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Gold and Bloodred Lichtenberg by cartoonicaddic
Gold and Bloodred Lichtenbergby cartoonicaddic
Zenitsu always felt that his life had been a bit hopeless and quite tragic, but now that he's no longer human, perhaps things weren't so bad before. Now he's on a journe...
A Bunny and A Music box(PaperHat) by PuffBunny338
A Bunny and A Music box(PaperHat)by PuffBunnyTail
Dr. Slug has a number of secrets and as his life begins to fall apart and more light is shed in the dark it will become clearer what and who he truly is A huge Softy tha...
Taking the Blame Raven Reyes/You by InsanityatBest
Taking the Blame Raven Reyes/Youby InsanityatBest
You are Lexa's little sister. You don't necessarily get along with Raven but you both really care about each other and one of you gets in trouble. AND You are healing an...
Unforeseen and Unconditional Sacrifices by MissBumbleb33
Unforeseen and Unconditional Miss Bumblebee
Love is painful for the sacrifices one must make. We do not realize these sacrifices and the wounds they create, as we are blinded by its justification. The irony is tha...
How to take care the one you love by OokamiUchiha18
How to take care the one you loveby OokamiUchiha18
Titus was killed. And Dick wants to soothe his brother. Notes: That's happened after Dick Grayson became Talon, and take his memories back. So some of his action sti...
anchor (warriors au short story) by dreamy__doggo
anchor (warriors au short story)by smokypawz
Being able to comfort cats in need is one of the staples of being a medicine cat. *** hey wattpad how's it hangin it's been two years yeah so where my insta peeps at...
Contingency : Local58 by AureliusSeraphim
Contingency : Local58by Aurelius Seraphim
You and your fellow Americans are called to action via a television broadcast. Inspired by and based on the video "Contingency", by Local 58. All rights go to...
Life by Darkstrangevirgil
Lifeby Darkstrangevirgil
A story in which I project onto Virgil about a real experience I went through that I started writing as the events occurred. WARNING!!!! I HAVE READ OVER THIS AT LEAST...
He Gave Me Life | Yoonjin Re-Animator AU by HerbertGaveMeLife
He Gave Me Life | Yoonjin Gabriel 💉
Jin was just an average, bright Miskatonic University medical student who was trusting to his studies. That is until a new student named Mr. Yoongi Min becomes apart of...
A story about an animal, but, more importantly, a story about you.
Sit in the Corner by ericbruce45
Sit in the Cornerby Bruce Pestilli
Two children are raised with free reign over everything in their lives. Their parents believe in the concept of 'free range children', the idea that children left to the...
Two Lies and a Truth by Prettydecentonce
Two Lies and a Truthby Prettydecentonce
Clay Emerson has a father, had a grandmother, lived at least at one point in Massachusetts, and uses daydreams to entertain himself. These statements are true. It's the...
there's a demon inside by LouWillingham
there's a demon insideby Lou
(less than 500 words) For the prompt "There's a Demon Inside". A witch reflects on their life, death, and growth.
[DISCONTINUED] The Mildly Malicious Life of Felicity Vance by DocSawbones
[DISCONTINUED] The Mildly Auto Sawbones
[DISCONTINUED] Felicity is a 16 year old girl who lives with her abusive, alcoholic father, and her 6 year old adoptive sister, Hazel. Tired of the actions and behaviors...
Vent book by PacifistSyrup
Vent bookby PacifistSyrup
This is a book purely for venting. I might not write much here but if you want to have me post a story for you, I'd gladly do so. If you want to post a story, first, wri...
Wizɑʀɗ'ร, Witcɦ'ร & Wɑʀ  by -AllInOne-
Wizɑʀɗ'ร, Witcɦ'ร & Wɑʀ by ~Soon 2 be Deleted~
Majestic Moore. She thought coming back to school would be easy .. IT ISNT.. She comes back to a whole world of new problems yet on her quest for survival, a young man j...
Phan Drabbles/Oneshots by Cosmicphandom2k16
Phan Drabbles/Oneshotsby Cosmicphandom2k16
A collection of drabbles and oneshots, as and when I have inspiration.
Love like You by strawberisodas
Love like Youby Beri
The world had met it's end, and now Calliope found herself alone in a place that was stagnant. After a final visit with a guardian, the lich makes her final decision; it...