Animes/Mangas Quotes by victelas
Animes/Mangas Quotesby 太宰
Some anime and manga quotes I love.
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Chat Noir X Reader by scChristensen
Chat Noir X Readerby scDawes
You were just getting use to your life when you're forced to live with your dad in Paris and suddenly you have to get use to a new way of life. All though you miss your...
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Reincarnated as a Prince of the Moon? by Error4o4NotFound
Reincarnated as a Prince of the ✧Exist✧
He was an ordinary looking boy in high school. He never had many friends or talked much at school. He didn't talk much at all. Period. His classmates thought he was stra...
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Anime characters✴  by lnooosha_
Anime characters✴ by لٰٓٓـــٰٓيًٰٓ♕
اهلا بكم بعالم الانمي ، حيث يجتمع جميع محبين الخيال ومن كل مكان ، يتقمصون شخصياتهم المفضلة من الانمي و يلعبون سوياً و يستمتعون معاً ?✨
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I͠n͠s͠a͠n͠i͠t͠y͠ W͠i͠t͠h͠i͠n͠ by SoulsMeister
I͠n͠s͠a͠n͠i͠t͠y͠ W͠i͠t͠h͠i͠n͠by 𝓜𝓪𝓴𝓪 𝓐𝓵𝓫𝓪𝓻𝓷
{if you have not read Unbearable Insanity, you will NOT understand this book.} Six months flew by like there was no tomorrow. Maka's mind has been clear from the madness...
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Love? Never heard of it  [A Kirbaku Fic] by Jeepmep
Love? Never heard of it [A Jeepmep
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Melizabeth One Shots by sourwolfstilinskii
Melizabeth One Shotsby sourwolfstilinskii
The title says it all. Just one shots of one of my favorite couples. (Credit to the pictures goes to the artists, not me)
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Broken (An Edward Elric Fan-Fiction) by leomdsn
Broken (An Edward Elric leomdsn
Victoria Abney is a 16 year old girl who's been through just about everything you can think of but, in spite of all this, she's still had the courage to look for motivat...
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We Are Still Family//Klance// by GalaxyGirlVloging
We Are Still Family//Klance//by I WANT TO COMMIT UNLIVING
Galra Keith x Lance So basically Keith turns Galra and stuff happens Read to find out! Warning/disclaimer: This is mature- Has strong language, some depressing thoughts...
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Bhna Oneshots!!! by fangirling202
Bhna Oneshots!!!by Daily_Dose_of_anime
They can be ship oneshots or x reader oneshots whatever gets requested!! Requests are open so please enjoy!
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❝σн, тєα¢нєя!✧❞ {αιzαωα χ яєα∂єя} by anonymous_x_reader
❝σн, тєα¢нєя!✧❞ {αιzαωα χ яєα∂єя}by 💉Anonymous💉
⚠️WARNING: SEXUAL AND MATURE CONTENT AHEAD⚠️ Highest ranking -- #25 "W-Wait, sensei s-stop What If we get caught?.." Aizawa growled quietly, his grip on the p...
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uta no Prince sama Syo × reader :  My Hope   by sakurafiction
uta no Prince sama Syo × reader sakura sekai🌸🌸
you are (y/n) , you lost all the hope after your family death in a murder by a assassin and you are the only one who survived One day , you were singing (your fav song...
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Smash Or Pass 2 by DepressionLiar
Smash Or Pass 2by {*°Juliana°*}
I made a smash or pass before and i sorta unpublished it so now im gonna make a new one but this time i wont put some dumbass shit xd And Um... Dont make any mistakes...
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Badass (Levi x Eren - Omegaverse/Soulmate) by lyricc0900
Badass (Levi x Eren - Omegaverse/ Harmonic Bliss
Levi an alpha and the leader of a powerful Mafia group called the Wings of Freedom. Eren is a normal college student who wants to find his mate. He is an omega who was r...
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✎₊˚ ࿐ ˚ .NICO NICO NII ! (ANIME FACECLAIMS !)  by grreenii
✎₊˚ ࿐ ˚ .NICO NICO NII ! (ANIME ✎ayanna
❝I WONDER IF YOU LOOK BOTH WAYS WHEN YOU CROSS MY MIND.❞ anime/animated faceclaims for you and your stories !
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into the naruto world by soullessobsession_
into the naruto worldby パンダ🌼
mia and her friend Rosie are transported into the naruto world. Will their life change forever? . . . . My first story so yeah hope you enjoy >.<
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BanG Dream x Reader [Requests Closed!] by thwpoop
BanG Dream x Reader [Requests ~𝒯𝒽𝒾ℊ𝒽𝓈~
Just a bunch of Bang Dream x Reader type of stuff, Oh and sorry for the short chapters, I just can't really come up with long chapters .... XD!~ (Also this book will hav...
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Truthful | Isaac Foster / Zack x Reader AU by NoneEmotion
Truthful | Isaac Foster / Zack x Amber
School Zack x Reader AU because ya girl wanted to try out writing an AU for once. Legit I have never written an AU before. I also have no solid plot idea right now soo...
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Art Book (2.0) by Gadget_
Art Book (2.0)by ripperoni
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