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High school Love💜(Anthony Trujillo) by sugarr20
High school Love💜(Anthony Sugar
Kourtney Young is from Cleveland, Ohio and has been best friends with Anthony Trujillo since her mom and his mom were at the hospital at the same time. What will happen...
One Of A Kind - Anthony Trujillo [Rewritten] by sublime19xx
One Of A Kind - Anthony Trujillo [ anna✨
Friends since their childhood. Lovers since High School. One decision tears them apart. But not for long. When Raegan returns from her tour a huge surprise awaits her...
Cheater | An Anthony Trujillo Fan Fiction  by trujillocute
Cheater | An Anthony Trujillo trujillocute
"You cheated? Again..." I whisper and look down as a tear rolls down my cheek "I'm sorry" "You're not sorry, if you were you wouldn't keep doin...
Daniel Seavey//instagram by smileseavey
Daniel Seavey//instagramby kenzie🦋
@seaveydaniel liked your photo @seaveydaniel commented on your photo @seaveydaniel followed you Read to find out what happens when Logan and Jake Pauls little sister and...
My Brother's Best Friend (Kade Speiser) by TooMuchDobrik
My Brother's Best Friend (Kade Jade
NOT EDITED. Only the first five chapters are edited. I'll be editing the rest soon. Elena Paul. Jake and Logan Paul's baby sister. She has a growing YouTube channel just...
"Anthony's Girl"❤️(Anthony Trujillo) by sugarr20
"Anthony's Girl"❤️(Anthony Sugar
Sophie Rose Garcia just moved to California. What happens when she meets Anthony Trujillo. Will they get together or will something or someone get in the way?? Ranked: #...
Team 10 Imagines by authenticmiya
Team 10 Imaginesby Imagines❄️
Team 10 Imagines❤️ These are my own imagines, so if you chose to use them, please put it in your story that they were originally mine #alwaysplug 1 of 2 Team 10 imagines...
200 days//Anthony Trujillo (On hold) by anthony-trujillo
200 days//Anthony Trujillo (On anthony-trujillo
Mackenzie and Anthony have been best friends for 6 months but after Mackenzie is diagnosed with cancer and told that she only has 200 days left, things between them chan...
Fuck buddies / Anthony Trujillo  by t10_tony
Fuck buddies / Anthony Trujillo by t10_tony
"I'm serious. We're just fuck buddies, okay?"
His Girl | A Jerika Story by jerikastinder
His Girl | A Jerika Storyby 💔🔐
I can't be bothered with a description. Just read.. it's good 😏 #1 JakePaul #1 ErikaCostell #1 AdamQuinn #21 Anthony Trujillo
Smut shots/ Imagines. The Paul brothers by xluvjakeyslogan
Smut shots/ Imagines. The Paul Jenna 🐾
a bunch a smut and imagines for those who are into the Paul brothers DISCLAIMER, SEXUAL INTERCOURSE, SUICIDAL THINGS AND cUTE SHIT AHEAD. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK enjoy!
Bad Influence||Anthony Trujillo|| by shistarwanted
Bad Influence||Anthony Trujillo||by That one girl
This is my boredom book I only update when bored so...that's almost everyday, bro (lol)
assistant // anthony trujillo by christiennemille
assistant // anthony trujilloby F R A N C H E S C A
a series of alternative universes Book one, Anthony Trujillo an Anthony Trujillo fan-fic What happens in the Team 10 house when there's a new girl? Perhaps, Jake's new a...
Jerika - Only by multiwritez
Jerika - Onlyby multiwritez
Jake Paul is an ordinary boy from Ohio who has lived in LA for years now. He's got the looks and the athleticism and he's captain of the football team. His girlfriend is...
Jerika - Ever After [Sequel to Only] by multiwritez
Jerika - Ever After [Sequel to multiwritez
READ "ONLY" FIRST IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY!! Jake and Erika haven't spoken since Jake moved back to Ohio. Erika moved back to Nashville for a little bit, but now...
Anthony Trujillo Imagines by dttpfanfics
Anthony Trujillo Imaginesby dttpfanfics
The title says it's all!!! Imagines about Anthony Trujillo x The reader(you) ! Some cute/funny imagines, also includes smut and all that stuff :)
Anthony Trujillo Imagines by idgafbbg
Anthony Trujillo Imaginesby idgafbbg
Get litty. Well written Anthony imagines here.
Ms. Perfect (completed)  by CaptainJackSparrow16
Ms. Perfect (completed) by Champion
I suck at descriptions but you'll get it as you go along.
First love❤️(Anthony Trujillo) by sugarr20
First love❤️(Anthony Trujillo)by Sugar
Mia West is from Ohio and she has never had a first love until she becomes Jake Paul's assistant. Will she fall in love with Anthony Trujillo from team 10 or will someon...
Team 10 Imagines by ihaveazeinainmyroom
Team 10 Imaginesby sourstiles
Title says it all. Requests are not open at the moment <3