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Antosha&Kitty [ANTON YELCHIN&KRISTEN STEWART] by keepfaithbaby
Antosha&Kitty [ANTON YELCHIN& Maya Scott
❝I loved and I loved and I lost y o u . ❞ Inspired by real events. [#LoveAntosha] Cover by: @XLovEtoLivEx (thread: Simple Covers) #1 in #pavelchekov (02/06/2...
  • actor
  • teenager
  • startrek
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Star Trek Imagines  by reiningnerd
Star Trek Imagines by Me
💥REQUESTS OPEN💥 A collection of Star Trek Imagines! There is not a lot right now, but with more requests come more Imagines! -The first few have been moved from my Mu...
  • startrekintodarkness
  • karlurban
  • nyotauhura
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Loving My Captain. (A Jim Kirk Love Story) #Wattys2017 by LaceyDixon_
Loving My Captain. (A Jim Kirk LaceyDixon_
Previously called 'I Love Him, But He Doesn't Know' Love can be a complicated thing, especially when you travel through space, trying to avoid extra-terrestrial species...
  • uhura
  • romance
  • scotty
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Trollhunters one-shots | ✏️ by DipStick45
Trollhunters one-shots | ✏️by D҉I҉P҉P҉Y҉
Just a collection of one-shots from one of the best DreamWork animations out there! Dedicated to our Trollhunter, Anton Yelchin❤️
  • fanfcition
  • jimlake
  • trollhunters
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My Last Chance - a Fantastical Ode to Anton Yelchin by HLWinchester
My Last Chance - a Fantastical Hannah Winchester
This is an ode to the color, life, characters, and personality of Anton Yelchin. A man of passion and true to his craft, lost in an unforeseeable and heart wrenching way...
  • dreams
  • sunset
  • antonyelchin
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Star Trek Oneshots and Preferences by Vulcans_Do_Not_Lie
Star Trek Oneshots and Preferencesby Lauren
"If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth." -Spock All in the title, hope you like it! Mostly doing Spock, Bones...
  • bones
  • kirk
  • pegg
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Stars | Pavel Chekov by skylarstyles56
Stars | Pavel Chekovby Skylar💕☁️
"How old are you?" Bones asked. "17 sir." Pavel replied happily. Bones' eyes widened and said "oh, oh good he's 17." "She's 17 too!&q...
  • startrek
  • chrispine
  • jameskirk
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La Isla | Rami Malek by skylarstyles56
La Isla | Rami Malekby Skylar💕☁️
Ten kids go on a field trip to Jurassic Park, before the park opens, giving them the ultimate tour experience. But when dinosaurs break out of their exhibits, that can c...
  • wyattoleff
  • lauradern
  • ramimalek
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Star Trek: Phoenix by DellaYung
Star Trek: Phoenixby Delima
Jaylah is one of her own kind, she does not need to be reminded of that very often. Her third year into electives at Lunar station brings her on verge of an aphrodisiac...
  • uhura
  • mccoy
  • spock
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Star Trek One Shots by LuckysLulu
Star Trek One Shotsby Lulu
Star Trek One Shots for all the Trekkies! Featuring: Chekov, Bones, Kirk, Khan, Wesley, Paris, etc. Requests Open!
  • oneshot
  • mccoy
  • pavel
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Creeps | Charley Brewster by skylarstyles56
Creeps | Charley Brewsterby Skylar💕☁️
"Gosh my neighbors are weird." I said to myself. "Aren't we?" A girl asked. I jumped out of my skin when I saw her sitting on the windowsill. The gi...
  • imogenpoots
  • stephengeoffreys
  • davefranco
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Star Trek One Shots by sorcerer_strange
Star Trek One Shotsby Charlie
Random star trek one-shots from the new movies and the next generation episodes, please comment, and I would love to take requests💖 I will write smut occasionally, so b...
  • startrekcharacterxreader
  • love
  • startrekxreader
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Beyond the Stars, Beyond the Moon by SpookyMagicMouse
Beyond the Stars, Beyond the Moonby SpookyMagicMouse
In the midst of another threat of war with another species, a starfleet ship was attacked and destroyed with few survivors. One of those survivors happens to be Cassandr...
  • enterprise
  • antonyelchin
  • romance
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Exit Alexandria: Shane's Escape.  #wattys2017 #twd by TWDNegative
Exit Alexandria: Shane's TWD: Negative
After arriving to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Shane Walsh has an unfriendly reunion with Rick Grimes. Shane and his group decides to leave Alexandria to regroup, but dange...
  • rickgrimes
  • fromtheheart
  • shanewalsh
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Curly / Star Trek [Chekov x OC] #Wattys2016 by T-hy-la
Curly / Star Trek [Chekov x OC] Clara
Der Weltraum - unendliche Weiten. Dies sind die Abenteuer von Katherine Ross während der letzten zwei Jahre der 5-Jahres Mission der USS Enterprise. Ihre ständige Missio...
  • scienefiction
  • starfleet
  • pavelandreivichchekov
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Knockout - Kick-Ass story - by KoolSaint
Knockout - Kick-Ass story -by Izhir Allen
Angelina Thorne is daughter of secert gorverment CIA agent after her uncle was murdered by New York infamous psychotic mob boss. Angelina solve the case about her uncle...
  • adventure
  • supernatural
  • jennadewan
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Dammit Jim!!!!{Requests Open} by Cameron-Frye
Dammit Jim!!!!{Requests Open}by Cameron-Frye
So... yeah, I am not entirely sure where this came from. All I remember is watching Star Trek late at night and when I woke up the next morning and checked my wattpad ac...
  • pavelandreievichchekov
  • antonyelchin
  • spock
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SKY AND STAR → PAVEL CHEKOV by -fadingdreams
in which a Starfleet cadet tries her hardest to make every moment count, especially when a Russian boy moves next door to make it all worthwhile PAVEL CHEKOV STAR TREK 2...
  • spock
  • ensignchekov
  • pavelchekov
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Beyond the Stars by isleofapples
Beyond the Starsby Writer in the Dark
"I have never been this forward, and I probably never will be again, but Miss Sigma, I do believe that I have fallen in love with you, and I'm not sure how to stop...
  • spock
  • trek
  • fanfiction
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I Can Do Zat by EnsignAdano
I Can Do Zatby Maya
Anton is dying. Pinned to his mailbox by his own car, he knows he doesn't have much longer to live. But when Death shows up next to him, he wonders if he can challenge i...
  • chess
  • death
  • chekov
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