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He Changed My Life by DexusDavisfur
He Changed My Lifeby Dexus
A high school romance with a dash of magic. What seems to be a simple love story between a wolf and a fox turns into something far more serious. Something which threaten...
Escape The Apocalypse (Human Reader x Furry Female Harem) by DireLaxion
Escape The Apocalypse (Human Argus
In a world full of zombies and mutated zombies Y/N and his companions goes through the depths of hell. Will they survive?
Diary of Leon Roborovski - Book II: Carrot Union - Being Edited by JeremyFalco
Diary of Leon Roborovski - Book Jeremy Falco
TESTIMONIES "Dude, the world building is top notch right from the start. It's thematically consistent, the names are zingy and attention grabbing. And we have good...
[OLD] Star Crossed [Star Fox fanfic] by zyxowl
[OLD] Star Crossed [Star Fox Zyx 🦉🏳️‍🌈✍️📖
[New fanfic intended to be written, TBA] In war, love blossoms best. ~ #1 in starfox [11.19.20] ~ Ace pilot Fox McCloud, like his late father, is Corneria's shining gem...
Jarry's Adventure: Quest for the Nine Orbs by kaijuwriter4
Jarry's Adventure: Quest for the TheOneNerdyGuy
A novel I have been working on for four months. After their village is overrun and destroyed by the vile King Komoran, Jarry and his friends must go on a quest to save t...
Fantasy Vs Reality | The Tear by Khaos-Scribblez
Fantasy Vs Reality | The Tearby Khaos | Returning Soon!
|SFW | COMPLETE| |BOOK 1 of Fantasy Vs Reality| ________ This is a story about a young girl named Hava. She is a growing digital artist who dreams of having her ow...
😼Cataindar by Tim
😼Cataindarby Tim Johnson
#1 for a month on the Fantasy-Action Hotlist. Wattys2015 Winner. Fourteen-year-old Luisa is focused on staying under the radar at her rough London school, relieved t...
Codename Alpha by SergeantSiler
Codename Alphaby trashman
A disastrous series of events leaves an anthro fox, wolf, and lynx, stranded on the surface of an alien planet whose inhabitants call themselves Humans. Before long, the...
Merfolks ⚢ by AevumAce
Merfolks ⚢by Aevum
Surviving a shark attack, Kaylor Castillo came to know that even the dearest place can be a threat. In an attempt to escape and possibly work out her life, she joined an...
Trusting Rival Lovers with a Beautiful Lie (Book 1) by RistanielTuazon
Trusting Rival Lovers with a Julius Wolf
After Fox and his team defeated Andross, it had change Corneria and the Star Fox team 2 years after. Until present time, Fox McCloud find himself face to face with his r...
Fantasy Vs Reality | The Withering by Khaos-Scribblez
Fantasy Vs Reality | The Witheringby Khaos | Returning Soon!
|SFW | COMPLETE| |BOOK 2 of Fantasy Vs Reality| ________ Hava's soul sits on the brink between the world of fantasy and the world of reality. Which will she choose? How...
Memento mori by molokio
Memento moriby Beal
The world was cruel. Seth knew this much. But his world was small. it was terrible, scary and cold, but manageable. There nothing good that ever came from seeking furth...
•Chain of Death• ×[Little Nightmares Animal AU]× by KitsuneFOX1912
•Chain of Death• ×[Little Thunder Kitsune
I suck at descriptions, but lemme try. This story starts in The Nest where Six, Five (girl in yellow raincoat) and Ten (kid in scarf) living together trying to survive...
Back to Corneria High (StarFox Horror) by RistanielTuazon
Back to Corneria High (StarFox Julius Wolf
After the long road relationship between Fox and Wolf, they were old like 38 years old, seemingly they don't look that old and so they decided to visit their old High Sc...
(Completed) Sadness by Augustm8
(Completed) Sadnessby Matty August
A sad story bound to bring sadness to those who read it. Gareth's rejection leaves him once again abandoned, can he learn to love again?
The Successful Experiment by ravenholley
The Successful Experimentby RavenWolf
Hello i know i have wrote other books and then stopped, i will not be doing that with this one. i do hope you enjoy. also very slow updates as i have a toddler to raise...
My Friend, Mal0 by Paperc4t
My Friend, Mal0by Papercut
"Never settle for those awkward feelings of being alone ever again. MalO is an exciting and interactive experience that will keep you engaged and intrigued. The anx...
Furry RP - The Future World by Spinning_Mango
Furry RP - The Future Worldby Fierce Sharpclaw
Title kinda says it all, dude. [All forms of media in this RP book are all credited to: Thanshuhai on Deviantart.]