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My Wife is My Life by SyamaSree
my first ff.. it's totally different from Show... Mainly focus on Rikara...❤ Love story b/w Husband and Wife
I Am The Heartbeat ☆On Hold☆ by Dreamer-Blxss
I Am The Heartbeat ☆On Hold☆by ✧Naeyah✧
#3 book of Heart Series A small girl walked around the park and spotted the person she has been roaming the park for . He was in good usual suit and sitting in the bench...
fate of love ... by shayarak
fate of love shaayara
this story will start from 3 months seperation but with a twist where omkara and rudra doesnt know about anika's sacrifice only jhanvi and tej knows why anika did what...
As You Sow... So You Reap - Ishqbaaz SS by Affrinsara
As You Sow... So You Reap - Affrin Sara
Roop bua finally succeeded in blackmailing Shivaay and thus made him to get married again to the bride she selects... The marriage got over and all the Oberois are displ...
Ishqbaaz shots by swagersss
Ishqbaaz shotsby Dreams
this is shots story maybe one shots two three any part but not more then 10 shots.. it will be on track of ishqbaaz..
Mistletoe | ShivIka One Shot by BlackManiacx
Mistletoe | ShivIka One Shotby Krishi
Shivaay has managed to piss off his fiancé when this vacation could have been the very best. So it is now upon him to save Christmas from his personal Grinch. P.S. Lots...
Ishqbaaaz Secret Santa 2019 (Fanfic Exchange) by IBFanficCommunity
Ishqbaaaz Secret Santa 2019 ( Ishqbaaaz Fanfic Community
In order to celebrate the new year (and Christmas!), The Ishqbaaaz Fanfic Community has come up with a fanfiction exchange where you write stories for people and people...
inseperable by Adafuckingshelby
inseperableby Adafuckingshelby
This follows the current track of ishqbaaz. Pinky is doing everything to separate Anika and Shivay yet they somehow manage to find their way back to each other. This sto...