Fright Night by Paty324567
Fright Nightby Paty324567
Lily Brewster thought she had every thing she had ever wish for a perfect family and friends.Then that change , her brother became an ass and daddy dearest abandoned th...
  • colinfarrell
  • frightnight
  • petervincent
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Star Trek Imagines by THiddleston
Star Trek Imaginesby THiddleston
I was inspired to do Star Trek oneshots where it was Bones and Chekov - the one I read included Kirk as well, so I thought I'd only do Bones and Chekov in order to not s...
  • pavelchekov
  • bones
  • leonardmccoy
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Alternate Realities [JIM KIRK] by KMCriously
Alternate Realities [JIM KIRK]by cols
" Oh for the love of God-" " Just shut up and let me concentrate! " " Just let me do it-" " Get your hands off me before I cut them of...
  • romance
  • fanfiction
  • spock
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Star Trek Oneshots by Vulcans_Do_Not_Lie
Star Trek Oneshotsby Lauren
All in the title, hope you like it! Mostly doing Spock, Bones and Scotty but will do others just for fun 😁
  • startrekimagines
  • quinto
  • pegg
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Dammit Jim!!!!{Requests Open} by Cameron-Frye
Dammit Jim!!!!{Requests Open}by Cameron-Frye
So... yeah, I am not entirely sure where this came from. All I remember is watching Star Trek late at night and when I woke up the next morning and checked my wattpad ac...
  • hikarusulu
  • williamshatner
  • georgetakei
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Stars | Pavel Chekov by skylarstyles56
Stars | Pavel Chekovby Skylar💕☁️
"How old are you?" Bones asked. "17 sir." Pavel replied happily. Bones' eyes widened and said "oh, oh good he's 17." "She's 17 too!&q...
  • startrek
  • simonpegg
  • pavelchekov
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Star Trek: Oblivion by Eyladon
Star Trek: Oblivionby - ̗̀ e l l i e ̖́-
While exploring the furthest reaches of uncharted space the crew of the USS Enterprise receives a mysterious order from Starfleet command: locate and recover an ancient...
  • chrispine
  • space
  • starfleet
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c r u s h e s  by moonlightbabylove
c r u s h e s by moonlightbabylove
list of all my celebrity crushes
  • danedehaan
  • ryanreynolds
  • sebastianstan
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Creeps | Charley Brewster by skylarstyles56
Creeps | Charley Brewsterby Skylar💕☁️
"Gosh my neighbors are weird." I said to myself. "Aren't we?" A girl asked. I jumped out of my skin when I saw her sitting on the windowsill. The gi...
  • frightnight
  • fanfiction
  • imogenpoots
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Trollhunters one-shots | ✏️ by DipStick45
Trollhunters one-shots | ✏️by D҉I҉P҉P҉Y҉
Just a collection of one-shots from one of the best DreamWork animations out there! dedicated to Anton Yelchin ❤️
  • jim
  • jimlakejr
  • fanfic
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Scar Tissue » Pavel Chekov by boyegas
Scar Tissue » Pavel Chekovby not princess leia :(
"You have some abandonment issues, don't you?" "You have no idea, whiz kid,"
  • spock
  • starwars
  • startrekbeyond
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The Pursuit of Happiness//Anton Yelchin Fanfiction by I_Miss_You_182
The Pursuit of Happiness//Anton Savannah <3
A story about you (the reader) and Anton Yelchin. The ups and downs, from the day you meet, to the day you get married and beyond.
  • children
  • marriage
  • yelchin
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I Can Do Zat by EnsignAdano
I Can Do Zatby Maya
Anton is dying. Pinned to his mailbox by his own car, he knows he doesn't have much longer to live. But when Death shows up next to him, he wonders if he can challenge i...
  • ensignchekov
  • anton
  • startrekreboot
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SKY AND STAR → PAVEL CHEKOV by -fadingdreams
in which a Starfleet cadet tries her hardest to make every moment count, especially when a Russian boy moves next door to make it all worthwhile PAVEL CHEKOV STAR TREK 2...
  • ussenterprise
  • spock
  • christopherpike
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