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Houseki No Kuni Boy/Girl friend scenarios, Imagines, and Headcannons by myroxy35
Houseki No Kuni Boy/Girl friend THE FANDOM QUEEN 2K18
Basically, Houseki No Kuni Boy/Girlfriends scenarios. These will not be in order (Note: The pronouns used will be he/his cause that's how it is in the manga.)
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Glimmering Gem [A Houseki no Kuni x Reader Fanfiction] by 3i790X
Glimmering Gem [A Houseki no 3i790X
"We are immortals, as long as we have the shards, we are able to glue ourselves up and continue on with life" Isn't that boring? Meet [Y/N], a peculiar gem bor...
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In Regards to the Moon by ParadoxeZero
In Regards to the Moonby Zero-Chan
Moonstone. A gem that has been questioned by the others for a long time. Where did he come from? No one really knows. No one even dares to ask. When this gem is spotted...
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"Stone Cold" Antarcticite x Phosphophyllite fic by cyberianhusky
"Stone Cold" Antarcticite x mock!ng b!rd
Cover photo is by art of kace on tumblr! This fic will be in a Human AU as well. Antarc, a bartender that is often quiet, cold, and easily comparable to a soldier, unex...
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- Dendritic Shards - [Houseki no Kuni Fanfiction] by Scorching_SeaSalt
- Dendritic Shards - [Houseki no Scorching Some Sea Salt
"Promise me, you'll never lose a shard." "..." "I don't want you to forget me, I want you to stay with me and hold me." "..." &qu...
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The Lunarian in Disguise (Alexandrite x Reader) by -Metallicum
The Lunarian in Disguise ( borrrred
She's a spy, That and Prince's sister. Sent to Earth as Chrysoberyl, She must discover secrets, Without anyone finding out her own. Well, that all goes downhill, When he...
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You are all I need [One-Shot] by Belladonna_Alnazar
You are all I need [One-Shot]by Little Magician
After showing Phos all his duties, Phos accidentally breaks his left arm so Antarc has to fix him (The description is a little bit too short sorry but I don't really kno...
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Moonstone by LilyMoonFlower24
Moonstoneby LilyMoonFlower24
Moonstone. A gem capable of being active on winter nights, a gem who was taught by Antarcticite, a gem said to be made of solid moonlight. She is known only by a few sel...
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Houseki No Kuni Random Manga Pages by QuentinRosver
Houseki No Kuni Random Manga Pagesby Quentin Valentine
I read the manga AND GUESS WHAT Major spoilers, kids. The Houseki no Kuni manga and anime series does not belong to me.
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The land of the Lustrous x male reader  by KillerDreamKero
The land of the Lustrous x male KillerKero
Yellow Sapphire is an old gem who came back from their sleep and travel. Yellow Sapphire is an elder of yellow diamond and is 9995 years old. Yellow Sapphire meets an ol...
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Si fragile et pourtant (oc houseki no kuni) by akasaka12
Si fragile et pourtant (oc akasaka12
Une nouvelle gemme vient de naître la joie et l'euphorie revient dans le cœur des gemme et l'une d'entre elle se réveille enfin
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Lowlife (Blue Zoisite) by -Metallicum
Lowlife (Blue Zoisite)by borrrred
Baby, you're the highlight of my lowlife. Take a shitty day and make it alright. Yeah, alright. Oh in every circumstance Yeah, you make the difference Baby you're the Hi...
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Antarc X Phos by hnkstories
Antarc X Phosby hnk stories
Antarcticite has met Phosphophyllite, his first friend, for about a month now, and seemed to start having feelings for him, but does not know what he should do about th...
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La Glace by SpiceyMoki
La Glaceby SpiceyMoki
When senior in highschool, Phosphophyllite, loses all her dreams in becoming an ice skater due to her brittle bone disease, an unexpected miracle happens for her. Human...
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Houseki No Kuni Fanfic by NooNoo2004
Houseki No Kuni Fanficby Talc
This is basically about my OC Talc from when they were born and what goes on through their daily gem life- Oof I really need to think of a better description sooner or l...
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Shattered Happiness by NotSoEli
Shattered Happinessby :🔥: One Smol Octo :❄️:
Antarcticite x Phosphophyllite They travel out from the school, considering Phos not being tired in the middle of their rest. Who knew things would go so wrong.
Una vez, en un sueño by AleKproject
Una vez, en un sueñoby AleKproject
Artista de la portada: dejinyucu. Una pequeña charla que apenas queda en su memoria. Spoilers del manga.
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The dream I had last night about Phos amd Antarc that made me sad by OwO_Arts
The dream I had last night about OwO Arts
This takes place where the last chapter of the manga leaves off, so it is past vol. 9. Spoiler warnings now if you are not caught up. This isn't really going to be very...
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Le printemps des houseki (vf) by 147tamashi
Le printemps des houseki (vf)by 147tamashi
Laissez moi vous racontez un des nombreux printemps que la gemme Phosphophyllite. Qu'elles sont les sentiment qu'elle à pu avoir, ressenti! Cette histoire ce passe avant...
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Moonstone  by MoonDrop24
Moonstone by Myreile
Moonstone. A Gem capable of activities even on the darkest winter nights, a Gem taught by another, a Gem said to be made of solid moonlight. Follow her as she encounters...
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