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Only In Small Doses {Katsuki Bakugou x Ochako Uraraka} by Nibanina
Only In Small Doses {Katsuki Nina
"Yes, she was supposed to take them...but only in small doses..." -Unknown ------------------------------------------------- "Oh, don't you remember? Eve...
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A file from the Interplanetary Data Stream... When the first ever space cruise ship completes its inaugural tour of the solar system, Bellatrix 'Bella' Starr will catch...
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Anti Gravity (S1) by galacticath
Anti Gravity (S1)by no longer active
[COMPLETED] . . . SUMMARY (Gravity Falls Anti-Gravity Au- Wendy and Soos are 12 years old while Dipper and Mabel are the teenagers) 12 year-old, Wendy Corduroy is forced...
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Antigravity falls by Sir_DippingSauce
Antigravity fallsby Sir_DippingSauce
Wendy and her best friend, Soos, go to the mystery shack to find a pair of twins, but they're not quite what they seem. Based off of the antigravity falls Au
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Gravity by mrpoohbear
Gravityby mrpoohbear
WARNING: Uses strong language. Gravity Baker passes during an 'mission' from DTG, when things take a sudden turn of events. After finding a mysterious note, her best fr...
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The 32 by Tim
The 32by Tim Johnson
A sci-fi short story. Quinn has been waiting for this day to come for twenty years. Join him in his search for truth in the dizzying heights of New London. [Audiobook...
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Why? by jennylu710
Why?by Jennifer Altamirano
Imagine having superpowers, that you do not want.
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burn, speak, fly by FinleyOdair
burn, speak, flyby Finnick's Sis
Vivian Pandoro. When I close my eyes, I see power. Rhyder Quinn. When I close my eyes, I see peace. Daryl Smith. When I close my eyes, I see help. burn, speak, fly. Thi...
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Wipeout: 2175 by WDF177568B
Wipeout: 2175by Zack Krosnick
The race of the century is on! The two hero's Freeden and Whiteman try to outrace each other in the anti-gravity tournament of the FX3000 racing league. They both are ra...
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Sacrifice  by oliphaunts
Sacrifice by Jayden
Wilson Havard had a normal life. Until, that is, he developed powers, apparently a family legacy. Within a day of discovering his new talents, he's attacked by an organi...
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B.R.A.I.N by bkoenig1
B.R.A.I.Nby bkoenig1
It is the 22nd century, the year 2108 to be specific. The robotic revolution began decades ago. In spite of impressive technological advances, planet Earth is in seri...
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Origins: Anti Gravity  by Invisibito
Origins: Anti Gravity by Starcy
We all know Anti Gravity, patrolling the streets of King City and sweeping after the havoc caused by vigilantes side by side his alliances. But how did the journey of th...
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Gravity. The Alex Cave Series Book 4. by jcorkman1
Gravity. The Alex Cave Series James M. Corkill
When a supernatural force begins dragging the International Space Station from orbit, geophysicist Alex Cave is called in to investigate the situation, in this science f...
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GENESIS - TRIPIKE by csmayer
A group of students working to develop a new science threshold under the umbrella of a research facility that covers an entire city. Two centuries earlier, a group of se...
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Why does THIS happen to US by rorierickrode
Why does THIS happen to USby rorierickrode
Hestia Quims is the daughter of a fisherman and spends her free time swimming at the beach in front of her house. After a mysterious fire irrupted she discovers she has...
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Anti-Gravity by SkyGuy8675
Anti-Gravityby SkyGuy8675
He gets the travel to far-off lands...and maybe discover some new planets...find things get sucked into black holes...have no people to tell y...
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The Moon Diviner-Book 3 by janefoxx
The Moon Diviner-Book 3by janefoxx
Luna Merlin and her friends have been living at the Elemental Academy for the past six months. She has always known that she is a little different from the others, but h...
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mana by TheFault-InOurFlaws
manaby oakley 💕
Our protagonists have terrible luck when it comes to a freak accident involving the three, leaving them all with super powers. Whilst the average human wouldn't mind get...
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