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Nico di Angelo by Aera_Yoo
Nico di Angeloby Aera_Yoo
A Nico di Angelo one-shot book. This contains underrated ships or rare ships and all of it are gay so if you don't like gay ships or any of the ships in this book then y...
Personal Space, Dam It! (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by RidiculousRed
Personal Space, Dam It! (Percy j a m
Like all other nights, Nico takes it hard. He breaks down every now and then with Jason supporting him. One night, Percy found out that Nico has been hurting lately, try...
Death meets Death by Aera_Yoo
Death meets Deathby Aera_Yoo
This takes place after the Second Titan War and Red Pyramid. Nico di Angelo just lost her sister, Bianca, and he pins all the blame to Percy Jackson. The one who broke t...
Nico's Dark Task by AgnesDue
Nico's Dark Taskby Agnes Due
After the war against Gaea ended, Nico felt restless, his body yearning to travel. He receives a task from his father and sets out on a dark adventure, where he will mee...
Pair (of) Ankh(s) by AgnesDue
Pair (of) Ankh(s)by Agnes Due
Nico has a soulmark that no-one has seen before. It's a pitch black Ankh.