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AOT Jokes by Dementors_Shadow
AOT Jokesby Bubbledore
If you have found yourself in a bad mood waiting for all eternity for season 2 of AOT to air, don't worry, we have some jokes to share with you! When I say we, I mean me...
  • whereisseason2ofaot
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  • deadmarcojokes
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Free! (Complete) by MagicnightSavior
Free! (Complete)by Magicnight_Savior
This story has. -Quotes -Pick Up Lines -Jokes -Imagines Thats all :) Completee ?
  • nagisahazuki
  • rinmatsuoka
  • haruka
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101 Otaku Memes by yurioswaifu
101 Otaku Memesby ✨Trash✨
Otaku Memes Funny and Relatable (>~<) (Yes I was bored so I thought of this *^*) Hope u like it (0-0) The amount of chaps= amount of memes CREDIT TO THE OWNERS OF...
  • funny
  • anime
  • relatable
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Anime Puns and Jokes by Darkness_Player003
Anime Puns and Jokesby Yaruka Mekirai
Only anime fans will get it. Some will only get it if they roleplay with me.
  • dbz
  • comedy
  • pun
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Anime So True Jokes [Naruto] by SplashGirl3
Anime So True Jokes [Naruto]by Splash
This Book is a bunch of jokes that will make you go, "SO TRUE!" Or "Never noticed that before 0-0." And laugh a lot like Sasuke did. !Different Book...
  • lol
  • completed
  • kakashi
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|| anιмe & ĸpop crιnge-worтнy joĸeѕ || by seungcheolieee_
|| anιмe & ĸpop crιnge-worтнy joĸ 아틀란티스
  • got7
  • seventeen
  • cringeworthy
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Me over exaggerating (horribly miss interpreting) Anime Scenes by AkariTsuki12
Me over exaggerating (horribly AkariTsuki
The title is all you need... be prepeared for some... stuff. - u -
  • anime
  • manga
  • whatamidoing
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MY LOVE FOR ANIME by MaskiaEmotiona
MY LOVE FOR ANIMEby Maskia_Uzumaki
to my dear otakus out there
  • hunterxhunter
  • knd
  • animejokes
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Anime Jokes by jxckaxx
Anime Jokesby jackson
Jokes from animes! Enjoy! Feel free to comment any if you wish! (Made up ones will be the ones I am using...)
  • lol
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  • jokebook
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Anime jokes...<3 by jennifer111904
Anime jokes...<3by JenVsLife
#8 comedies August.7.19 Some jokes that include anime because I love Anime Also I'm not gunna be writing the over used jokes everyone's heard Not my cover
  • anime
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Anime prank calls by animemyfav
Anime prank callsby animemyfav
I'm doing it from all anime this is my first time doing this hope u enjoy
  • anime
  • animejokes
  • animeboy
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Otaku memes! by Lissa_101
Otaku memes!by Lissa101
Just what it's says. Otaku memes. Includes: Funny Pictures (Otaku related, duh), mini relatable story ect. You know what's coming... I hope!
  • otakusforlife
  • otakujokes
  • anime
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Jokes, Insults And Really Bad Pun by SoraLee693
Jokes, Insults And Really Bad Punby Slavage
You wanna laugh then this joke, insults and really Bad pun for you book is for you anime jokes Anime pun story jokes Story pun dark jokes Dark pun All types of joke...
  • animejokes
  • wattys2017
  • animepun
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Random Jokes by ibTonari-kun
Random Jokesby やおい● ᎑ ●
Let's get this shit started!
  • jokes
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  • randomjokes
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👻⚜Shaman King: The Big Book of Laughs⚜👻 by RuleScrewer
👻⚜Shaman King: The Big Book of King of Dank Memes
Prepare to laugh! Shaman King ™ © Hiroyuki Takei Jokes © Me
  • lyserg
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  • shamanking
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