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Demon School- Danti by PorcelainMaskGirl
Demon School- Dantiby Beep ={
(My first story) Anti isn't a very powerful demon (or so he thought) he gets picked on a lot by the more powerful demons. But when something happens to Anti, something...
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His Princess~(Darkiplier x Reader) by PaigeDragonborn123
His Princess~(Darkiplier x Reader)by Paige Gibson
(Y/N) is a single 24 year old woman who lives by herself. She has always been good friends with the one and only Markiplier. But lately, he's More aggressive...
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Iplier and Septiceye One-Shots/Imagines by bubble-tea-junkie
Iplier and Septiceye One-Shots/ Music Addict
Just a book of random one-shots. Some of them are good, most of them are bad. Read at your own discretion, and enjoy! DISCLAIMER: Requests and suggestions have been di...
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No One Cares || Danti by CarmenKB
No One Cares || Dantiby cв97
"Hey. Listen to me, I'm here. I care. Talk to me." Cover Art: Gratooney -°^°- on Redbubble
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Daddy Darky~ by Septipliershipper66
Daddy Darky~by Septiplier
Anti goes into heat and tries to turn dark on so he would fuck him. But will it work?
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Dark x Mark (Anti x Jack) by Jae_Graham123
Dark x Mark (Anti x Jack)by Bisexual_Queen
Go ahead call it crappy or shitty if you want.
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ℏḙℓ℘ Պḙ by KittyBleh
ℏḙℓ℘ Պḙby Robin
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Medicine (Danti) by Yeehaw2814
Medicine (Danti)by Yeehaw2814
Antisepticeye. Darkiplier. Both have one thing in common. And nothing else. What does Anti and Dark do to defeat... *cough cough* what? Nevermind. Just read the book ;)...
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The Other Side || Septiplier {EDITING} by CarmenKB
The Other Side || Septiplier { cв97
•C O M P L E T E D• "You are me, and I am you. We are the same, but we are opposites."
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Dear bully by immortal_seapig
Dear bullyby I'm disgusting, Why are you h...
Kayla the victim. Jason the aggressor. Kayla can't say what she wants to say. But she can write it. So she writes And writes. And writes.
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Reborn: Runaway Bride by cruxifiedwitch
Reborn: Runaway Brideby ...
In her past life, Ai Shizuka loved Jin Omaru with all her heart and had done everything she could to keep him by her side. Yet her life tragically ended when her own hus...
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anti by jiminbible
antiby +
in which jimin is number one hater of jeongguk. // a jikook fic. lowercase intended © thaihub
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Saved by a demon (Darkiplier x reader) by LilacGoddess18
Saved by a demon (Darkiplier x The Smallest Author
Yes I'm cringe. One day I got bored. So yeah. Darkiplier x reader NO SMUT ONLY FLUFF YN will be used blah blah blah you know the drill
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Ego Stories by 10th-no-name-person
Ego Storiesby 10th-no-name-person
Mostly Jacksepticeye and Markiplier Ego one shots. You're free to send in some prompt requests!
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Different [A Superhero AU] - Book One by AngelWingInspiration
Different [A Superhero AU] - It's Annalise!
"You're evil. You've killed people." Seán "Jack" McLoughlin thought that he would always be "that kid from Ireland." He didn't ask to be...
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Tortured//Antisepticeye x reader by kat_var01
Tortured//Antisepticeye x readerby kat_var01
(Y/n) is a normal 19 year old girl who lives with her parents, but all changes one day when she saw a weird video on YouTube.
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My Missing Doctor by StitchedIvy
My Missing Doctorby Remus Sanders
Dr. Schneepelstien left and something is happening to Anti. He's becoming more violent and insane. No one understands him. No one can seem to get through to him. And the...
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A dark love  (Dark x reader x Mark)  by Orange_Ink_1321
A dark love (Dark x reader x Orange_Ink_1321
"Am I falling in love? No! Demons can't love humans!! It's impossible!!" "I'm in love with her but so is he.. I need to find a way to make her love me too...
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Loving A Killer Roommate (Antisepticeye X Reader) by the4realfangirl
Loving A Killer Roommate ( the4realfangirl
Growing up with Jack was fun, doing things you weren't suppose to do and playing video games. You started having feelings for him for as long as you could remember but i...
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Glitch (antisepticeye smut and fluff by onnixrose
Glitch (antisepticeye smut and onnixrose
Just some smut and fluff, from sweet to rough to cute to fluff
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