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Primeval's Twist (A Primeval/Captain Becker Fan Fiction) by SherlockPhones
Primeval's Twist (A Primeval/ Lady Voldemort
Katherina Dracula has been there from the start. Her father, being one of Professor Nick Cutter's closest friends, sent her to study under Cutter hoping to keep her out...
A Bizarre & Anomalous Adventure in the SCP Foundation (Jojo x SCP)  by rodeo578
A Bizarre & Anomalous Adventure rodeo578
When Rodeo , gets a mysterious package with a literal killer queen helmet in it and wears it , he gets transported to the anomalous world of the SCP's . Now having the p...
The Ultimate Super Soldier by DeadDropX
The Ultimate Super Soldierby DeadDropX
A Vigilante Comes up on a Secret Organization's Rader. Will he support them? or Oppose them? And Along he finds out that he is more than a Vigilante, And meets a Girl th...
The Player of Games (Gmod / Multiverse) by D4V1D-01
The Player of Games (Gmod / Player1-JW
Meet Jojo Wanderer (yes that is the name he went with) the self-proclaimed Player of Games as he likes and plays a lot of Video games. He is thrust into a new world with...
Danny's Bizarre and Creepy Adventures in the SCP world (Slenderman x Jojo × SCP) by rodeo578
Danny's Bizarre and Creepy rodeo578
Danny Anderson is your typical pop culture lover until he met Slender man who was ready to give his powers as well as some additional powers from the jojo universe to h...
Teyvat Reacts To SCP by CrimsonValor
Teyvat Reacts To SCPby Cruelty
All across reality, countless universes find themselves all watching a strange holographic broadcast. For the people of Teyvat, across all seven nations and beyond, it w...
Stanford Pines x Reader (One shots) by gravityfallsfr3ak
Stanford Pines x Reader (One shots)by kel
These might suck but oh well, at least I'm trying. I'm doing this mainly for my friend because she's not impressed that I deleted my other one shots. Please request thin...
Fanciful | Dreamteam Au by Radio_Radiance
Fanciful | Dreamteam Auby Radio Radiance
Fan·ci·ful adjective • existing only in the imagination or fancy. Dream's life was absolutely perfect, he was a famous YouTuber and he had awesome friends. But one fate...
Disney Wizards: Dark Anomalies [UPDATED 4/7/2020] by PrincessAura273
Disney Wizards: Dark Anomalies [ Madalyn
Avalyn Macht has graduated high school. To celebrate, she and her entire family get together for a reunion at the most magical place on Earth. Avalyn thinks the only rea...
SCP-8071 by TheArtKid12
SCP-8071by Angela aceves
This is a story about one of my oc's, this oc is an SCP. meet SCP-8071, a humanoid child SCP who isn't human but is a different species that is extremely similar to huma...
SCP-???, Unknown classification (a various SCP x reader) by Titina_puppy
SCP-???, Unknown classification ( Titina_puppy
As a college student Y/N was about to fulfill their dream to become a scientist, up until something went terribly wrong with one of their experiments. Now as a real life...
SCP One Shots by Darkthehedgecat9
SCP One Shotsby Just call me Dark
(Read the front page for request status and rules for requests) Another one shot book, but instead, it's on the Secure, Contain, Protect fandom and it's ships (most are...
HIS RETURN WAS MEANT TO BE A SECRET……….. Now back in town he is faced with not just the mystery that plagues him but a future that scares him Dart Tegg came back home so...
Grant-ing Primeval by Spooken
Grant-ing Primevalby Spooken
Atlantis Grant never had a normal life. She moved to England to get away from her past, but the past always comes back no matter how far you run. Now Atlantis once again...
Pinky Promise by screwbybrah
Pinky Promiseby Cat
Abby Maitland and Connor Temple have been missing in the Cretaceous, presumed dead, for five years. A lot has changed since then, on both sides of the Anomaly. Two still...
The Hesi's Five by quioakei
The Hesi's Fiveby Quioa Kei
"For the hidden and the ruined. And for the spoils." ~ The Hesi are walking solvents - they dissolve or scatter masses of a certain particle, leaving disord...
The Society of The Dead by NoahCMasters
The Society of The Deadby Noah C. Masters
Twelve year old Michael James Roberts or as the society calls him "Culton Klin Jones" fakes his death to join "The Society of The Dead" their purpose...
SCP Creation by Loblast
SCP Creationby The True Loblaster
Stupid SCPs I've created because you know what? I'm so bored because of this quarantine, I've been designing SCPs, some SCPs might get several pages dedicated to it for...
M.A.I. Files by RachelProductions
M.A.I. Filesby Try to be Horror Artist
the top secret files of the M.A.I organization all Anomalies of any kind are filed in here (These files aren't made public by M.A.I.)