelyn sway🔪
what have i turned into who was i before? before madness? before pain? who did i used to be? where did i go? my heart has broken over and over, is that what made me evil...
  • weak
  • bottomlesspit
  • hate
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Apocalypse with a Skyblock Cheat by Ekfreet
Apocalypse with a Skyblock Cheatby Ekfreet
WARNING The story is not completed yet, don't expect updates until a month or two.
  • minecraft
  • apathy
  • dungeons
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Fuel the Flame by merrrrrrcy
Fuel the Flameby luxury car
Months after a deep loss that left Mary Stewart hollow and apathetically depressed, she decides that what she wants is to break free from the numbness surrounding her he...
  • youngadult
  • love
  • pain
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Cruel ✅ by jaxharlow
Cruel ✅by jaxharlow
Children have always been cruel, but not like in Never Haven. Here, they kill animals, each other, and whatever they can get away with--possibly the entire universe. Ev...
  • cosmos
  • blood
  • killing
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Garden at Night by ClayStarling
Garden at Nightby Taavi
A lone girl in a garden can't feel a thing until a boy comes to spark something in her.
  • night
  • garden
  • apathy
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