Anthropology || Owen Grady  by -ohmymy
Anthropology || Owen Grady by -Brynn-
When a young scientist, Doctor Mila Burgmann, is called to help the team on Isla Nublar with new research, she can't help but be drawn into the beautiful and magnificent...
  • chrispratt
  • jurassic
  • dinosaurs
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The Science of Misfortunes by millicentbriewrites
The Science of Misfortunesby millicent brie
Andrea Oakland is the epitome of a misfortunate person. She's always late, her belongings always have a breakdown, her car is always in the shop... the list goes on and...
  • anthropology
  • teenfiction
  • clumsy
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Because He's a Bus Boy by millicentbriewrites
Because He's a Bus Boyby millicent brie
Lizzianna rides the bus. Every day, every night. But it's not like she wants to ride. There's no other choice. But it's enjoyable. Enjoyable in the way that the bus...
  • bus
  • haleylurichardson
  • caesarspalace
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Poetry Anthropology by OnlineBibliophile
Poetry Anthropologyby Jaz Leigh
Just an ongoing collection of poems written by me. (Please feel free to comment your opinions, feedback and any constructive criticism as all poems are my own and open t...
  • collection
  • emotion
  • poetry
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STELLIFEROUS by -nyctophilia
stelliferous / stɛˈlɪfərəs/: having or abounding with stars 'a compendium of miscallaneous, free verse poetry about the little idiosyncrasies and fantasies in the unfath...
  • heartbreak
  • happiness
  • love
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Art of Her Heart by greymoonxxv
Art of Her Heartby c o l e
A collection of poems and excerpts. Words that could've, should've, would've been said, but never have. A heart that's been broken and bruised, but still beats for the s...
  • anthropology
  • depressed
  • sad
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Completing Temperance Brennan by Ch1o3_N
Completing Temperance Brennanby ForeverCh1o3
"Just because something is difficult doesn't mean I shouldn't do it." -Temperance Brennan Temperance Brennan is a highly respected forensic anthropologist and...
  • molly
  • romance
  • drama
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Compilation of LET Reviewer: Social Studies by yuwwazzup
Compilation of LET Reviewer: Manlydandan
Specialization: Social Science/ Social Studies Preparation for the upcoming Licensure Examination for Teachers. This might help you pass. Leave a comment if you have con...
  • history
  • evaluation
  • research
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Once Upon a Few Times by millicentbriewrites
Once Upon a Few Timesby millicent brie
College is supposed to be the best time of a young woman's life. It's her chance to experience who she is and what she wants out of life, and she's there to learn how t...
  • theanthropologynovels
  • juliannehough
  • victoriajustice
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The Belle In The Buds (A Bones fanfic) by Lolenloves
The Belle In The Buds (A Bones Lolenloves
Brennan and Booth are called onto another case, a woman found with roses growing from her decaying corpse. Brennan is joined by a new intern, Lilly Traves, who is quiet...
  • brennan
  • forensics
  • anthropology
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Along the cripple's reign| Ivar the boneless story by SirennaX
Along the cripple's reign| Ivar SirennaX
He was reigning and she, she was just,nobody. They met, she feared him. He screamed. She hid away, he wouldn't even care. And then, he took her. He took her to raid, to...
  • battle
  • ancient
  • battleroyale
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Bones In The Castle by JessieTheCoyote
Bones In The Castleby Jessie The Coyote
Dr Temperance 'Bones' Brennan, the leading Forensic Anthropologist at the Jeffersonian worked with the man of her children, her husband & one of her closest friends for...
  • mystery
  • murder
  • bones
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