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Hidden Glitches (Animal Jam) by SkyJoyJamaa
Hidden Glitches (Animal Jam)by Smol Bean
Highest rank: Number 1 in #animaljam Night of the phantoms is coming up in Jamaa, and every famous jammer is excited about it except for Aparri. With a rival, a lost l...
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Stupid Animal Jam Rants by spiritmoon2002
Stupid Animal Jam Rantsby No longer Online
If you DON'T have an AJ account, or know what AJ is, this book is pointless. If you DO have an AJ account, welcome. Here you will be saying 'ikr' or 'ik!' Because this...
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Much more... (Julian2 x Reader) by JulianFane
Much more... (Julian2 x Reader)by Josh Dun's SpinnyBoi
What happens when you and Julian become buddies on animal jam, buddies in real life, and develop feelings?
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Q&A for Daughter of Greely by BanquetFox
Q&A for Daughter of Greelyby Phantom Fanatic
This new book will have questions from readers who love my book "Daughter Of Greely" I will give answers, but no spoilers. I will try to explain a few things t...
S k e t c h by TopazMalachite
S k e t c hby London Blue
Art! Maybe! I guess! Some of this is stuff for myself, some of it it for my art class, and some of it is for other people, but all of it is what I love so I hope that co...
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Gold- A Jisteria Story by AddieandRiley
Gold- A Jisteria Storyby Addie & Riley
(WE MADE THIS WHEN WE WERE YOUNG WHIPPER SNAPPERS READ WITH CAUTION) Mia is moving to a new high school, which means new friends, new people, and new crazy adventures...
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Julian2 x Reader by Imawarriorcat10
Julian2 x Readerby BrittonKittenAJ
!MIGHT BE GETTING NEW COVER SOON! •Currently in the lead for Julian2 x Readers• You- a completely ordinary girl who has a passion for Animal Jam and a huge crush on Juli...
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Animal jam phantom x reader oneshots  by DeadSeizure
Animal jam phantom x reader Smol Bean _UwU
*Requests r open :0000* I made this cuz I felt like it and I rarely see one of these oof
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Animal Jam Play Wild - Elemental Forest and Kingdoms Roleplay! by ismenaFTDaj
Animal Jam Play Wild - Elemental Ismena
Fill out simple forms to become a magical creature in the Elemental Forest Roleplay! Journey through an incredible 5 kingdoms (Moon, Dragon, Direwolf/Fire, Autumn/Earth...
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Jamaa's Protectors by MiraBellasbooks
Jamaa's Protectorsby Mira Bella
It's time for the Protectors to come together and find out what one of the Alphas are up to. But with the Lines of Power coming back and Mia being held captive, these co...
Animal Jam: The Betrayed by DarkMagicWolfWriter
Animal Jam: The Betrayedby DarkMagicWolf
Dare had his heart destroyed by the Alphas. They Alphas raised him hoping they could change his mind about his situation. Little did the Alphas know they were training s...
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My Story *not completed* by jaynafeather
My Story *not completed*by Petalleaf
This is a true story, about what really happened during my 2019 summer break. Please, don't judge. I'm really sensitive about this, so please, be gentle. Also, this isn...
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My Neighbor Aparri by EmbraceTheAwesome123
My Neighbor Aparriby Anonymous Jammer
Ivy is unlike any girls her age. She's 16 and still plays Animal Jam! Now, she's moving Massachusetts, only to find out that she lives next door to Aparri, the famous A...
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Art Book One: A Start by JuliLovesFanfiction
Art Book One: A Startby Julienne
(So much cringe) The first book for the art book collection! Wolves, animals, and more! Also contains some cringy, old drawings from my younger years, geez.. so cringy...
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Wild Animals - an Animal Jam Smut by jammers4life
Wild Animals - an Animal Jam Smutby ✨ jammers4life ✨
Juniper Spiritclaw and Duchess Icymoon are two best friends. One day they go to the Pillow Room, and spot a very attractive wolf. He invites them over, which can maybe t...
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Accounts and Codes On AnimalJam with facts by gazzel123
Accounts and Codes On AnimalJam Dreaming Backwards
Here you can find codes, accounts, all kinds of things. so check it out you may get lucky!
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My Funny Animal Jam Stories/ Trolls by Mrcattywolf
My Funny Animal Jam Stories/ Trollsby MrCattyWolf
WARNING: Contains burns, roasting, jokes, bad puns, memes, and Paul Blart. Funny stuff happens to me on Animal Jam, every day, all the time. I think it might just be m...
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creative tears | artbook 1 by Moonclaw32
creative tears | artbook 1by where is my stylus
Have some random pieces of art I made! Cover is by me. Go to most recent chapters, this book is very old.
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Secret Pleasures: An Animal Jam Drama by Tandrarr
Secret Pleasures: An Animal Jam Tandrarr AJ
What happens when Mia's life goes to hell? Everything that could possibly go wrong. Break ups, make ups, sex, and heartbreak. Will Mia ever get a break from James, Julia...
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Animal Jam Non Members by Lepordjulz12
Animal Jam Non Membersby Lepordjulz12
Animal jam is played by Members and Non Members. I think Non Members should get more Items, Animals, and Dens.
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