spiderman:pressure of toyko by DylanParrott
spiderman:pressure of toykoby animevideogamebro 5000
after peni parker arrived back to her dimension she settle down a bit with her friend abby brock meanwhile she met up with a girl named "mayday"during a fight...
  • animeinspired
  • marvel
  • anime
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Blandon High: The Devil's Heir by Pinkie_Glimmer
Blandon High: The Devil's Heirby K - c h a n
Highest Rank Achieved: #4 in Mystery/Thriller ConquerAwards2018 1st Runner Up in Mystery/Thriller Category Previously known as "Blandon High: The Angelic Faces"...
  • school
  • killing
  • jpop
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I decided to become a Wandering God in this fantasy game world by AkosiSRJS
I decided to become a Wandering Yonban no Hapa
From elementary to high school, as an otaku, I play roleplaying MMORPGs as part of my normal life. One day, when I woke up, I find myself in new reality similarly to the...
  • comedy
  • harem
  • overpoweredmc
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The Dense Girl & The Boys (Under Revision and Editing) by LCScarlett
The Dense Girl & The Boys (Under L.C. Scarlett
August Porter is a high school sophomore with dreams of practicality in her head. No one dares to disrupt her pace, be it in studies or daily activities. She would not...
  • family
  • comedy
  • friends
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Mist of Doom by TheBiologist13
Mist of Doomby DoctorBio
Mysterious mist hangs over Central Billion and is slowly spreading to the other regions in the state. It drives people mad, and those who enter the affected region never...
  • animeinspired
  • sciencefiction
  • undead
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「Absolute Madness」Yandere! Females x Male!Reader  by Agent0range1
「Absolute Madness」Yandere! AgentOrange
A variety of (non-fanfiction) one shots focusing on the lovely, yet violent world of yandere females. NSFW stories, like lemons and limes, are included in these. And ye...
  • male
  • xreader
  • oneshotcollection
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Rules Of MMORPGs by Takeimika
Rules Of MMORPGsby Takemikazuchi and Tohkaku
A certain 19 year old college student,named Hitofuri Nagisa,has been receiving a mysterious package, that's actually a VR headset ,he then saw something that picked up h...
  • fantasy
  • animeinspired
  • humour
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The Demon Within by adrianrojas666
The Demon Withinby adrianrojas666
Everyone has hidden demons. But what about real demons? It's a war between Demons, Angels, and the rightful creatures of this Earth; Humans. More importantly....two huma...
  • romance
  • original
  • orignals
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Art Book:Dumba** Likes To Draw 1!! by StarryIsStoned
Art Book:Dumba** Likes To Draw 1!!by Starry Eyed Child
🍒Welcome Locals~🍒 🍓All Art Is Mine Unless Stated Otherwise🍓 ⚠️MILD LANGUAGE⚠️ Dont mind the first chapters they look like shit ;; (No art stealers pls)
  • ocs
  • manga
  • anime
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Name Ideas by sakurhyme
Name Ideasby ᴠᴀɴɴᴀ ♛
Name ideas + their meanings! Hope this helps~ [Websites used are listed in chapters]
  • inspiration
  • fairytail
  • hiromashima
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Reborn as the Founder's Descendant, Bringing Change by BC167PH
Reborn as the Founder's 瑠璃雲
"Some people say returning from another world have small chances of miscalculations such as getting back into the past with your country dragged to it. For alternat...
  • knight
  • royalty
  • anime
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Master, Please Eat Me!  by Miu_Chama
Master, Please Eat Me! by miu usagi (。・ω・。)
"Wh-why won't master eat me!" "I want to be eaten ;-;" "Dear Pudding Lord, turn me into something more edible for master, amen ;-;" . . . ...
  • pudding
  • bl
  • animeinspired
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The Summoner Guild (On Hold) by Vexitus
The Summoner Guild (On Hold)by Kaleb Keeton
Being the black sheep in a family of famous of adventurers, Kyle Grandell has attempted and failed to gain a class of his own so that he might follow in their footsteps...
  • adventure
  • evilpov
  • strongmc
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A Cat From Another World by XvXTempestXvxKillMe
A Cat From Another Worldby Tempest
A boy who have been given nothing, but pain by God finds a cat in an alley, the boy who was searching, for food in the trash helps the stray cat by giving him a portion...
  • isekai
  • fantasyadventure
  • darkness
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Phantom Moon War by redchaos1
Phantom Moon Warby redchaos1
The near fall of avalon has reshaped the entire universe creating a new world that is on the brink of all out war. Follow chris dragon and his friends as they try to nav...
  • animeinspired
  • humans
  • phantom
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Farah's HighSchool by MaroonCrazy
Farah's HighSchoolby Maroony
This story revolves around a life of a highschool girl looking forward to a uniqueness of dwelling a highschool life, to no avail. It wasn't until her last year and she'...
  • club
  • goodgirl
  • highschool
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Licht und Schatten ; Schicksal by Takeimika
Licht und Schatten ; Schicksalby Takemikazuchi and Tohkaku
a story about a cursed small town offshore and our protagonist named Harunō Honoka Honoka only lived with her friends in this small town, actually she only has three fri...
  • mangainspired
  • psychological
  • psychologicalhorror
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Descent of Darkness [Emperor of the Celestial Sun Mist 2] by ImperialSun
Descent of Darkness [Emperor of Gustavo J.
One of the 'pillars' of Xeleria has shattered. Now, darkness threatens to consume all that is in its path. As the umber forces advance, Lei and co. are busy taking their...
  • princes
  • dragons
  • tournament
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The Goddess' Chosen: Sword in the stone by JamesLester126
The Goddess' Chosen: Sword in Shounen Lester
(Book 1 of the Goddess' Chosen Series) It takes the slightest thing to alter someone's life significantly. For ordinary 15-year-old school girl Allisa Reed, it comes i...
  • fantasy
  • shounen
  • jrpg
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Boku no hero academia//oneshots by c1ust3r
Boku no hero academia//oneshotsby jayden
All in the title dudes.
  • izukumidoriya
  • mha
  • myheroacademia
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