The Hybrids of Team Crafted and Seto's Old Friend by Otunia
The Hybrids of Team Crafted and Otunia
Seto is over 200 years old, but his friends don't know that. One week before his birthday everything will change; things will be revealed and an old friend will arise wi...
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Return Of The Sorcerer (COMPLETED) by PearlTheTeen
Return Of The Sorcerer (COMPLETED)by PearlTheTeen
Book Two of Searching For Seto ~•~•~•~• Cover by Lay_Shung ~•~•~•~•
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The Statue: A Mianite Story by Venom_Girl_13
The Statue: A Mianite Storyby Kayla
This is a story about how a girl saw a statue come to life for a brief moment. The statue tells her about another world, another realm. She then meets up with some new f...
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Light and Dark Magic. ((SetoSolace)) *Slow updates* by Revenge_3014
Light and Dark Magic. (( Better than you
Light and dark magic user are at war with each other, more like its a one sided because there is such a little population. The light users believe the every dark user sh...
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