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It's showtime (Alastor x angel) radiodust by steamgirl05
It's showtime (Alastor x angel) Little bean
Alastor come to the happy hotel to help save it he meets a certain demon named angel dust who he falls for but a certain demon also has come to retrieve alastors love. T...
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New and Strange (Alastor x Angel Dust) by HeIt43
New and Strange (Alastor x Angel He It
Alastor has always had trouble with emotions. Since Alastor has moved to the Hazbin Hotel, he's felt all of these new and strange emotions he doesn't understand, and he...
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That Charming Smile :: Past Radiodust by nixiesol
That Charming Smile :: Past nixon ★
{WARNING; this story contains themes such as. Abuse, Swearing, Drug references, slight NSFW smut themes, AND DUMB ASS PUNS} ♪───★彡────♪ Alastor was a dapper radio host. ...
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Fixer-upper ~ (RadioDust) by literaltrashmate
Fixer-upper ~ (RadioDust)by literaltrashmate
When Alastor is ordered to fix up the hotel, for real this time, he has no choice but to turn to a certain spider fellow for help. What will the mighty overlord of hell...
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Lovers shot [[RadioDust]] by Druggedangel
Lovers shot [[RadioDust]]by Your mom
Angel is a rising pornstar in hell and he has a little bit of a crush on the Red deer demon, Alastor. Angel has to deal with Valentino's abuse and it starts to mess wit...
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Hot Line { Radiodust } by Radiodust772662
Hot Line { Radiodust }by 𝓐𝓷𝓽𝓱𝓸𝓷𝔂
Alastor becomes close with Angel after an incident, he makes sure Angel never leaves his sight even if he has to do everything Angel does all day EVERY day. After a whil...
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.+*When I met you*+. (Alastor x Angel dust SMUT) by StopRobophobia
.+*When I met you*+. (Alastor x Thats robophobic!
Angel dust was exploring the broken down hotel that Charlie and Vaggie has been working on, Everything was going fine until...He showed up... !I do not own the cover or...
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💞A World Bursting To Color and Warmth💞 by Sk4t3rB0i
💞A World Bursting To Color and Sk4t3rB0i
Angel wants to quit his job as a sex worker. Valentino will let him go, only if he kills the most powerful Demon in Hell, Alastor the Radio Demon. Angel has a loss of of...
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Hazbin trash by Kipxii
Hazbin trashby Kip
This is where I fangirl and draw about stupid hazbin shit. This book is not supposed to be taken seriously.
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Is this what you call love?(Radiodust) by Corrupted_Strawberry
Is this what you call love?( Simping Hard
(Cover by me) When Angel Dust is having a hard time, Alastor, also known as the Radio Demon, the most powerful human soul in hell, reluctantly comes by and helps him, b...
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RadioDust Oneshots {Requestss~} by oreaaa
RadioDust Oneshots {Requestss~}by disappointment
Y'all know what this is. (this cover is so extra)
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11:11 by Sk4t3rB0i
11:11by Sk4t3rB0i
Fly Me To The Moon Sequel Inspired By Paparazzi by @impuritea It's been a year since Alastor and Angel had broken up. Many things trialed them, but they were nonetheless...
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((I DONT DO X READERS)) sorry personally I just don't like doing them. but please do request a Canon charecter a Canon charecter and I will gladly do my best to see it...
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AppleBerryDust (Lucifer x Alastor x Angel) by radiodust__
AppleBerryDust (Lucifer x radiodust__
This is a story I made for my friend! A summary of this is basically Alastor and Lucifer ganging up on Angel Dust.
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Angel dust x alastor by CaylenAyscue
Angel dust x alastorby Lucifer morning star
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And if you die, will it be by my hands or your own? by LooneyT0on
And if you die, will it be by my ~Animaniac~
"I-I couldn't! I just couldn't! You do not understand!"..."He changed me! He was able to slither his way into my mind..and my heart."..."It was...
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Pretty in red by Corrupt_Allure
Pretty in redby ♀𝓗𝓸𝓷𝓮𝔂 ♀
Angel gets bought by a mysterious person who is apart of the elite of the city of HellsWard.
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The Crimson Wood (AlastorXAngel) by kitsunerox22
The Crimson Wood (AlastorXAngel)by Arabella Foxtrot
A young man with an adventurous behaviour amongst the men of his town finds himself with the wrong crowd. When he escapes the clutches of his captor he runs deep into th...
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A BABY!? by toonyloony18
A BABY!?by loser
One moment Angel is out shopping with Cherri, the next thing you know he has to now take care of a baby that he has found. he now has to figure out who the child belon...
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At the Bar [[RADIODUST HAZBIN HOTEL]] by Dorkington
At the Bar [[RADIODUST HAZBIN æsthētïç
Alastor isn't jealous. Nope. Not in the slightest. So... Hazbin Hotel, eh? I'm still fairly new to the fandom so don't trample me please!
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