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The Symbols Of Evil by MoinMahmud
The Symbols Of Evilby Moin Mahmud
Izuku Midoriya was devastated upon learning that you can't be a Hero without a Quirk,Then on that same day he met a boy with Multiple Personality Disorder who is The son...
Villiain and anti-hero/anti-villain by GiaNghiemVoQuoc
Villiain and anti-hero/anti-villainby GiaNghiemVoQuoc
This is just a song for the villain,anti-hero/anti-villain so enjoys
Ante | ONC2021 by salemkeating
Ante | ONC2021by Salem Keating
Lav Sciarra's accomplishments are many: He is one of the Tower's best soldiers. He founded the Gemma Special Forces. He killed the terrorist who nearly destroyed the Tow...
Breaking Point (Male reader x bnha) by RandomnessLord
Breaking Point (Male reader x bnha)by RandomnessLord
(This is the rewrite of Breaking Point.) I had been accepted into UA, one of the best schools of the country. But because of my schoolmates, I had take my own life. But...
My OC Elemental Riders Book by yvang5
My OC Elemental Riders Bookby Brave Dragon
All the information's that I found is goes to the websites. I owned my OC Characters of Kamen Riders.
Tevun-Krus #73 - Best of '19 by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #73 - Best of '19by Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
We should all know by now what a TK Best Of issue is all about, 'troopers. For those just joining us: Some of Tevun-Krus' favourite writers return to each write one bran...
Glass Coffin (an Inazuma Eleven f.f.) by SoarLikeTheWind
Glass Coffin (an Inazuma Eleven ♔ C.C. Lyn✧♔
Suishou Hakuchou had been content in her sheltered life until the only world she knew was tragically torn apart by a car crash. With her body so badly broken and horrend...
Theocracy was Incongruous [OLD - SCRAPPED] ✓ by Xenostory
Theocracy was Incongruous [OLD - Samuel Joseph Adams III
1130 C.E. Eden idles. Earth ticks. Sixteen years ago, amidst a war, the laws of the world were bastardized by a hidden computer program. Now humanity has regained access...
Yuan Chio: The Enemy of Peter Griffin & Shaolin Soong: 秋愿:格里芬彼得和宋少林的敌人 by checki18
Yuan Chio: The Enemy of Peter Checkina H. Coulibaly-壽曦鏗
The sequel prequel to the original fanfiction series, The Tales of Peter Griffin and Shaolin Soong takes place prior to the main storyline and during the events of Micke...
Glints Saga: Dove by LilithFairen
Glints Saga: Doveby Lilith Fairen
All Nixe Fulton wanted was to have a normal teenage life, with a normal family. When she finds herself brought before a god-like entity, Nixe discovers she is anything b...
Drifting  by breacche
Drifting by Wisp
coming soon 💫 Credits For Characters: Ciara- @imaheckingbinch Lilly- @imaheckingbinch All Canon Characters- @sega All other Character belong to myself!
One Shots~ by cyborgmeat
One Shots~by yeet
Hello! This is a compilation of short stories I have written over the years, so topics can and will vary! Please be warned that there may be sensitive topics (nightmare...
Clara Newhall's Guide to Saving an Unperson by HaveSomeShawarma
Clara Newhall's Guide to Saving HaveSomeShawarma
Dr. Clara Newhall runs an underground medical service for people who shouldn't exist. Her biggest rule: Don't speak to (possibly) brainwashed assassins. But life works i...
Gay For Justice by FluffyPapaya
Gay For Justiceby ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)━☆゚.*・。゚
Lucinda is your average superhero: works as a barista, lives with an annoying gremlin, and is absolutely and completely in love with Katelyn, the jewelry store owner dow...
Science, Eternal Life, and a Traveling Circus |1| by AloofFloof
Science, Eternal Life, and a K. G. Kortegast
Even the most uneducated can have a mind for adventure - especially when it comes to saving the world. A man with a tie is discovered outside the limits of a dried-up se...
Broadwing | S. Wilson by theprincess-aurora
Broadwing | S. Wilsonby INACTIVE
It's hard to live a normal life when you have wings. Well, a normal human life, anyways. Throw in a six-year-old son that was the result of a one night stand in college...
|The Arsenal of Arawn| by SylverMyst
|The Arsenal of Arawn|by WelcomeToWeirdCity㋛
======================= "Meddling where you don't need to is the essence of being a hero." ======================= Hey, I'm Alex! Or you can call me Illegal-la...
WPC Collection: Tales from the Multiverse  by ratrumors
WPC Collection: Tales from the ratrumors
"Mistakes were made. Over and over." Tall tales and short stories from the vast, mad Multiverse. Sex, guts and gore, absurdity, and depressing things. The end...
Tevun-Krus #72 - Anti-Villain SF by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #72 - Anti-Villain SFby Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
They're not all pale, pasty nerds with chemistry degrees! The Anti-Villain is the Anti-Hero's opposite: Where the Anti-Hero does good deeds for morally bankrupt reasons...
Re:Member ( #twistfatechallenge) by Nikolean
Re:Member ( #twistfatechallenge)by Q
Ulquiorra Cifer- one of Aizen's strongest, most trusted allies. He was an embodiment of darkness, cold, dispassionate, callous, but despite his power was not particularl...