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Kagayaki Tamashi no Ryoiki by MarioRobertus
Kagayaki Tamashi no Ryoikiby Mario Robert
The world of Terranum, world of a grand fantasy, once during the ancient time, monstrous beast known as Bellua roam the entire Terranum, the ancient civilization of huma...
The Goddess Chosen: Sword in the Stone by JamesLester126
The Goddess Chosen: Sword in the Shounen Lester
Destiny is a strange force indeed. One simple act can create a ripple, one simple change can cause a cataclysm. One act outside of the individual would be enough to alt...
𝑵𝒂𝒎𝒆 𝑰𝒅𝒆𝒂𝒔 || 🌻 by sakurhyme
𝑵𝒂𝒎𝒆 𝑰𝒅𝒆𝒂𝒔 || 🌻by 🌻𝘝𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘳𝘦𝘢 🌻
🌻 Name ideas + their meanings! 🌻 Includes asian names and meanings, (Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, and Chinese) greek mythology, unisex, rare surnames, astrology inspir...
art book 20 by Namiichann
art book 20by ✨ なみい ✨
i can't believe i'm on book 20 ๑ˊૢᵕˋૢ๑ ✨ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ but enjoy your stay ⊹. , (꜆꜄ ˃ ³ ˂)꜆꜄꜆ ° . ☆
Engineer Isekai: Engineer in Another World ?! by moumoonz
Engineer Isekai: Engineer in moumoonzx
Eins is one of the top engineers of modern world. Many countries have been afraid of his power and waged war into his country. Another world war happened but it is onesi...
I Want To Die, Let's Isekai! by Jixekai
I Want To Die, Let's Isekai!by Jixplosion
"Today will be my final day in this dull world." Our delusional main character wants to die to escape reality! Aoki Kaito, a young Japanese student and also th...
The Wandering Witch VOL. 1 - The Prelude Arc (COMPLETED) by lastwill-
The Wandering Witch VOL. 1 - The wallen
In the medieval continent of Terrall, the existence of witches and wizards are rare. Feared and persecuted by some while revered and glorified by others, most of them ch...
Novus Magus [Emperor of the Celestial Sun Mist 1] #OriginalLN [Prologue- Ep. 93] by ImperialSun
Novus Magus [Emperor of the Gustavo J.
How far would you go to achieve your dreams? Many dream of attending Nine Petal Academy, one of the most prestigious magical academies in the land. They must all leave t...
Prawilny Otaku - poradnik dla opornych.  by cekoladowyjogalik
Prawilny Otaku - poradnik dla tylko jedno w głowie mam
bo wszystko czego teraz pragnę to uda mojej waifu oplecionej wokół mojej własnej szyji.
His Suicidal Girl [UNDER REVISION] by Pinkie_Glimmer
His Suicidal Girl [UNDER REVISION]by K - c h a n
MELANCHOLIA STAND-ALONE VOLUME 1 Highest Rank Achieved ➡ #54 in Teen Fiction . . . ❝I met the guy with his smile when my pen started to phlebotomize, and my fate has beg...
Neverland Offline by SeraphWedd
Neverland Offlineby Seraph Wedd
Neverland Online is the leading VRMMO game of the century. However, something happened during the celebration of its 3rd year anniversary. Haruna Mako, one of the leadin...
Overtake The Astral: Searching for Good Life in Another World by vayne125
Overtake The Astral: Searching vayne125
JP Title: (Oobateeku za Asutoraru: Isekai ni Ii Jinsei o Sagasu) Mikami Shizu, a 28 years old woman, suddenly lost her life after being killed in a bank robbery. She pas...
Control Freak ✔️ by jalenisms
Control Freak ✔️by Jalen Williams
He actually gets the girl in this story. His perfect girl, from a perfect world. She makes him forget the troubles of his broken life. Caleb didn't think he had much be...
Date a Live X Op Oc by D3stroyerG_YT
Date a Live X Op Ocby Damian Kirishima
Damian Kirishima, an everyday high school student, dies in a very inconvenient accident. After a few months of suffering and despair, He gets transported into the anime...
Rise of a Guardian Angel [Legend of the Five Knights 1] (Completed) by ImperialSun
Rise of a Guardian Angel [Legend Gustavo J.
Rosalba Kuroriku has been tasked to deliver Agnes. Agnes being one of five weapons that Zionia's Celestial Queen commissioned in order to save their universe from extra...
Sugar n spice and everything's just alright...(on hold!) by That_1_friend
Sugar n spice and everything's Jay_Lx4
"Were you staring at my ass?" I asked amused by his red face "I...I Uhh...yes I'm sorry I can't help really fucking hot....omg I can't believe I...
Rules Of MMORPGs by Takeimika
Rules Of MMORPGsby Takei the local sick fuck
A certain 19 year old college student,named Hitofuri Nagisa,has been receiving a mysterious package, that's actually a VR headset ,he then saw something that picked up h...
Paramnesia |  Anime ff  by Angel_TaeTae23
Paramnesia | Anime ff by Angel_TaeTae23
"Pathetic..." "Ikr..." "Always doing ugly things to gain attention..." "Such a nasty bitch." Whispers... everywhere.... Everyday...
Song of Divine Wrath [Legend of the Five Knights 3] by ImperialSun
Song of Divine Wrath [Legend of Gustavo J.
In order to gain the strength necessary to defeat the Pillars of Darkness, Tetsuya and his fellow Knights of Prophecy journey to a place few have ever gone. Meanwhile, t...
Reincarnated In A Fantasy World As A Overpowered Character  by Shimakaze_kami
Reincarnated In A Fantasy World kαϻῖ_ͷϵkϴ
Stop scrolling and read this, btw if you are reading this prepare to read the worst book ever. Wrung spelllings and bad an grammar. Still reading? ......... here's the...