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Rotting City| Drrr!!! Zombie AU (Yandere Izaya x Reader x Shizuo) by MockNerd
Rotting City| Drrr!!! Zombie AU ( MockNerd
This is a collab between me and @CarKat15. It's thanks to her that this fanfic is as good as it is. She also did the cover. The city of Ikebukuro always did smell rot...
A story based on the bond of siblings , A story based on the bond of cousins, A story based on the bond of friendship, A story based on the bond of love, A story based o...
Why You Shouldn't ~ Izaya Orihara X Reader  by LibranYandere
Why You Shouldn't ~ Izaya .
A girl moves back to her hometown, Ikeburko after a long stay in Canada and connects with some of her friends and family.. But Ikeburko isn't how it once was anymore.. O...
Durarara (reader insert) by Blank-Reaper
Durarara (reader insert)by Mei Misaki
I love anime and durarara is one of my favourites so how bout a reader insert? We'll see if any romance happens along the way. And YOU get to be in the story as y/n ( yo...
Outside The Shadow (Durarara!! AU) by Furnitt
Outside The Shadow (Durarara!! AU)by Furnitt
Things may of seemed to have calmed down in Ikebukuro after awhile but in reality, hell was coming back to haunt everyone. Mikado has gone completely berserk, Masaomi an...
Baby Mikado  by ErikaShipsShizaya
Baby Mikado by Erika loves yaoi lol
Mikado accidentally drinked something that wasn't supposed to be a drink. Mikado felt sick and went home. The next day, Izaya went over to Mikado's place and what he saw...
Kuroko no Drrr!! (Kuroko no Basket & Durarara Crossover) [COMPLETED] by Animeforlife123
Kuroko no Drrr!! (Kuroko no Jikookies
What if, the Kiseki no Sedai ( Gom ) takes a visit in Ikebukuro? Come and read how the GOM takes the craziness of Ikebukuro. Kuroko no basket & Durarara Crossover Note:...
Durarara Lives with me (Durarara x reader) by LifeIs_Ok
Durarara Lives with me (Durarara LifeIs_Ok
Reader has a normal life until she woke up to see the characters from Durarara now living with her. I don't own Duarara or you
I Love You [Izaya Orihara x Reader] by WinterNeko17
I Love You [Izaya Orihara x Reader]by Samantha
Dating the infamous info broker of Ikebukuro sure made life more lively for you, from running away with Shizuo with him and helping him cause mischief around the city.
Forgotten Dreams of Eternity: Lost Odyssey: Thousand Years of Dreams by AKBoy58
Forgotten Dreams of Eternity: AKBoy58
A science fiction novel with 33 short stories foretelling the forgotten dreams of Kaim, A immortal who has lived over more than a thousand years. This novel is based on...
State of Grace by khgirl678
State of Graceby ㅤ
(Masaomi x GenderNeutral!Reader. Reader (you) will be referred to with she/her/he/him/they/their pronouns, select what you prefer) Ikebukuro. A district filled to the ab...
What Is The Bond That Hold Us Together☺️☺️☺️ by TreesaBenny2
What Is The Bond That Hold Us Treesa Benny
it is a story of reincaranation...............of our shivika , rikara , ruvya😂😂😂😂😊😊😉
Durarara!! Vol.7 by DRRRVC
Durarara!! Vol.7by ♡Durarara ♡
"I haven't done anything. All that was the Dollars' doing." Tokyo, Ikebukuro. This city's holiday hasn't come to an end yet. Even the day after Izaya was stabb...
Destructive Forces (Izaya x OC x Shizuo) by dianakenz
Destructive Forces (Izaya x OC x Angel of Death
Durarara Fanfic Nara goes undercover around Ikebukuro, acting as a normal citizen during the day. Her one job is to keep the streets safe. But her personal mission is to...
Little Sister by lucifersden
Little Sisterby Filthy kinnie
Izaya's family will be different. People's attitudes will be changed Izaya's for example.
Love is a blessing. by Sana0702
Love is a Bulbul
Om meets a girl who solves the problems in his life without her knowledge. Who is she? How he met her? How is she solving his problems without her knowledge? To know the...
Izaya's special day by IzayaMoriarty
Izaya's special dayby IzayaMoriarty
Izaya wanted a special day, but everything is all wrong. //I'm sorry for my bad english
Durarara!! Neko!!male reader by Nero170
Durarara!! Neko!!male readerby Nero 2
"yummy milk gotta thank that Black Bike the next time we meet, well with "meows" of course"
Durarara Oneshots by nicu_macaru
Durarara Oneshotsby nicu_macaru
Just as the title says; one shots of Durarara. OPEN TO REQUEST! It will have one shots I create myself, and, if you request, will have yours as well. It will consist of...