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Re: Creators: Last Judgement (Crossover) by gigapact44
Re: Creators: Last Judgement ( gigapact44
Fiction and reality collides, distorting the realm into what is not real, can be real. When a human's imagination becomes its greatest threat, an untold revision is set...
Male trap reader x Azur Lane: Angel Commander by ZeroDarkOctavious
Male trap reader x Azur Lane: Ren Haru
All the commanders of Azur Lane are perverts so they were Executed by "Angel" a boy that is a trap and the Government wanted to invite Y/n Tachibana also known...
~Canceled + Rewritten~ by dippitylovelygirl
~Canceled + Rewritten~by Dippity
as of 4/26/19 the highest rankings I've ever had #2 in MadokaMagica (Best ranking) #3 in AngelBeats #1 in Kanade #6 in Homura #2 in Naho A Danganronpa fanfiction which i...
United Alliance by FantasySketchWriter
United Allianceby FantasySketchWriter
Heroes from different worlds have been brought together to take down an overlord and it's army.
Anime x Reader by theheibelgirl
Anime x Readerby theheibelgirl
One shot's and story's with different character's, x Reader. You can request on who you would like to be paired with. Read first chapter with the instructions...
Angel Beats: Our New Lives by aquasparked
Angel Beats: Our New Livesby ari
the title is self-explanatory. this fanfic will continue right after the end of the end of the show.
Reviewing Anime With Tinker by Tinker1158
Reviewing Anime With Tinkerby Brain Agrees
If the title wasn't explanatory enough, well I review anime. I take the time to write a detailed critique regarding each anime I've seen and publish them here when I'm d...
Assassination Battlefront by Hattie_Marie
Assassination Battlefrontby Hattie_Marie
After Assassination Classroom ended and everyone got there dream jobs, Nagisa and Karma met again. What happens when the get killed together and end up in the Not Dead Y...
Various!Anime girls x Fem!Reader (Requests Open) by genibeechan
Various!Anime girls x Fem!Reader ( Geni Valle
there isn't enough yuri for my fellow girl loving female readers in my opinion, so I'll go ahead and make a series dedicated to one-shots and two-shots. And if I like an...
Dragon Ball: Hero World (Male Saiyan OC x MHA x Dragon Ball) (On Hold) by pats172424
Dragon Ball: Hero World (Male Pats172424
Son Connor, the long-lost son of Goku. He is his second child, but was sucked into a vortex that lead to a different universe. At the age of 15, he got into UA high with...
Strangers In Remnant by Jason2108
Strangers In Remnantby Jason 2108
Watch as Strangers from other worlds end up in the world of Remnant. They'll go attend Beacon and make new friendships. Chapter 1-16 is in Script Form. This was original...
Oneshots by ciinnamonsenpai
Oneshotsby oops
My oneshot book May include oneshots, imagines, maybe rps No smut/lemons No x readers Accepting requests, but I might decline Fandoms I'm in are in my bio - I'm a multi...
Various One-Shots!! by Toxic_Ninja
Various One-Shots!!by The Ninja from hell!!!
Hey guys this is exactly what it sound like. One shots for various anime's (you like the subtle haikyuu!! reference in the title :)) request are welcomed. Anime that I h...
Heart Beats! [Angel Beats! Fanfiction] by CharTale
Heart Beats! [Angel Beats! Anime
Yuri found herself liking Yuzuru Otonashi. That's All I wanted to Spoil. This is a Naoi X Yuri / Yuri X Naoi Fanfiction. I'm not with Shiina X Naoi and NEVER on Kan...
Angel Beats! x Male Reader Insert (Heartfelt Redemption) by GogetaVegeta
Angel Beats! x Male Reader Gogeta
Y/n awakens to find himself in the afterlife, except he doesn't know how he came here. He doesn't even remember how he died. But he is not alone in this, besides him is...
Whole World Anime by EchoBeann
Whole World Animeby EchoBeann
One piece meets Naruto, meets Fairy Tale, meets a ton of other anime characters. Luffy wakes up in a strange place with a bunch of strange people- whom he's expected to...
My Sketches :3 by Bunnygirl413
My Sketches :3by Bunnygirl413
Just a bunch of random drawings I drew that I threw together into this book
What if... (Anime Edition) by YRUReadingTh1s
What if... (Anime Edition)by help
WARNING: SPOILERS!! Just a bunch of what if scenarios I thought of in different Anime. This book was just made for fun, please don't take my conspiracies seriously. Plea...
Reincarnation (Angel Beats) by ChidoriQueen
Reincarnation (Angel Beats)by allie
Born anew, the SSS fumble and wander aimlessly around a parallel world that isn't as cruel as they expected it to be. Post-canon collection of one-shots. Disclaimer: I...
Karaoke No. 1 [Angel Beats] by CrackerMonster
Karaoke No. 1 [Angel Beats]by Ariana
All your favorite Angel Beats songs packed into one story! Along with the lyrics, both Romaji AND English, there's a great video you can sing along to Karaoke style! Joi...