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Broken Wings {Haikyuu x Male!Oc} by IsEverythingWrong
Broken Wings {Haikyuu x Male!Oc}by IsEverythingWrong
Can't you see?im broken i have no more Feathers in my wings to just a flightless bird.... Thats what i thought i am... //as you can see i deleted the other...
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Take Off ● One Shots Requests [ haikyuu!! x reader ] by moonpayu
Take Off ● One Shots Requests [ 파투이
❝ because we don't have wings , we look for ways to fly ❞ ●●● multiple one shots featuring the characters from haikyuu!! x reader ! ●●● All copyrights go to Furudate Har...
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Rien n'est noir et blanc à Karasuno by Tsugarune
Rien n'est noir et blanc à Karasunoby Tsugarune
Bienvenue au théâtre comique d'Haikyuu 5 actes pour 5 scènes chacunes !
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| Shattered heart |: Oikawa Tooru x reader  by jeonparkkimhoe
| Shattered heart |: Oikawa jeon
Transferring to Aoba Jousai sounds like a decent thing since your childhood friend is attending there as a 3rd year too. You look forward to see your childhood friend be...
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Haikyuu!! AU's (x Reader) by Purple_Potion
Haikyuu!! AU's (x Reader)by Lotan
~~Haikyuu!! X Reader One-shots and Short Stories~~ Made up many... Many stories Requests are open on first page! ~~ Highest ranking 296.... Somehow
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An Angel's Wings | Haikyuu!! Fanfic by jeonsthighs
An Angel's Wings | Haikyuu!! Fanficby Jess ✨
COMPLETED (50/50) "Because people don't have wings, they look for other ways to fly" Being a world renowned volleyball player, Samantha has never lived a norma...
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sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇ ʟᴏᴠᴇ |Kageyama Tobio x reader| by Ly_Pie-Chii
sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇ ʟᴏᴠᴇ |Kageyama Tobio x 【かいぇえ】
Kageyama Tobio x reader Have you ever read a book full of cliché stories in only one book? Well, I have it for you. "Meeting you was my fate." -if only life wa...
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[The Empress!!] (Haikyuu Various) -Discontinued- by SkyImagination36
[The Empress!!] (Haikyuu Various) SkyKurosaki
There is Girl who is from a Junior High School named Kitagawa Daichii[Junior High school name if you guys are confused] and she is a great Volleyballl player. She is nam...
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Dorky Love [Haikyuu x Reader] by newttsux
Dorky Love [Haikyuu x Reader]by 荘原イニヤ
「Requests are currently CLOSED」 Basiclly a Haikyuu x Reader. One-shot, two-shots, three-shots (no more than three, or else it'll never end), angst or fluff, you call i...
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Haikyuu!! x reader ~Loving these dorks~(One Shot) [EDITING] by solunaest
Haikyuu!! x reader ~Loving these moonchild🌙
So um...This is my first book. And yah slow updates everyone, you can message me if you have a request. Thank you ! (Day started:05/24/2017) M a d e t h i s b e c a u...
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forever young  , haikyū!! by chizumii
forever young , haikyū!!by hyunjoon
enjoy the little roller coaster adventure with the characters of your choice for the second time! start / march 24, 2018 end / ― one-shots © 2018 : izumi
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Notice Me, Kouhai! Iwaizumi x Reader✔ by TinyTsun
Notice Me, Kouhai! Iwaizumi x ♛Ðαηḯℯłłε♛
How will the story unfold for the bad boy Iwaizumi-senpai and his Kouhai, his cute crush.
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Haikyuu!! x Reader  [HIATUS] by HappyJellyBean25
Haikyuu!! x Reader [HIATUS]by cinnamonelle
"How long will you love me?" "As long as the stars are above you, and longer if I can." A collection of Haikyu...
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Haikyuu x Reader  by Keiitao
Haikyuu x Reader by Keitao
ITs your favssss I'm all up for requests, fluffs, lemons, limes, angst and whateverr Disclaimer; I don't own any haikyuu characters
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❝the little secret.❞ | oikawa tooru x male reader x iwaizumi hajime by nutricious-milk
❝the little secret.❞ | oikawa mochi rin
He never wish to born this way. After all, he just need to drink blood if he wants to survive.
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His Little Brother ON HOLD by HannahZuo5
His Little Brother ON HOLDby The Owl 🦉
Oikawa Tooru, The Great King, known by everyone due to his good looks but what if he had a little brother? Oikawa Takeo 2 years younger than Tooru, always left in his bi...
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Haikyuu x Reader! [Request Closed!] by Hoshi_Stars
Haikyuu x Reader! [Request Closed!]by Xin
Just one shots of randomness XDD Requests is open~ No lemons though ><
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Kindergarten Bully | Haikyuu!! Oikawa x OC | by YooTip
Kindergarten Bully | Haikyuu!! san
[Complete; 200k+ words] One way or another, the Makoshima children have been dogged by misfortune ever since the beginning. Different people cope in different ways, and...
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Team Swap by Pravi29
Team Swapby Pravi29
If the clockwork of the teams are mixed up and rearranged, what would be the consequences.
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