Loving My Captain. (A Jim Kirk Love Story) #Wattys2017 by LaceyDixon_
Loving My Captain. (A Jim Kirk LaceyDixon_
Previously called 'I Love Him, But He Doesn't Know' Love can be a complicated thing, especially when you travel through space, trying to avoid extra-terrestrial species...
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Trollhunters one-shots | ✏️ by DipStick45
Trollhunters one-shots | ✏️by D҉I҉P҉P҉Y҉
Just a collection of one-shots from one of the best DreamWork animations out there! dedicated to Anton Yelchin ❤️
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Beyond the Stars by isleofapples
Beyond the Starsby Writer in the Dark
"I have never been this forward, and I probably never will be again, but Miss Sigma, I do believe that I have fallen in love with you, and I'm not sure how to stop...
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Star Trek: Uncharted by Eyladon
Star Trek: Unchartedby - ̗̀ e l l i e ̖́-
The USS Enterprise is the first Starfleet vessel to successfully navigate the Necro Cloud Nebula and travel farther into uncharted space than any other Federation ship h...
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Star Trek Oneshots and Preferences by Vulcans_Do_Not_Lie
Star Trek Oneshots and Preferencesby Lauren
"If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth." -Spock All in the title, hope you like it! Mostly doing Spock, Bones...
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The Walking Dead: Season -6 #shanewalsh vs #rickgrimes by TWDNegative
The Walking Dead: Season -6 TWD: Negative
Warning: EXTREME violent sequences, sexuality (hetero and homosexuality), possible TWD Spoilers... Shane bad Assness... Aaron and Daryl have went out for the last week l...
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c r u s h e s  by moonlightbabylove
c r u s h e s by moonlightbabylove
list of all my celebrity crushes
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La Isla | Rami Malek by skylarstyles56
La Isla | Rami Malekby Skylar💕☁️
Ten kids go on a field trip to Jurassic Park, before the park opens, giving them the ultimate tour experience. But when dinosaurs break out of their exhibits, that can c...
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Stars | Pavel Chekov by skylarstyles56
Stars | Pavel Chekovby Skylar💕☁️
"How old are you?" Bones asked. "17 sir." Pavel replied happily. Bones' eyes widened and said "oh, oh good he's 17." "She's 17 too!&q...
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Beyond the Stars, Beyond the Moon by SpookyMagicMouse
Beyond the Stars, Beyond the Moonby SpookyMagicMouse
In the midst of another threat of war with another species, a starfleet ship was attacked and destroyed with few survivors. One of those survivors happens to be Cassandr...
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Scar Tissue » Pavel Chekov by boyegas
Scar Tissue » Pavel Chekovby not princess leia :(
"You have some abandonment issues, don't you?" "You have no idea, whiz kid,"
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Creeps | Charley Brewster by skylarstyles56
Creeps | Charley Brewsterby Skylar💕☁️
"Gosh my neighbors are weird." I said to myself. "Aren't we?" A girl asked. I jumped out of my skin when I saw her sitting on the windowsill. The gi...
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Exit Alexandria: Shane's Escape.  #wattys2017 #twd by TWDNegative
Exit Alexandria: Shane's TWD: Negative
After arriving to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Shane Walsh has an unfriendly reunion with Rick Grimes. Shane and his group decides to leave Alexandria to regroup, but dange...
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Star Trek: Oblivion by Eyladon
Star Trek: Oblivionby - ̗̀ e l l i e ̖́-
While exploring the furthest reaches of uncharted space the crew of the USS Enterprise receives a mysterious order from Starfleet command: locate and recover an ancient...
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Star Trek Imagines by THiddleston
Star Trek Imaginesby THiddleston
I was inspired to do Star Trek oneshots where it was Bones and Chekov - the one I read included Kirk as well, so I thought I'd only do Bones and Chekov in order to not s...
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