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Her Cruel Mate  by MissieA
Her Cruel Mate by Cutie4life
Annabel Hastings never paid any attention to the topic of mates. So imagine her surprise when the cruel Alpha of the Dark Moons pack, Alpha Thaddeus, turns out to be her...
My Annabel Lee - A Novelette by LifeLustingDreamer
My Annabel Lee - A Noveletteby Allie Lynn
Charlie kidnapped her. He locked her up and stripped her of her defenses. She won't let it be that way for long. If Gabrielle wants to escape his basement, she’ll have t...
Olivia Rose - Harry Potter/Weasley Twins Fanfic by taylorisnotamoose
Olivia Rose - Harry Potter/ Taylor
Olivia Rose - freak. The one that all the weird stuff happens to. The only interesting person. The magical one, who ends up helping to accidentally set fire to someone's...
The new me by tessheartreading
The new meby tessheartreading
Annabel had a crush on Max but he does not love her back. Will Annabel get a second chance? Maybe with the new kid Jake? Read on to find out
Playing the Game by authoraa
Playing the Gameby Aurora
Spin off to My Bestfriend. ------ "Looks like it's just us princess," smirked Calum. "Not if I can help it," I mumbled, "Are you coming in or wh...
The Runt of the Litter by BlackShadowDawn
The Runt of the Litterby Annabel
"The Runt of the Litter" is a historical fiction novel about the mentally retarded in 1800s England. The large manor owned by controlling Sir Douglas Michaels...
Tearing Down The Walls ↠ A Delirium Trilogy Short Story by kimmiecat11
Tearing Down The Walls ↠ A ☯ ᴋ ɪ ᴍ ᴍ ɪ ᴇ ☯
In this short story, narrated by both Raven and Lena, what happens to all the characters in the Delirium trilogy after Requiem ended is explained. What happens to to Rav...
Him by Vinnie_Lover
Himby Vinnie_Lover
This is a short story about Vinnie and me (Annabel)
Repeated: The Story of Echo and Narcissus by AmandaButcher22
Repeated: The Story of Echo and Amanda Butcher
Echo only loved Narcissus; Narcissus only loved himself. But their story was far from over, souls reincarnated until they get the ending they deserve.
A SHOE STORY by wineatnine
A SHOE STORYby wineatnine
A sudden encounter between a billionaire's sister and Annabel,a young free spirited 22 year old girl who is a fresh law graduate and hunting for suitable jobs. What happ...
The Secret of Life by CoachAli7777
The Secret of Lifeby Ali S. H.
A goat, it all started with a goat. I don't know how it happened so fast,yet it did. Now there are two groups on our trail, one to kill us,and one to capture us. Either...
letter to annabel. | shadowhunters (eng+ita) by Roriwrites
letter to annabel. | røri;❀
just ty's letter to annabel from lord of shadows. enjoy. ENG VERSION / ITALIAN VERSION.
Til Death Do Us Not by amexjess
Til Death Do Us Notby Jess
In sickness and in health. In life and in death.. Until death do us part.. One fatal night changes a newly married couple's life forever. Everything seems okay, but the...
Fire & Water & Earth & Air by all_in_my_mind
Fire & Water & Earth & Airby Pinwheel
So there is this girl. She can walk through fire and not get burned. Nor does she need anything artificial to keep her warm. So there is this boy. He does not need to co...
The love I have for you by starmienight
The love I have for youby starmienight
Annabel is a princess with lost memories that were shaped in feathers. Daniel is a vampire who fell in love with her when she was little. Blake is a half-vampire who is...