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She Is The One by skyepine
She Is The Oneby Skye 🐼
Sa kanilang magkakaibigan ay siya na lang ang wala pang asawa dahil abala siya palagi sa trabaho at sa mga pamangkin niya. Wala na siyang oras para sa sarili pero wala n...
  • broken
  • veterinarian
  • time
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Blue and Me by Anime-Amelie
Blue and Meby Amelie
Lumi: she loves animals and is a pretty reckless girl But she has Blue, Her dragon, Well technically he's a dragon shifter... But that's not the point. Blue: he's clam...
  • anime
  • soul
  • harem
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Biggest Fear Of My Life by kirtips
Biggest Fear Of My Lifeby kirtips
if you read this you will understand that you can relate with this story. Because...let's face it everyone has their own fear and this is a story of my fear.
  • friendship
  • love
  • animallover
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Darkness is my freind (Creepypasta x dark reader) by musicthekiller23
Darkness is my freind ( l
Please read because this my first book.So you are 16 nobody likes you people bully you your parents aubused you your only freind was your dog named Riley but one night e...
  • animallover
  • deathnotegamerxx
  • xreader
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The Story of My Life by wolftrainer
The Story of My Lifeby wolftrainer
"Hey, it's ok pretty puppy, mommy will be out of the store in a minute" 19 year old Raelyn said, not knowing that her mother wouldn't be returning to the car...
  • animallover
  • tragic
  • romance
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Kitty Agents by YoshiandLamby
Kitty Agentsby YoshiandLamby
You may think that they're just your average adorable fluffballs, but there's something special about these kitties! They're super secret agents. Just don't tell anyone...
  • xd
  • animallover
  • paws
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The Thoughts of Life by _just_keep_reading__
The Thoughts of Lifeby Book Lover
In this book I'll be writing whatever comes to my mind. Even if no one may read these little thoughts that I post, it still feels good to write them down.
  • disney
  • lover
  • harrypotter
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Book 1 - Wink - Finding Out by Nybor1611
Book 1 - Wink - Finding Outby Nybor1611
《》《》《》《》《》《》《》《》 ☆Wink☆ Yes, I just told YOU to wink Why? Well, I'll tell you. If you wink at an object, person or animal it will change you into different things. But o...
  • bigfamily
  • gr7children
  • animallover
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SuPETs by mikaylabop
SuPETsby mikaylabop
Maddie is stuck at her aunt's BORING pet shop again! Can you believe it? How boring can this day get?! Apparently, to her surprise, this day will be anything BUT boring...
  • fiction
  • french
  • paris
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elves (In Progress) (Still Writing)  by JoLeePeens
elves (In Progress) (Still Jo-Lee Peens
Tintalle Ferran is a mischievous wood elf, she is a little trouble maker. She is a warrior and has great aiming with her bow ..let alone with her dagger. DON'T MAKE HER...
  • elves
  • mythicalcreatures
  • rromance
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kennel dreams by pneuman
kennel dreamsby pneuman
Carla and Scruffy are the best of friends. They do everything together but when their owners die and they are sent to the kennel to live. I they escaped...a...
  • animallover
  • animals
  • friendship
Rabid by Double001
Rabidby Joyce Leonardo
World's ending. People are going mad, going nuts like animals. I got busted out of jail by a guy who wants me dead. But I'm not dying. Not until I keep my promise. If th...
  • rebellion
  • love
  • animallover
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Heartland          Amy's Journal by meganoxley345
Heartland Amy's Journalby meganoxley345
Share Amy's memories of the people and horses who inspire her in her own personal diary. Learn the techniques and remedies used at Heartland, find out how to read a hors...
  • animallovers
  • family
  • horses
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True Love by nashley3621
True Loveby nashley3621
Jade stark is a 17 year old teenage girl with a boring but simple life.she goes to Lakeview highschool she's a smart and talented young woman with a love for animals. ja...
  • romance
  • lovestory
  • animallover
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Save the Cows by thisisnotacat
Save the Cowsby thisisnotacat
We've caused enough trauma and grief. When will the production of dairy products end? When will the poor cattle finally be freed from the abuse and mistreatment that is...
  • milk
  • dairyindustry
  • takeaction
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my dog DEKI by KenshinMamalayan
my dog DEKIby hacker z present
Ako ay may alagang aso siya si deki siya ay mabait,maharot,malambing,cute,atmatalino
  • loving
  • teaching
  • caring
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the cool girls by jjlovekit
the cool girlsby jjlovekit
this story is about a girl who got beat up but she beat Elena back and her name was crystal and later on she fell inlove
  • animallover
  • hatred
  • nice
Diary of Honesty by KanashiAtisuto
Diary of Honestyby Kanashi Atisuto
I'm a very open person so why not try out something new? Every day I'll try to leave an entry about the day here which I hope will be of help for both others & me. Here'...
  • creative
  • reality
  • life
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Home of Rescues: Small Bundles, Big Hearts by n77n77
Home of Rescues: Small Bundles, n77n77
What did they do wrong? Why is life so unfair? Why would anyone hurt such innocent creatures in this way? In the series "Home of the Rescues" follow the lives...
  • bunny
  • animalcruelty
  • bunnies
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