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Before I Go . (VKOOK) by n-o-t-t
Before I Go . (VKOOK)by NÓTT ♡
"。。。。。。 But before I go I will tell you once again that I love you with all my heart Kookie From Kim taehyung"
𝙼𝚛.𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚛 𝙼𝚊𝚗~ ( Mha boys x male reader ) by NoOneWasFound-
𝙼𝚛.𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚛 𝙼𝚊𝚗~ ( Mha Lukewarm
Y/N, a young teen boy with his whole life ahead of him,; let his quirk get ahead of him leading him to self hatred. This side affect causes him to attempt to commit su...
🌈🌸🌹Sweet🌹🌈🌸 by pandashua_
🌈🌸🌹Sweet🌹🌈🌸by Pandashuā_0
Books on Ao3 (jihancheol ) •short and long chapters Made in: December 13 (Monday ) End:???? Edit: I'm putting some Asianfinfic on there too about jihancheol ...
he's the one [bsd x reader] by caity-chan
he's the one [bsd x reader]by caity
don't let the title fool you; this is certainly not a love story.
Goodbye son (Ranboo au) by skrufi
Goodbye son (Ranboo au)by skrufi
basically ranboos origin story, his father was an enderman, his mother an enderman-ghast hybrid. She was an outcast, disliked by everyone in the end. except one. It sta...
A Stupid Crush On My Best Friends Boyfriend (Soumaeda/KazuKoma) by shuichisaihaeah
A Stupid Crush On My Best Shuichi
Star Crossed Lovers[Ziam AU] by thebeautifulthings
Star Crossed Lovers[Ziam AU]by thebeautifulthings
Liam and Zayn have been best friends since they were in diapers, so it was no surprise that Liam asked Zayn to help him practice for his try out in the new school play...
Dream smp x reader  by honk-meh
Dream smp x reader by honk-meh
This book is about y/n Terrible past and how the dsmp will help her through it she also fall in love with someone......but that's not until later cough cough tommyinnit...
we can not. [taehyuck] by wildestvirus
we can not. [taehyuck]by conini
"No podemos" fue la frase desde el comienzo hasta el término de su existencia. Lo que coartó su amor, y sobretodo, lo que ya no importó cuando él ya no estuvo...
REBORN  AS A UCHIHA by BlackQueen555795
Everyone knows Sora as a quite boy who is a calm ,sensible and caring boy who likes to smile a lot unlike a normal uchiha all adults like him and his sick mother is prou...
Where is home?   Kibbles Adoption AU (MCYT + OC) by ToMuchMisgendering
Where is home? Kibbles ToMuchMisgendering
Branching off of the many "Ranboo adoption AU's", I decided to write one, using my character as the main POV. "Kibbles. A child in the adoption system. H...
Oneshots From The Abode by Elder_Helen
Oneshots From The Abodeby Elder_Helen
These are oneshots or as Maya's Humble Abode calls them, 'writing bits' that I have written. there's going to be a big splurge of 'shots when this is published. These ar...
Why would you leave me? by sanriomorgue
Why would you leave me?by loie †
your boyfriend, jungkook, goes missing for three years until one day...
Faulty (Hermitcraft Au)  by NoT_a_pand89
Faulty (Hermitcraft Au) by floof
This kinda sucks Mumbo is struggling to breathe and keep his head above water, as everything that goes wrong seemingly is his fault struggling not to be a burden as he...
The Waiting Game by Hawkmamas
The Waiting Gameby Daina & Emily!
It's been eight years since Adrien has seen his friends from High School. It's been five years since that one night with Marinette, and he hasn't seen her since. Adrien...
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The difference by logica32
The differenceby MinRa
When terrible things happen would you hide away, or fight it. When you can't fight it do you want to be sad or you want to make the best out of the days you have left. I...
TweekSheep Short Stories by ChromadicIsLost
TweekSheep Short Storiesby Chro_
here I write the sins and tragedies picked from moment's of tweek sheep that others may never understand the context to
When the Sun is Taken [COMPLETED] by _littleeuphoria
When the Sun is Taken [COMPLETED]by utopiacitizens_
Saying good-bye isn't the hardest part, it's what we have to leave behind. Having him as a bestfriend would be good enough for me, but knowing that he's going to marry s...