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BNHA *Boyfriend Scenarios* by Hi_C_Sky
BNHA *Boyfriend Scenarios*by HiSky18
*Updates are irregular but there are updates every week*
  • shoto
  • bakugou
  • short
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Any and All Things Anime! by TheAnimeGamerBoy
Any and All Things Anime!by Num. 3: Kano M.R.
Now, what's the purpose of an anime page if I'm not talking about it!? I shall fill that void! 2/4/2019 - Character Cover: This new awesome cover made by my friend *(Mar...
  • anime
  • list
  • crud
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Yuri on ice x Alexa by reyrey708
Yuri on ice x Alexaby reyrey708
A girl name Alexa Valenzuela is a 2nd champion ship figure ice skater who soon falls in love but has struggles each time
  • yurionice
  • anime
  • tryhard
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A Ultraman's Heir and A Valkyrie (Abused Male OC X Honkai Impact 3 Harem) by user44057845
A Ultraman's Heir and A Valkyrie ( DJ Abyss,The Omni God Saiyan
You fled your Abused family,when you escape,you are accidentally transmitted to a new world by a white light,you are transferred to your favorite animated world Honkai I...
  • abused
  • valkyrie
  • ultraman
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Targeted by Soccerkid07
Targetedby Jade Zemlock
She's an international spy/assassin and he is a troubled high schooler. What happens when their two worlds collide and he is the next target? Will she carry out her miss...
  • action
  • smallville
  • supergirl-
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Rabuparesu High by Zephaniah_Chan
Rabuparesu Highby Zephaniah
Taro finds himself accidentally placed in an all girls high school. He is a transfer student from America, so not many schools want him anyways, So attending this school...
  • anime
  • animeschool
  • romance
Vocaloid Miku Lyrics by TentacleRanger
Vocaloid Miku Lyricsby Søphia Dâlo
Lyrics Of vocaloids
  • anime
  • lyrics
  • vocaloid
Hetalia: 50☆Stars (Vol. 1) by LunarJade
Hetalia: 50☆Stars (Vol. 1)by Jade
California is dying from a drought. Texas solves solutions with guns. New York has rat problems. And Florida does Florida... All that aside, it's just a normal day for t...
  • hetalia
  • 50stars
  • anime
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your Matsuno maids (Matsuno brothers x reader) by flopsy_star
your Matsuno maids (Matsuno flopsy_star
Thing inspired in Kobayashi's San Dragon Maid. it's a lineal story! I know you want them all ewe Commands (Y/n) your name (L/n) your last name (Nn) your nickname (F/c)...
  • ichimatsu
  • matsuno-brothers
  • cats
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Broken // KiriBaku Bakushima  by LilVicky05
Broken // KiriBaku Bakushima by Vickytoria
Kirishima was always that one depressed kid in middle school. He was bullied, bothered, and abused. He hated it at school but it is like Hell at home to. His mom abuse h...
  • bakugou
  • boyxboyromance
  • gay
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Still love able  by joshualoves2019
Still love able by joshualoves2019
Bts ( bang- tang) members went through a heartbreaker but what happens when seven cute neko human kitty cat comes out from their worlds biggest mistake and help bts( ban...
  • transforming
  • kpopidols
  • love
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The Promised Neverland Oneshots by ThePhantomBois
The Promised Neverland Oneshotsby Zack's Scythe
This is a book dedicated to the manga and anime release of The Promised Neverland! Of course, this book won't just be ship based on shots! Other short stories will occur...
  • norman
  • ray
  • fanfiction
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Todoroki Shoto Boyfriend Scenarios (Todoroki X Reader) by MegaBlazethecat
Todoroki Shoto Boyfriend MegaBlazethecat
(Important: DO NOT REPOST, STEAL OR COPY my work, please!) Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Class A-1's half cool-n-half hot student as your lover? ...
  • bnha
  • bnhaxreader
  • todoroki
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The seven deadly sins: Meliodas x OC by 1LazyQUEEN1
The seven deadly sins: Meliodas 1LazyQUEEN1
Kristi is part of the seven deadly sins or should I say the eight deadly sins. Most people know about her but they don't know anything about her. She's the panda sin of...
  • merlin
  • elizabeth
  • romance
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Cerulean Night[ Artwork Stuff/Graphic Portfolio ] by YungNightAce
Cerulean Night[ Artwork Stuff/ Δℓρнα
Cover by @FoxcatAI! 「 Shooting Stars that light the midnight blue skies。 」 Artworks basically Descriptions aren't my forte But that's okay
  • art
  • ineedtoplacemoretagshelp
  • references
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Hidden identity of a Phantom  by Lillian190m
Hidden identity of a Phantom by Lil
Kuroko Tetsuya is a famous singer but hides it because he doesn't want the attention, and is afraid of what others will think of him. What happens when Seirin and Gom b...
  • seirin
  • kuroko
  • kurokotetsuya
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Heartbeat [Katsuki Bakugou] [Soulmate AU] ↠ ♡ ✧ by Savannah121802
Heartbeat [Katsuki Bakugou] [ Savannah ❤️
Life has a funny way of leading us to our fate... *Note: In this story, the characters are 18 instead of 14/15/16.
  • animefanfiction
  • anime
  • katsukibakugou
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Karma by __just__a__person__
Karmaby :P
This story called "Karma" is about a girl named Miku she takes on cases her dad gives her and people get what they deserve this is why the title is named "...
  • mystery
  • anime
  • romance
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mostly about anime by solinet
mostly about animeby solinet garcia
A public journal. A collection of my thoughts and opions.
  • thoughts
  • opinions
  • nonfiction
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  • characters
  • original
  • dc
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