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Blood Bound- Book 1 of the Bonded Series- Complete by MercyRose
Blood Bound- Book 1 of the Tara
For eleven years, Leo Risso, a slave to the night, patiently watched over his charge without once letting himself be known. Sticking to the deepest of shadows, cloaking...
  • bride
  • vampire
  • phone
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The Night's On Fire(Kol Mikaelson Fanfic) by AnissaCartagena
The Night's On Fire(Kol _.0613._
Sofia Panzano has been around for a very long time. She's struggled through many losses and hard times, but still managed to control her bloodlust. Now, she's back in My...
  • fanfic
  • beautiful
  • vampire
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After We Meet Again by shabeeraa
After We Meet Againby Ayu
[COMPLETED] Tentang keterbatasan Anissa dalam kisah cintanya. Tentang Aksa dengan rasa bersalahnya kepada Anissa.
  • jakarta
  • bahasa
  • 2019
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The Original Family by AnissaCartagena
The Original Familyby _.0613._
This is a squeal to "Daddy little Angel" This will start off where Mary Elizabeth returns to Mystic Falls . But what will happen when all The Originals are awa...
  • falls
  • originals
  • kol
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The Heavenward Stomp  (Black Lightning ThunderGrace fanfic) by Jisawriter
The Heavenward Stomp (Black Jade
Grace and Jen play video games while Anissa finishes her homework.
  • harleyquinn
  • superhero
  • thundergrace
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Abang Grab Pon Ok! by KillThisLoveScenario
Abang Grab Pon Ok!by KillThisLoveScenario
"Sanggup ke kau kawan dengan aku? Aku tak ada apa-apa Sha" Kata Fariz "Siapa cakap awak tak ada apa-apa? Tu dalam tu apa?" Balas Farisha sambil menun...
  • drama
  • romance
  • jealousy
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Don't Ever Wonder  (Black Lightning ThunderGrace fanfic) by Jisawriter
Don't Ever Wonder (Black Jade
Grace invites Anissa over for dinner. Just some ThunderGrace fluff.
  • superhero
  • wlw
  • outsiders
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Fun Facts  (Black Lightning ThunderGrace fanfic) by Jisawriter
Fun Facts (Black Lightning Jade
Anissa and Grace prepare for a BBQ at the Pierce house.
  • anissa
  • grace
  • superhero
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Dinosaurs ARE Real.  (Black Lightning ThunderGrace fanfic) by Jisawriter
Dinosaurs ARE Real. (Black Jade
While watching Jurassic Park, Anissa realizes she wants a baby dinosaur. Grace is not having it.
  • wlw
  • granissa
  • blacklightning
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Captain Crunch (Black Lightning ThunderGrace fanfic) by Jisawriter
Captain Crunch (Black Lightning Jade
Grace and Anissa go grocery shopping together.
  • granissa
  • anissa
  • wlwoc
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Dusty Records  (Black Lightning ThunderGrace fanfic) by Jisawriter
Dusty Records (Black Lightning Jade
Grace and Anissa sift through records on a trip to the thrift store, and Grace asks Anissa a very important question.
  • superhero
  • thundergrace
  • blacklightning
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Airplane Mode (Black Lightning ThunderGrace fanfic) by Jisawriter
Airplane Mode (Black Lightning Jade
Grace and Anissa get ready for date night, and Grace reminds Anissa what happened the last time she lost her temper at the movies.
  • grace
  • granissa
  • thudnergrace
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Chestburster (Black Lightning ThunderGrace fanfic) by Jisawriter
Chestburster (Black Lightning Jade
Jennifer and Grace watch Alien: Covenant.
  • wlw
  • lightning
  • granissa
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All Of Us (An Avengers Fanfiction) by audreyw0419
All Of Us (An Avengers Fanfiction)by Audrey Watson
Tony Stark is a genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist struggling with PTSD from the attack on New York. Anissa Morte is a desperate 17-year-old orphan living...
  • theavengers
  • avengers
  • fanfiction
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A Spring To Remember by saramosaa
A Spring To Rememberby saramosaa
I'm Sabrina Almasi, 16 years old Almost 5 years ago I used to like this boy, who happened to like me back. We had some kind of thing going on but it could never be...
  • schoollife
  • hijab
  • comedy
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Second Chance by JelsaSimoneMepsey
Second Chanceby Jelsa
Shane Kerrick meant to break up with Anissa Newton the day she died in his place during a school shooting. Because of it, he never got to tell her he hooked up with his...
  • prank
  • bianca
  • gun
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If I was a guy by cornstalk123
If I was a guyby ZombieLivesMatters
Anissa is well a normal weird girl. Well until one day. She decides to have sex change. She renames her self Chandler. Will her life really that different.
  • ashley
  • chandler
  • guy
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Love on fire 🔥😈💍 by LaLicorneDu94
Love on fire 🔥😈💍by Une_Polonaisee
Forever dead and gone 😈🔥
  • poison
  • fields
  • passion
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