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Haunted Queen (Vampire Knight x Reader X OC)  by ThrAngelblog
Haunted Queen (Vampire Knight x ThrAngelblog
There are two things that make (y/n) stand out from the crowds: a disease and a power. She isn't vampire, but neither is she a human. Born in the Yukimura family of Pure...
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Heaven's Warrior (Seraph of the End x Reader x OC) by ThrAngelblog
Heaven's Warrior (Seraph of the ThrAngelblog
After the spread of the virus, Mika, Yuu, and their small family are taken to the vampire city, where vampires care for the humans in exchange of blood. After four years...
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Naruto: Truth or Dare (Discontinued) by C00lF0xgirl
Naruto: Truth or Dare ( Cool Foxgirl
In this story the naruto characters plan to just have some fun while on their week off from missions. The story starts out with Ino and everyone who's reading knows she...
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Attention (Fairy Tail x O/C) by StarlightAnime246
Attention (Fairy Tail x O/C)by BlackHeart
Hi there my name is Yuki, Yuki Star I became an S-class wizard right before Erza. I'm always accompanied by my cat, her name is Sally. I found Sally after I trained with...
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Ciel Phantomhive X Sieglinde Sullivan by SebastianGiouErris
Ciel Phantomhive X Sieglinde Sebastian Giou
The story of the beautiful witch girl trying to see the world, and her love Ciel Phantomhive, the queen's guard dog, the story of how their love grew stronger... The lov...
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A DRAMAtical Adventure by gummylord
A DRAMAtical Adventureby U N I Q U E
"W-Where... Am l?" She asked herself looking around at the unfamiliar town that seemed a bit worn down but still, suitable to live. As she examined the place s...
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Best Animes To Watch by sheeshdummy
Best Animes To Watchby Nash(♚) and Hana(♥)
|REQUESTS CLOSED|✔ |REQUESTS OPEN| Whether you're new or fetus, you've definately come to the right place! Not sure about which anime to watch? Look no more, this is the...
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A lost soul (Vampire Knight x reader) by SoulEater2003
A lost soul (Vampire Knight x Teona
Join (Y/n) on her journey of finding out who her true self is. Will her soul finally find peace after centuries of searching? Will she reunite with her true love again...
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Anime SOUL EATER fanfiction by EmberTheWitch666
Anime SOUL EATER fanfictionby Ember
A young girl named Luna who is a weapon at the DWMA has been a student for a long time now, but has never before bothered to try and make friends with the people who tal...
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How to Anime by _kimoruackerman
How to Animeby levis bitch
this is a weird book. it provides weird things, my english grammar isn't that great, and half assed chapters. :')
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Anime Facts And Recommendations  by zahranaibi
Anime Facts And Recommendations by zahranaibi
I made this page for anime recommendations and facts If you ever feel like you can't find a nice anime to watch. You can always come and see my page for anime recommend...
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KiritoxSihnon A Secret Love by Serprano
KiritoxSihnon A Secret Loveby Serprano
This is and sao fan fic so sit back and watch the magic
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Ghost In My Classroom by ToxicTimeWitch
Ghost In My Classroomby ToxicTimeWitch
Dear diary,my name is Minami Nekota today is my first day of high school.I always wanted to go with my friends in the same school.While I was walking to school I saw a b...
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Creepy-pasta & Anime Boyfriends by LJ_AND_EJ_THEPOTATOS
Creepy-pasta & Anime Boyfriendsby HannahandMoriahTheProxies
It has me author-chan as one of the main characters and a lot of my friends irl who are also writers well co-authors in training since they like me writing but warning i...
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Another Death The Girl Story: A Soul Eater FanFic by DeathTheGirl88
Another Death The Girl Story: A Death The Kid
Addesa is a girl who has been through a lot but when visiting her father in Shadow City, one city over from Death City, she stumbles into Maka, Soul, Kid, and Patti. Wh...
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Anime Quotes by Nikshiiee
Anime Quotesby Nikki
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Various X Reader One Shots (REALLY SLOW UPDATES) by WellsBarry
Various X Reader One Shots ( WellsBarry
Where I make people happy by making them for you guys. REQUESTS ALWAYS OPEN.
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My Authors Note Book by WAIFUISANIME
My Authors Note Bookby TRASH CAN
If you want to be notified of when I am expecting to update, putting a story on hold, or am going to start a new story, come forth! Plus, I may eventually do a face reve...
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Kyo Sohma: a romance by imaddictedtotumblr
Kyo Sohma: a romanceby imaddictedtotumblr
Okay, dont judge me for having a crush on an anime character. If you dont like it, heres an idea: STOP READING THIS STORY!
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